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I thought I recognized you, Blanca 78! Yes, I was surprised and happy not to have weeks of wondering. Congratulations to you!

K: high school teacher and mama to DS1 (7/07), loss (10/10) and DS2 (7/12). Married to my best friend and soon to be elementary school teacher!
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Hello! I am Allison, bringing up the tail end of the DDC. I just got a BFP Friday morning. By my best estimates going by LMP my EDD is April 28ish.

This will be our third. I have two boys, Gavin 6 and Dermot 3. We haven't been trying, and have honestly been on the fence about whether we're done or not. I had been leaning toward being done, as the two we have are exceedingly energetic and a lot to handle! The good news is that there will be an almost 4.5 year gap between #2 and #3

I had a homebirth with #2. It was such an amazing experience, and as much as I wish I could repeat it, I don't think we'll be able to financially. I plan on calling a local midwife, different from the one we used before, and seeing if she would be willing to work out an arrangement (fewer prenatals or something?) to charge less. But if that doesn't work out, I have a CNM who rocks and I am confident in my ability to have an awesome hospital birth.

good luck everyone!

Allison.... mom of DS1 (7) and DS2 (4) and awaiting #3 near the end of April 2011
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Hey everyone! It may be early to be joining on here, but I can't help myself. I'm 36, my hubby just turned 40. We have a 4-year-old DD, and I miscarried our 2nd last December. My hormones and cycles had been completely messed up ever since-- it really worried me. Well, this was our first month charting and covering our bases with a lot of baby dancing since it was hard to tell when or if I O'd. Well, I got a positive test on the 18th!

My guess is that the due date (provided all goes well this time, knock on wood) will be around April 22. Wish us luck! Have only told DH and one very close friend, can't bring myself to tell anyone else yet.
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I think I'm ready to join in, even though I'm incredibly nervous!

My name is Laura, I'm 32, and this is my first pregnancy. My husband, M, and I live in Philly with our dog and three cats. I am a fundraiser at a big local university and M is a professor at another big local university. (I used to be a lawyer, but gave up practice for my own sanity.) I conceived on what was technically my third round with clomid, although it was only the second round with the dose of clomid that actually caused ovulation. I have had PCOS since I was a teenager and we knew we might need some intervention, so we tried to conceive naturally for four months but I never ovulated until I took clomid. I have not gotten my official due date yet, but I estimate it will be around April 26. Going by my LMC, I am 5w2d, but I ovulated a few days late this cycle, so it is likely that I am a bit under that as far as development is concerned.

I've had three betas, now, which showed a steady 88% increase every two days, each time. I am in the tww to my first ultrasound and I'm going to try my hardest to be patient and take everything in stride...even though I'm usually a pretty impatient person.
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I am going to squeak in here! My EDD is April 29. I have two daughters (4 and 1.5) and we had one miscarriage in 2008. I am really nervous this go around, but we are not telling many people IRL yet, so I am going to go a head and jump in here so I have SOMEONE to talk to!! We got PG with DD1 pretty quickly, the second cycle I think. The second time we got lax with preventing around July, started trying around September and got PG in December. We miscarried very end of January and I was PG again in April. So to actually conceive DD2 it was only 2 cycles as well. This time we sort of just stopped preventing and had fairly good timing I guess! Dh and I are both still kind of shocked, but very excited!!! I can not wait to hold another little baby, but am starting to wonder about the logistics of three kids! I have to keep reminding myself that the two I have are going to be 8 months older by the time the baby comes!

Mommy to three girls DD 6, DD 3.5,DD 8/2011 & new babe 3/2013, 2 angel.gif's 1/2008 and 8/2010

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Hello ladies!

I'm Shanna, I'm pregnant with my 3rd and I think my due date will be April 16th or so. I haven't been to see a midwife yet, because I'm in the process of moving from Honolulu to Olympia, WA. My first two children were born in NY, confusing I know- we're not military, just a bit nomadic these past few years. My first was a "medical model" traumatic vaginal birth with an awful OB. My second was an ammaaaazzzing waterbirth (in a hospital) with a professional midwife. I loved my waterbirth, it was awesome and I have it on video, one of the best days of my entire life. I could give birth like that once a month, people think I'm insane when I say that but honestly waterbirths are AMAZING!

