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Do you just "know" what the sex of your bambino's is?

With DD#1, I was certain it was a girl, convinced myself that just cause that's what I want I wont get it, but had this moment where we were literally walking into the u/s room where I looked to DH, went pale white and proclaimed 'I'm wrong, it's a girl!' low and behold it's a DD.

With DD#2, I knew. The minute I thought I was pregnant, I knew. I just knew. Don't know how, I just always 'knew'... oddly enough, I called it before the u/s tech did, I saw it on the screen first.

Now with this one... I KNOW it's a boy. don't ask me how, I do, I just KNOW.

Besides the fact that this pregnancy has been entirely different so far. The girls pregnancy were both the same, same symptoms, same nausea, same food cravings, etc. Now this one is entire different in EVERY way.

Does any other experienced mom just 'know' and have always or almost always been right. What is it? Is it a gut feeling? is it pregnancy symptoms? is it hormonal? Is it luck (it's a 50/50 chance, right)? How is it we 'just know'?

Did you know or do you this time?

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I have 6 kids and never knew the gender beforehand. All my pg have felt the same. No clue with this one either. I haven't had a boy in a while and just keep thinking statistically it is time for a boy but "feeling wise" I feel the same as my last pg which was only 12m ago.

Our GREAT #8 due September 2012! joy.gif
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Nope. I've been right 1 out of 3. I have strong feelings right now I'm carrying a girl, but mostly I think I can attribute that to the fact that another girl would balance out our family I've heard that if you have two of one sex, the chances are 75% that you will have more of that same sex -- but that sounds like an old wives' tale to me, don't know if there is any truth in it.

Joy, mama to Aquaboy (10), Goldilocks (8), Squidge (4)
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I was so very very sure this pregnancy was another boy... from the very first bfp, just KNEW this was a boy (I already have one of each) but nope... 3 ultrasounds have said girl, once a - Well... I'm pretty sure thats girl... and twice - Oh yes, I have no doubt that's a girl!

Artist, photographer, stay-at-home-mom and Marine wife. Mom to 4; a boy and three little girls.
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With my first 2 dds, I just knew that they were girls. DD3 gave me no indication and I didn't know. This one is as of right now a mystery too but I may get a feeling later to what sexe it could be.

Sand, Mom to three girls and a new SON!!!!  babyboy.gif Born on March 7th, 2011  I get to do these again:   bfinfant.gifslingboy.gifcd.gif
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With DD1, I knew it was a girl. DH concurred.

With DD2, I had myself convinced it was a boy. DH insisted it was a girl.

With this one, I just don't know. I really want a boy, so I have myself convinced it's another girl (which, just for the record, of course I would be thrilled with - in lots of ways it would make life easier and less expensive ). DH is not telling me what he thinks. This one was unplanned and I'm not entirely sure of my O date (I've got it within a three day window). So based on the timing it's most likely a girl, but you know how that goes. FWIW, I feel like this pregnancy is totally different, but so is my health compared to the first two.

Nessa, DD1 (5) DD2 (3) & expecting again in late February/early March!
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I've been completely wrong both times.

---Jessica---Livin' my life from A Peace.gif(1/05 ) to Z  jammin.gif(4/08 ).....and z babyf.gif(3/11)


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I never had a clue. I kind of thought my second dd was a boy for a few weeks, but it was just a vague feeling. I don't have any sense of it this time either, but I did have a girl dream.

I think with two girls I'm going to imagine a girl unless/until I get an ultrasound with a super clear boy shot telling me otherwise.
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I was positive DS was a girl - but I really wanted a girl and he was my first kid and I had no idea what I was doing.

DD, on the otherhand - DBF really REALLY wanted a boy.. and I was 100% positive we were having a girl but I lied and said I was sure it was a girl because I didn't want him to react badly. Of course, when the U/s tech said girl he got really upset and left the room. (Caused problems later for us, in fact the midwife said the reason I didn't have contractions after my water broke was because I was trying to keep her in to protect her - but he's madly in love with her now)

This time, it's a boy. I'm having all the same stuff I had with DS, the super smeller, weird hairs growing out of my face, minimal M/s, and I've lost my sweet tooth.

That SAID, I've told DBF i think it's another girl - just to prepare him, I'd rather have him resigned to a girl and surprised by a boy than expecting a boy and disappointed in a girl. (Another girl would be awesome because we've got a ton of girl stuff and NO boy stuff...)

