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EDD: March 24, 2011
* Name: Jill
* Age: 28
* Location: Alberta
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: A very long 3.5 years!  We were with the fertility clinic for a while but they were just wanting to move too fast and we weren't ready for all the interventions so we quit for a year.  A week before we were due to start with them again (on my hubby's birthday!) we found our BFP!
* What number child is this for you: A long-awaited #1
* Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Husband and very cuddly yellow labby boy
* Baby's gender (hopes or guesses):  Oooo....everyone has been saying boy but I'm thinking girl!  We'll find out soon enough!
* Names you like (& are willing to share): We've already picked our names.  If it's a boy, it'll be Duncan Grant (for my MIL's maiden name and my dad's middle) and if it's a girl it'll be Bria Madeline (because we love it!)
* Birth plans/preferences: We've got the best midwives ever and are currently looking into a birth center that's not affiliated with the hospital but we're not opposed to hospital either.

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I'd like to be added too please! Thanks!


* EDD: 3/25/2011
* Name: Rona
* Age: 38
* Location: East Bay, SF Bay Area, CA
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: (does this mean how long it took to conceive? if so, then nine months, including one previous MSC)
* What number child is this for you: 1
* Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Hen10 (husband)
* Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): Girl (ultrasound confirmed)
* Names you like (& are willing to share): keeping this under wraps for now!
* Birth plans/preferences: Natural unmedicated birth, but planning to deliver in the local hospital which has a good reputation for natural birth, under the guidance of a CNM

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  • March 9
  • Stella
  • 40's
  • a chilly clime!
  • Suprise BFP after years of menopause!
  • 2 brothers & 1 furbaby
  • Girl
  • Names - tbd!
  • Midwife & doula birth in hospital
  • thrilled to be awaiting her arrival!
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Hello all! My name is Amy and I live in Southern Illinois with my husband and our two boys. I haven't posted on a due date club message board since I was pregnant with my oldest 10 and a half years ago. Lets see, I'm 30, have 2 boys who are 10 and 21 months and am pregnant with #3 who is due the 31st of March. This time it is a girl her name is Emma after my Great Grandma, I was hoping for another boy since I already have all things boy around here. Since it's a girl I got a new sewing machine from DH so I can start making clothes for her. I'm not really a fan of the hoochie mama clothes that I've seen in stores for little girls, I know that there are some age appropriate things out there, but since I can sew I figure I'd make most of her clothes. I would love a home birth, but there are no midwives in the area and I'm not sure I could do an unassisted home birth. Instead we are just planning to stay at home and labor as long as possible, then drive the 3 minutes to the hospital when I feel the need to be there.

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Add Me Please


* EDD: 3/18/2011
* Name: Rosie

* Age: 29
* Location: Twin Cities, MN
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: 2 months
* What number child is this for you: 2
* Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Husband and two dogs
* Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): Girl (ultrasound confirmed)
* Names you like (& are willing to share): Charlotte, Anna, Miriam

* Birth plans/preferences: Natural unmedicated birth at local hospital under the guidance of a CNM - am looking into a possible homebirth

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Hello, my name is Emalin and I live in Woodacre, CA (little town in Marin County above SF). My baby daughter is due on March 24. I'm 38 years old and this is my first pregnancy. The pregnancy was a surprise, though I was thrilled when it happened. (So this is why I've been nesting intensively for the past two years! duh.gif) I'm planning on a home birth but have established myself with the local hospital just in case. I'm 29 weeks along, and so far no problems. My family situation is a little complicated: my marriage broke up within a month of getting pregnant, at which point I moved from BC back to CA. My estranged husband plans to be actively involved, but for all practical purposes, it is just me, my two dogs, Sparkles (HeelerX) & Nunu (AussieX) + cat, Kalima with baby on the way. I am working on a blog that addresses the needs of women who find themselves in my position, but there's not much to see yet. As for names. . .right now I'm thinking about Linnea. My other favorites, Ruby and Aurora have been poopooed by my numerologist friend & now they are tainted shrug.gif  Oh well. I look forward to meeting other March mamas at this exciting time as we get near our DDs.

Emily Lin, mom to Alia (2011). Clinical herbalist and nutritional consultant at Integral Herbalism  (  
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* EDD: March 25
* Name: Susannah
* Age: 29 (but only for a few more weeks!)
* Location: Boston, MA, but originally from Dallas, TX (been here for 3 years)
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: I'd been off the pill for 3 or 4 months, but I got pregnant the first month we had sex during my fertile time.
* What number child is this for you: This is my first!
* Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies):  Just husband and myself.
* Baby's gender: It's a boy!
* Names you like (& are willing to share):  His name is Seth.
* Birth plans/preferences:  Natural, unmedicated in a hospital setting with a midwife, if all goes well.
* Anything else you'd like to share: I have borderline gestational diabetes, but as long as things stay controlled without medication I should still be able to birth with the midwives instead of the doctors.