My older son Joshua is 3 and just weaned 2 months ago- hallelujah! I was waiting for him to wean for such a long time. I had a horrible nursing aversion with him through my second pregnancy with Nikko (18 months). Nikko is still nursing, and I am drinking water like you would not believe in attempts to head off a possible nursing aversion. Any other mommas nursing while pregnant? It's not easy, I can tell you that much... but I think it's worth it. I tandem nursed my boys for about 16 months- thank goodness I'm not going to be nursing 3. So, when this baby is born I will have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and our new tiny. Joshua and Nikko were both born in February, I'm so excited to be due in a different month!
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Guess I'm joining in here... I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby and I figured the due date as May 1st. The May DDC isn't open yet and since I'm due on the first I really expect to birth in April so I'm going to stick around here. I'm a single mama to my 5 year old dd and 3 year old ds. So far I haven't told ANYone I'm pregnant and don't plan to tell anyone just yet. This pregnancy is definitely a complicated situation but I'm very excited anyways. I would love to home birth this time but can't afford the midwife and there aren't any near me anyways. I'm trying to find a doula and hope to just stay home as long as possible before going to the hospital. Since I had June and August babies before I'm definitely glad this one will be born before the extreme summer heat sets in.

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I'm currently expecting my second child. My son is turning 2 this weekend. My due date is April 28th. Before I had my son, we had 2 early losses and I'm hoping to not go through that again. It will be nice not to be pregnant in the Texas heat.

Ryan 08-28-08  & Julianna 5-3-11
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Hi everyone! My name is Precious and I am 26 yo. My DH is 32 and we have a 5 yo DD who is just as excited as we are! We decided to TTC this Father's Day and 2 weeks later we were pregnant I took about 6 pregnancy tests and watched the second line grow darker and darker. I was ecstatic. Then, about 3 weeks ago the morning, noon and night sickness rolled in and had me filled with mixed emotions. I didn't like any of the solutions that my doctor came up with so I started going to a wellness center where I found natural remedies for some of my annoying symptoms (spitting being one of the yuck!). I also feel super blessed to have run into this awesome site. I was induced with my first child and was in labor for 20 hours. My doctor suggested a c-section this go around but I really think I can deliver naturally. Hopefully, I will have the courage after spending some time online with you awesome ladies!

Btw, our due date is April 1st....

P married to B mama to DD (01/05) and happily expecting 4/1/2011
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I'm so happy to be joining the club! Dd1 turns 6 in two weeks and dd2 is just 8 months. This was a happy surprise, as I've not menstruated yet!

My six year old was born at home (beautiful and perfect). I had a daughter three years later who died shortly after birth. She was born via cesarean due to her condition. Then my 8 month old was born last Christmas day, in our living room (beautiful and perfect). I am thrilled not to have to VBAC again (now that I've done it once, they consider me a normal woman once more), and we are going to use the same midwife and have another beautiful homebirth!

Nursing while pregnant, and tandem nursing are new topics of interest for me. I'm going to try to take extra care of myself because dd is too young for me to let my milk dry up!

Oh, and I have no idea what my due date is. Took a positive pregnancy test Friday (27 August) after a week of morning sickness and fatigue.

Diana, homebirthing, homeschooling, homemaking wife and mother of two (plus one more coming this Spring)!
Wrap Your Baby Comfy, versatile baby carriers and lots of wrap instruction.
Preparing to move our family of five into a motorhome and live on the road fulltime at Free Range Dreams.
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Hello all! I am excited to officially join you after several weeks of lurking…I wanted to wait until I saw that everything was developing healthily before I jumped in. I had a m/c on July 1st, and had already joined the Feb DDC, so I didn’t want to have to go through the ups and downs again…and am praying that this one will remain healthy! Everything looked good…I had a u/s last week at 6W5D. Good position, sac and heartbeat! So, we are very hopeful. I am 33, very healthy and active. I work part time mostly from home. This will be our second (my 3rd pregnancy). DH and I have a 15 month old active, amazing toddler DS. I am still nursing him and had hoped to continue but am already experiencing the supply issues. My next stop will be the morning sickness vent thread! And the BF thread. Looking forward to the next several months with all of you!
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I'm Jenna, about 6.5 weeks pregnant with our 4th. This is definitely a shock! My husband is stationed in South Korea, but was home on leave in July. I am struggling right now to take care of our 3 kids, while sick. My husband will come home for good when I'm 7 months pregnant.

