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luv2sew's Avatar luv2sew 12:46 AM 09-07-2010
When I was pregnant with DS, DH nicknamed him "Peanut" after seeing him at the first ultrasound. With this pregnancy, we haven't been able to come up with a nickname that we both like.

What are you calling your LO while (s)he's in your belly?

Julieee's Avatar Julieee 01:21 AM 09-07-2010
I call mine "kiddo"
kalamos23's Avatar kalamos23 01:35 AM 09-07-2010
Nothing yet - we're kind of in denial until we know if this will be a sticky.
Stayseeliz's Avatar Stayseeliz 02:18 AM 09-07-2010
Peanut, new baby and moonie (after the moonshine that may or may not have had something to do with he/she's conception)!
JoyfamMama's Avatar JoyfamMama 12:25 PM 09-07-2010
"Baby Jo" was what we called DS because whether he was a girl or boy, the names both began with "Jo". This time, one name starts with "Jo", and one with "Ja", so we shortened it to "Baby J". It hasn't really stuck yet, as in we don't think of s/he as Baby J, like we did with ds immediately. Lol, whatever
kissum's Avatar kissum 02:17 PM 09-07-2010
We say the hitchhiker.
mama2eb's Avatar mama2eb 03:40 PM 09-07-2010
Cashew. My first two were Walnut and Acorn
jenniferadurham's Avatar jenniferadurham 03:53 PM 09-07-2010
I was talking to my mom Sunday talking about the baby, she was trying to say she, he, it and she said sheit(sounding like shit) omg we laughed so hard. And then she said ww need to find a nickname for this baby. Lol I called my ds monkey, which is his nickname to this day. I don't think I had a nickname for my dd.
allical1284's Avatar allical1284 04:29 PM 09-07-2010
We called DD 'beege' throughout her pregnancy (I have no idea why?). So DH started calling this one 'smeege' so we've just gone with that.
annemoonstar's Avatar annemoonstar 07:14 PM 09-07-2010
DS was "lentil" throughout pregnancy but since he was born his nickname has been "baby deux"--made up by DH, but it's stuck. So so far this new lo has been called "baby deux two." I don't know if it will sick or not, but that's all we've got right now!
chinupchamp's Avatar chinupchamp 09:16 PM 09-07-2010
It depends on how I feel! Right now? I call it "the parasite". Otherwise, it's "the bean"
justrose13's Avatar justrose13 09:41 PM 09-07-2010
cute nicknames!

with our first pg (m/c) we called that one sweetpea.
we are calling this one (lil') monkey.
gumshoegirl007's Avatar gumshoegirl007 11:12 PM 09-07-2010
So far what we're calling it changes week by week depending on it's size. It was a lentil. Then an olive (which lasted for a week or two) and now a plum. The funny thing is that DW got the time line wrong from a book and insisted for the first 5-6w that each week the babe was a big as a field mouse!

Like chinupchamp through weeks 6-9 I called it "my little parasite."
StarCat's Avatar StarCat 11:17 PM 09-07-2010
We started calling this one "caboose" because its the end of our train.
gagin37's Avatar gagin37 04:42 PM 09-08-2010
we referred to ds as baby, and still do a lot of the time. so far this one is just new baby. very original
Liora's Avatar Liora 05:25 PM 09-08-2010
We'll our babies are IVF miracles so we called DD ICSI pixie (icsi stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection and is said "icksee"). And these two were frozen for 2 years and two months so they are our snowflakes!
TMB's Avatar TMB 10:03 PM 09-08-2010
Throughout the pregnancy DS was "the bean", but since he was a few days old we've called him "Boo." So, this one is now "Boo 2" (although I think of the spelling more as butu (like tutu) for some reason). lol
minkajane's Avatar minkajane 12:33 AM 09-09-2010
Our last name is Ferguson and DH goes by Fergie, so he's been referring to the baby as Fergie 2.0. I'm pretty much doing the same thing as when I was pregnant with DS and just saying the baby.
Bird Girl's Avatar Bird Girl 11:54 PM 09-11-2010
I think of this one as "Ponyo" after the little fish who turns into a girl.
Tiff802's Avatar Tiff802 02:02 AM 09-12-2010
we just say the baby, but I would love to have a nickname! I need to talk to dh, LOL!
Blanca78's Avatar Blanca78 07:08 AM 09-12-2010
Originally Posted by Bird Girl View Post
I think of this one as "Ponyo" after the little fish who turns into a girl.
OMG, I love that movie! (And everything Miyazake has done.) I'm jealous that you came up with such a perfect nickname.

DH has been referring to ours as "the little dude." To which I quickly add, "or dudette." He's one of all boys and I think the idea of a girl is a little beyond his comprehension right now! I'm one of all girls, though, so I guess we balance out...