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So, I never posted in this thread and forgot about it entirely, though I've been responding and paying most attention to this month, being due in March, according to doctor's numbers.  We'll see.


* EDD: March 29th (though they are trying to tell me March 19th based on sonogram sizes.  I call shenanigans.)
* Name: Elizabeth (I also go by Z)
* Age: 28
* Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: First week of July 2010 - there was no trying, and there was no not trying.  We let whatever happened happen after we got married.
* What number child is this for you: First!
* Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): My husband, Michael
* Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): BOY!
* Names you like (& are willing to share): Alistair McKenzie.  Our girl name was tough to match once we found out we were having a boy - that WAS going to be Rozylinn Elizabeth
* Birth plans/preferences: In a hospital, no epidural (my husband has two hands - for now), minimal visitors, no cutting of any kind unless there is a life in danger, hubby will cut the cord, no circ
* Blog, website or the like: I'm on facebook - [email protected] or find my page itself -
* Anything else you'd like to share: The networking and information available to military spouses is awesome.  While it would be NICE if there were more doulas in my area (there aren't, and when you find one, they don't get back to you - ever!), it would be just as nice if TriCare covered that kind of thing, too.  At least my ob office does work with a midwife.  :-)  Not sure what else to share, but I honestly think I'll be popping in the first two weeks of April - until I find out, I'm sticking it out here!  It's such a terrible group of lovely ladies!  lol  (Yeah, my humor can be interesting sometimes!  Love you all, and best of luck to all of you!)

Lady Zbyrd <3 Alistair
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Updated to here. Welcome to all the new Mamas!! 

Adrienne - Loving my DH, our daughter Harper  (3/2011), our son Ezra (4/2013), and maybe a baby??  (Jan 2016)
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Add me Please...Greeting from a Late Newcomer to the DD Club! 




I am due Feb 28th, but the Feb girls are already having babies on that thread, and I tend to go late anyways, so I will join you! 


I am Heidi 

Married with 2 little girls almost 6 (2/14/2005) and almost 2. (3/9/2009)

Having Third Baby of unknown gender, we are surprise us kinda people

First baby was 17 days late, second was one the due date...who knows when this will come! 

I am from Florida, but live in Sweden with my Swedish husband since July 2008

Worked as a midwife, had a freestanding birth center/ home birth practice for years before we moved to Sweden 3 years ago, have not worked here since

Planned first baby to be a home birth, was a transfer, bad doc on transfer had a c/section and very bad recovery with PTSD

Second baby VBAC born at home in water Sweden

Third baby coming soon! Planned home birth with midwife and a doula for help with kids and logistics. This is hard ot arrange here, home birth is very uncommon in Sweden. Hospitals are great here, all midwives and good care, but it is still not my home! Have to get a midwife from Denmark and hour away to come...


I am tired, get tons of heartburn, and getting bored....still in touch with my due date club from baby #1 6 years ago, never got active for baby #2 in one as we had just moved ot Sweden, so thought i would say hi. It is always nice to have 'baby friends' going through the same thing at the same time. 





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Whups.  Didn't know this thread was here.


Okay, so:


EDD: March 8

Name: Amy

Age: 29

Location: rural central MD

How long it took you: Errrr, Little Brother was a total oops.  We were negligent I guess because we couldn't make up our minds to have another because we always wanted more kids but the last round of pregnancy and infancy was more than a little traumatic.  We started really loving parenthood around 2 1/2--hah.  Didn't realize I was pregnant for an entire month, until one night we're sitting around and I say, "Maaaaan, I am so freaking exhausted lately.  And my boobs hurt--wtf?"  And we looked at each other and I said, "Wow, when I say it that way..."  Now, if only I could have "not noticed" some MORE of the pregnancy! orngtongue.gif

What number child is this: Second

Family: Husband Jacob, engineer and blacksmith, daughter Evelyn, pirate, Pippi Longstocking, and superhero, born at home, 3 1/2 years old.

Baby's gender: boy

Name: Hugh William.  Also considered Wulf, Tristan, and Edric

Birth plan: at home again, with the same midwife


Anything to share: I really do not like being pregnant, and I am very psyched to be nearly done.  I am getting really impatient to have a baby to hold.

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* EDD: March 21
* Name: Maria
* Age: 29
* Location: Vermont
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: Whoops! I'm pregnant!
* What number child is this for you: #2
* Family: My beloved, Travis, our son Ezaias (3/12/09) and a few fuzzy friends. 
* Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): He has a penis.
* Birth Plans/Preferences: VBAC at a local birthing center. My last baby crowned at home before we were rushed to the hospital due to a strep B infection. I was asleep for his birth! So this time I'm hoping for 2 things first and foremost: 1. To avoid a NICU stay 2. To be awake. If all goes well I dream of an HBAC someday! 

Mama to big brother Ezaias (eh-zay-as) 3/09 and little brother Micaiah 03/11! Co-parenting with my amazing partner, Travis!
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