Child of God, Army wife, mom to a girl and 2 boys, expecting #4!
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Hi there! I am married and have 2 sons-4 and 2. Nervous and excited to be expecting #3 sometime before the end of April! I loved the DDC with the first two so looking forward again.

Married to CH (2005) and mother to DS1 (6/2006), DS2 (8/2008) and DS3 Sept 22nd, 2011!   

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I'm Tiff (30), mom to Leila (8). Leila's dad is a trainwreck (recovering? pshhh) alcoholic who hasn't called his daughter in months. My boyfriend Travis (25) wants to adopt Leila, but we haven't talked to her or anyone else about that. This is his 1st baby & he's real excited, having nervous dreams already & has a boy name picked out -- we both keep thinking "he", with Leila I always thought "she" (we're gonna find out which this time, I wanted Leila to be a surprise).

Travis is working towards owning a construction contracting company, works real hard outdoors all day & still an amazing boyfriend/stepdad at home. We were trying not to get pregnant but we're both very very happy & so far my body seems to be all about this pregnancy. I remember being really sick with Leila from the stress of her dad & still I loved pregnancy, but this time I can eat eat eat & feel great, yippee!

Our baby is due April 24th & I'm looking for a midwife, my LMT & Doula friends have offered to help ... Daddy & I both kinda wanna go it alone-ish though because I had too many stressful people in the room with Leila. I used to teach childbirth education & have already shared some bits of info with him. I'm just so happy that this time I'm with someone who fully supports me & who also actually shares my same parenting beliefs.

I've been in school, but also suffering severe migraines from stress that lead up to a series of downward spiral events with Leila's father. I didn't finish my degree (still need cultural immersion) but I had to divide too much of myself when Leila was younger & I won't do it again. She deserves better, I do, this baby too & so does Daddy. Better for us, I mean. He's willing & able to pay all the bills so I'm homeschooling again, gonna pick up some childcare & tutoring for spending cash.

Daddy's family has its quirks of course, but they're all good, supportive people. Mine is mostly full of insane jerks. My mother isn't talking to me. Oh well, she'll come 'round when she's ready, I've got healthier issues to focus on. Like enjoying tickets to a baseball game tonight with my lil family....

I look forward to getting to know all you other mamas!

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Hi ladies! I've been wavering back and forth on whether or not, I wanted to join this DDC. My life is hectic between work, DH, my very spirited 11 mo DS, and all my responsibiliites as a sister/SIL, and daughter/DIL. BUT I had such a great time in my last DDC and get so much support still, that I had to join in.

I'm 26, my DH is 30, and our DS will be one in 16 days (ahhhhh!!). I'm due April 24, which is a day before my nephew's birthday. My DS was born on FIL's birthday so we'll see if this kiddo shares a birthday as well! We weren't trying but we weren't seriously preventing either. I'm ecstactic that we're having another, although sometimes I worry that it will be too much for us. Overall though, I'm going to enjoy this pregnancy to the max as we are planning for this LO to be our last child. Anyway, I really look forward to going through the next months with you all!

reading.gifwife to superhero.gifDH, mom to bouncy.gifDS (9/24/09) and heartbeat.gifDS (EDD: 4/24/11)
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Hi everyone!

I'm Meg (23) and this is our fourth! We've got 3 boys who all have spring birthdays and so they'll be turning 5, 3 and 2 just before or after this one is due to arrive (April 18).. Actually, our youngest's birthday is April 19th, so we'll see if they're close! I'd love a girl, but obviously I'd be thrilled just to have a healthy baby - plus I've nearly given up on DH's ability to produce daughters!

We live in Canada and we love our midwives! Our first 2 kiddos were born at home, our third was a midwife-assisted hospital birth due to my anemia levels being too low for midwives to perform a homebirth. I'm hoping for another hospital birth - there was very little hospital interference, we only had to stay for a few hours afterward, and I don't find our house all that homebirth-friendly. I'm preparing for a homebirth as a backup, seeing as how I have fast labours and this being our fourth, I'm expecting a bit faster.

