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Pregnancy Rash On Arms?

StellaNuova's Avatar StellaNuova (TS)
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10-02-2010 | Posts: 313
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Ok, I just noticed my arms were itchy and the inside of both of my forearms is covered with an ugly red rash! Yikes, weird, anyone else ever had this? I have had a lot weird skin things over the years but never this. I suspect it's pregnancy related. I am afraid it will be all all over me when I wake up, oy! It looks kind of like chicken pox but the bumps are smaller & closer together.
rockycrop's Avatar rockycrop
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I have no idea! I assume you would know it if was poison ivy or something similar?
I hope it clears up for you soon.
Virginia884's Avatar Virginia884
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10-02-2010 | Posts: 1,046
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Yes! I have been itching like crazy on my arms, and I've noticed a few small bumps. Nothing major, but I feel weird scratching all day.
DKPA's Avatar DKPA
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12-30-2010 | Posts: 48
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did you ever find out what this was? i just woke up with the same thing! so weird...

StellaNuova's Avatar StellaNuova (TS)
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12-31-2010 | Posts: 313
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Hi, I never did....the nurse at the midwife's office I spoke with thought it probably was pregnancy-related but it didn't seem like any more of the serious rashes that can happen in pregnancy. She recommend oatmeal baths for the itching, which did help a bit.  I think it faded after about 7-14 days....It has not recurred.  Feel better soon!

DKPA's Avatar DKPA
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01-01-2011 | Posts: 48
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Thanks! I'm glad it didn't get any worse for you, that's what i was afraid of.  i saw my midwife yesterday and she didn't think it was pupps either.

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