Mama to DS T (10/11/2004) and DD M (09/03/09) and cookin' up baby #3 due late March/early April 2010!
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I thought that I was having the complete opposite the first 2 times. So I was wrong both times. This time I feel like it's a girl because it's more like my first pregnancy when I had a girl. I am sicker this time.

Mom to a girl 7.17.07 and a boy 5.30.09 Wife to husband 8.12.81 (ha) New baby boy 3.09.11 stillheart.gif
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Nope, no clue. Well, with DD I did have a dream late in pregnancy that made me think girl, but I really wasn't sure of it.

This pregnancy is really different than the first, so I'm curious if this one will be a boy (DP really hopes so!). But right away, I said that I thought it would be another girl. We'll see....

Mom to DD1 (10/07) and DD2 (3/11)
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Dd1 I had no clue, but did find out via u/s
Dd2 I knew was a girl in the 2nd tri and I was right (surprise)

This time I got nothing yet. Dh would really like a boy, so I think that may color my "feelings" you know?

All my pregnancies have been pretty different, so I'm not sure if that is a good barometer for me.

Banana, doula wife to Papa Banana and mother to Banana One, Banana Two, Banana Three, Banana Four...

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with my first I was sure it a boy and i was right. withnumber two I was thinking it was a gilr but now lookng back it wa that i wanted a girl so badly that i made my self think it. it was another boy.

with this one i'm really not feeling an inclination anyway

SAHM to D ( 10/06 ) A (10/08) & C (03/11)
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We always hope for a girl, and always end up getting a boy (except the once) Nothign against my boys, b/c I love my boys and am a better boy mama, but girls are scarce on my DH's side of the family, so it is always fun to think about pink and frills and bows

My DD is the only girl born to my DH's side of the family, up til atleast my kids great-grandpa. (beyond that we are unsure, GPA doesnt remember any sisters, but that doesnt mean there weren't any) So 1 out of 16 babies at least

Aron Mama to 6 homeschoolers -- 12, 10, 8, 5, 3, baby

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I was 100% sure my first was a boy... I was 100% wrong With my second I was pretty sure it was a boy because my symptoms were so different, and I was right... but with this one, I'm having a completely different pregnancy than my others, so who knows. This one will be a surprise to the end Part of me wants a girl, so I can go crazy with all the pink frilliness and bows (like Aron), but then part of me wants my DD to be my only princess.

Michelle, Happily married to first crush 4/2005, SAHM to DD 7/2006 , DS 8/2008 ,angel1.gif 4/2010, DD 3/2011, expecting DS 8/2013. 

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I was fairly sure my first and second were boys and they were. My oldest told me I had a girl baby in my belly when I was pg with my oldest dd and he was right. I knew my fourth was a boy, and with my fifth, I wanted a girl so badly I was afraid to let myself feel it was a girl. This time around I'm feeling a boy vibe, but not 100% so we'll see.

Mama to A (12), Z (11), H (9), C (5), A (3) and 4 angels. 

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I felt like the first was a boy but wanted a boy so wasn't sure if that clouded my intuition, but it was right. The second, I thought might be a girl from a few differences in pregnancy but still figured it was another boy. But honestly I think i was a little surprised to see he was a boy. This time i am sicker than I ever was with either other pregnancy but I have 2 los this time so I am different. But I keep wanting to call this wiggle worm she! Hard to though because I do kind of want a girl and dh is afraid I'll be disappointed if its a boy. Can't imagine that, I'd love to have another boy too!

I guess, I really have no tune in to my mommy intuition about that!

Mama Lea, grateful wife to and mom to Big Boy 10/04/06 and my little Sunshine boy 10/06/08 and surprise joining the bed sometime in March 2011
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I've had three pregnancies (DD & 2 surrogacies) and I've been right every time.

It takes me awhile to get a feeling. With DD everyone around me said I'd have a boy since I wanted a girl (I didn't really like that logic) but I knew she was a girl (I didn't find out beforehand).

With my two surrogacies I knew they were both boys by about 15 weeks.

We aren't going to do any US unless there is a reason and even if I don't think we will find out. I remember it being a good motivator in labor!

Mama to DD-9, DSS-11, happily married and living with 1dog, 1 cat, 7 chickens, and 2 ducks....expecting 03/11
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I've been right with every pregnancy, we've found out the gender about 22ish weeks with each and I was thrilled with victory at being right each time. I do have a 50/50 chance, though, so I'm not completely confident it's my mama intuition as much as simply coincidence I'm calling girl on this one- we shall see if I hit four for four!

Mama to four ('03, '05, '08 & '11) chicken3.gif
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