Our youngest is starting to wean, I think. He's our first baby to nurse so I'm not sure. He's 16 months. I got PPAF in Jan or Feb, but it only made that one appearance. We were pretty lucky to catch this egg! DH always has great timing

SAH, homeschooling mum to G (05/06), R (03/08), DK (04/09) + S (04/11)!!
Expecting #5, K, mid-November 2014! Team Green!
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I'm J (32) married to J (32) and we have a ds N (4 on Sunday). This is my fourth pregnancy; I had a loss at around 6 weeks in 2005, before N, and a loss at 8 weeks in December 2009. I'm cautiously excited for a late March or early April baby since I had an appointment this past Monday and things looked good. Ultrasound at 7 weeks gave EDD of 4/5/2011, and ultrasound this Monday gave EDD of 4/10/2011. I delivered N at 38 weeks, so we will see!
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I'm a little bit late coming on, never bothered to join one of the due date clubs before, but I thought it might be fun this time. I'm Jennifer, 32yrs old, and my hubby is 37. This will be baby #7 for us and I'm due April 15th, though babe will probably join us the 22nd or 23rd. Found out last week that one of my sis's is due the same day! I've known since the day of conception, so it kind of stinks that she will deliver first even though I've known a month longer than she has (I deliver a week late, she delivers a wk or two early) but it should be fun being pregnant together. This will be HB #6 for us, and unassisted #3.
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Hi Everyone! I am 11wks and 6days today, I'm so happy we're almost at 12 weeks, and I'm due April 8, 2011!! This is our first baby and pregnancy so I am a little clueless about lots of things! Can't wait to get to know you all and share in this amazing time in our lives!!
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Hi Mamas,

I was so sick in the first trimester I couldn't muster the energy the say hello to you all, but now at 11 weeks I am finally feeling semi-normal, so here I am.


My name is Deirdre (30). I am engaged to my high school sweetheart and birthday twin Josiah (30). We have 3 children from previous relationships, Aidan (10), Lily (9), and Aurora (5). This will be baby number 3 for me and we are really happy. Our EDD is April 28, 2011. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Deirdre partners.gif partner to Josiah , mama of jumpers.gif, and.... it's a BOY!!!! babyf.gif4/23/2011
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Hello Ladies,

I'm finally popping in too. I had a miscarriage back in March so I've been hesitant to come in too soon. I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant and my due date is April, 27th.
My name is Laura (41) and married to my husband, Stig (38), and we have a 3 year old son named Gavin and we live south of Denver, CO.
I chose not to have an ultrasound but will do one for my 20 weeks, with the Perinatologist because of my age, just like I did with Gavin.
I had a wonderful HB with Gavin, with a stupid complication with the placenta that didn't want to cooperate, and I ended with an unnecessary hospital transfer which really stunk.
I will most likely have a HB again but with a midwife that has dealt with more births and will get the pitocin shot immediately after baby is born so that I don't have to deal with the placenta issue again.

Laura~ wife to my stuntman, Stig, mama to Gavin Rutgar reading.gif(4) and now Wyatt Andreas (1) and 2 little angel1.gif.

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Hi, ladies! I'm finally coming out of lurkdom after a couple of years

I'm Ashlie (29) married to my love, Steve (32). We have 2 boys, Sage who is almost 3.5 and Aston who is almost 1.5. I am due on April 20! It should be fun since Sage's birthday is May 7 and Aston's birthday is May 9... so it's going to be a busy couple of weeks for us in a few years!

We live in Littleton, CO. I had a natural birth in a hospital with Sage, natural birth at Mountain Midwifery with Aston and now we're going for a homebirth with #3! I'm so excited and can't wait to join in and meet everyone!

Ashlie, mom to two little men and happily expecting my first homebirth baby in April 2011!
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I've lurking since I got my BFP in late Aug., my EDD is 4/30. I had a miscarriage in April this year . I became superstition for this PG and didn't want to post to the DDC until the 2nd tri.
This baby will be #3, and if I can swing it finacially I want a homebirth.

Ivette; DH Nick since 1997, DD Ari 12/06, DD Jojo 07/08, 05/10, #4 EDD 4/29/11.
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Hey ladies! My name is Amanda. I have a Oct 2007 dd. She'll be three in a week. My husband and I are expecting our second baby (due date being April 5)
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Hey everyone! Just joining here. I had joined the May DDC because I think I'm due around May 2nd, but I thought I'd straddle both. I'm Stacey, DH and I have a son who is 21 months old, still nursing. I'm currently 11 weeks 1 day. We are planning using our midwife at a birthing center, just like last time!

DH(9/04) DS(12/08) and DD(5/11)

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Hi, I'm new to this group. I haven't been on these forums for awhile now. I'm pregnant with #2 and due one April 11. I tend to get very hormonal and like to vent too much, so I apologize ahead of time. Can't wait to start getting to know you all!

Lydia , wife to DH , mama to Titus (8-11-09) and we just started
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I'm a little late to the party, but that's Ok.

My name is Kel, and my due date is 18 April. I have a 21 month old little viking who totally rocks, and we're hoping that this little one is a valkyrie

I'm hoping this pregnancy goes a little smoother than the last one - I had a bout of shingles in my 2nd trimester, and severe preeclampsia that lead to an an emergency C-section and a 2-week stay in the NICU for AJ. :P

Nice to meet everyone!

fencing.gif Carolina Kel 
Pagan * Grad Student * Amateur Ninja * Bibliophile * Photographer * Cyberpunk* Cooking Diva * Wife to RJ & Partner to Abeja * Mamí Valkyrie to Eiríkr (2/26/2009), Skaði (3/18/2011) and a surprise munchkin due 8-23-2012 * I love my tribe of hearts! *

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Hi! I'm 31 and due April 14th (my mom's birthday!) with my first. We started trying just as we both got accepted to our third degree programs (me for midwifery in Toronto) and DH for a PhD in Montreal so we spent a year apart, and then were dealing with the buying and selling of houses in two different cities and both in very intense programs which didn't help with the baby making. Anyway I'm finally pregnant which makes me happier than I think I've ever been. I'm finishing up year three of four of my midwifery program (in Canada midwifery training is a four year university program and it's direct entry--no nurse midwives here). We are part of the healthcare system which means we're FREE (I noticed someone else wanting a home birth on this thread who couldn't afford it and that makes me so sad) and we conduct births in home and in hospital based on the mama's choice. I'm planning to have this one at home and I'm so lucky to have one of the pioneer Canadian midwives (and another amazing midwife) taking care of me. I should be starting my final year of training right when I'm due so I'm taking a year off and will go back to finish with a 12 month old. Luckily, DH works from home so I can be on call and not have to worry about a little one in the middle of the night (or middle of the afternoon).


I'm not big on the whole forum thing usually but I thought I'd check this out.


We don't have any pets but we have a big garden in our little yard. 



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Hey ladies! I'm new to the Mothering forums but love the magazine and articles. I am 31 years old, my DD Emmaline will be 4 on March 19th and I'm due on April 26th! I'm very excited, even though it wasn't exactly planned... We were hoping to have our next at the end of the school year, as DH is the computer teacher/tech coordinator for a K-8 school. We live on the midcoast of Maine - one of the most beautiful places on earth, IMO. I am a SAHM to Emmaline and we plan to homeschool. I was in the midst of getting my MA in English when I got pregnant with Emmaline and was totally surprised! We'd just gotten married and I had another year to go. I am so glad I put it on hold and stayed home, but I do understand the boredom/identity crisis that happens at times with us SAHM's. We've got one kitten, named by my precocious daughter, Mittens Alexatar. redface.gif We're fairly new to our area and trying to make friends, which is hard when you're in the early stages of pregnancy and just want to hibernate (and SLEEP!) I'd love to connect with some like minded virtual friends here! I am an avid advocate for attachment parenting and breastfeeding - my daughter weaned when she was almost three and more than a few people thought I was crazy! We also co-slept until about 6-8 months ago - now she's in her own room and very happy.


So glad to be here! It's been great to read your introductory posts.


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