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Queen of my Castle's Avatar Queen of my Castle 11:50 PM 10-14-2010
I've been lurking around but not posting.
This is my 4th baby and pregnancy, and my kids are all roughly 2 years apart. This was our 2nd 'surprise' pregnancy, we practice fam/nfp and as soon as I *think* about the ideal time to conceive again, bam! i get pregnant. So here we are again, scared ****less for #4!

I also had some spotting and real bleeding earlier in this pregnancy, and have never had that before, so partly due to this I delayed making a first appt with my midwife (although I communicated with her) and we have not told ANYONE. Finally today I had my first appt with her, and we established a due date (Apr 23, a bit earlier than my calculations) putting me at 13 weeks, and heard a heartbeat! What a relief- that obviously ruled out a molar pregnancy or missed miscarraige. I'm so glad to have this confirmation and move forward with this pregnancy now that I am doubt-free and have given myself time to accept it. And I'm looking forward to letting the news out...especially now that I'm 3 months!

tabrizia's Avatar tabrizia 12:18 AM 10-15-2010
*wave* Hi Amanda. I'm apparently on the 2 year plan as well. Though I think newbie is going to be our last one, because DH wasn't even sure about 3, and I doubt he would ever agree to 4.
midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 12:23 AM 10-15-2010
So excited to 'meet' you 'cause we have a surprise pregnancy too! Also due to my supreme FAM skills.... I usually use something when we are fertile, but um, I guess I was bad about that! And I really didn't think I was (fertile)!

Gotcha beat on the 2 years... 19 months (I say 20 cause it sounds better, lol) and I am nervous; my other LO is still such a sweet babe! HOW am I going to keep up?

Do you homeschool? I did make the decision to send dd to our local elementary... I *sort* of think that will make it easier when #4 comes. Maybe?!

I am glad your pregnancy is okay and you heard the heartbeat!

We also have only just started talking about this baby... it is nice to have the first three months out of the way!

Can't wait to learn more about you, mama.
Queen of my Castle's Avatar Queen of my Castle 11:00 AM 10-15-2010
Hi Sarah! funny that this is our 3rd close together!

Hi Meg! No, I don't homeschool, my oldest is currently in grd 1, and I had *planned* at the earliest to have a Sept baby so that I'd have two in school, but nope, instead I get to make the transition to 4 kids right before the summer, when my dh is at his busiest at work and I hardly see him all summer. But, luckily we live in a lakes/tourist area so I think we'll be spending a lot of time on the beach/park/outside.
19 months! yes, there's always someone who has it a bit *more* challanging, eh? My youngest is 19 months right now, he's been nightweaned for about a month (still wakes at least 1x though) and he's on the road to weaning, but I know by Apil he'll be much more verbal and independant.

There's a couple things I would LOVE to make my life a bit easier by April, though. I'm thinking a king-size bed, a GIANT washing machine (anyone have a new efficient top-loader, 5.2 cu/ft?) and thinking about getting a dishwasher. We're off-grid and live simply, but I think this would just help.
tabrizia's Avatar tabrizia 12:04 PM 10-15-2010
Yeah Amanda I saw your post and thought, wow once again we are pregnant at the same time! I beat you on due date this time, since last time you beat me with Ramsey!

Newbie is actually a bit of a FAM surprise too. I counted wrong and my dates were off so that we hit perfect fertile time. My plan was to actually wait till next year before trying. Oh well, it will be nice to have another 2 year spacing. This one is due right in between Eloise's and Desmond's birthdays. Fortunately Eloise has been night weaned since about 15 months and DH deals with her night wakings, though I have to deal with Desmond, though most of the time he just crawls into bed with me and goes back to sleep. I am not weaning Eloise, I'm going for tandem nursing again. I did wean Desmond though because I was not tandem nursing the whole way through a pregnancy and then nursing 3 once the baby arrived. Fortunately he is old enough that it wasn't too tough.

I am very pro the King bed idea, I got one when pregnant with Desmond and have never looked back. They are so nice especially when co-sleeping. I hate visiting my parents and having to co-sleep on their Queen beds now since I am so use to the room of the King. No clue on the washer, I want a new one, but our old 10 year old one still works, so it is what we're using till it dies. I do love our dish washer, we already go through so many dishes that I won't want to hand wash. I say with a 4th coming if a dishwasher makes your life easier go for it!
nadia105's Avatar nadia105 02:27 PM 10-15-2010
Welcome! Another surprise 4th babe here too, you would think it isn't hard to count, but my answer to DH asking if it was safe was 'I think so'. I thought wrong, but now we have the answer to our never ending discussion on 3 or 4 kids -- 4 it is!

Meg, i only had 20 months between my first two and it really wasn't that bad. My oldest was pretty easygoing, so that helped a lot. #2 wasn't as laid back, so there are 30 months between him and #3.
midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 03:03 PM 10-15-2010
Amanda; get that king sized bed!!! SO worth it. Can't believe you made it this far without one! You'll never look back.

I am lusting after an expensive dishwasher... Bosch, and actually not so expensive anymore, just more than the cheapie I have.

And I'd give my eye teeth for a lovely new washer and dryer. But the old water hog we have is nice for doing diapers and filthy jeans. It's bullet proof and very easy to fix. I am very attracted to shiny appliances, though.

Nadia; glad to hear I'll survive. #3 is easy, and even if #4 is hard- WE'RE DONE! This also puts the 'three or four' discussion to bed.
CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 04:26 PM 10-15-2010
Congratulations and welcome! And that is wonderful that you heart the heartbeat, it is so reassuring! You will probably be feeling that babe move before you know it.
krizzanne's Avatar krizzanne 08:30 PM 10-15-2010
Congrats and welcome Amanda.

I can't resist chiming in here: this is our suprise 4th as well...I just thought we could go one more day w/o protection...oops!

We also didn't really talk about this baby until recently...woah...4 children...but our family took it better than we thought. How about your family's reaction?

I have to laugh, my 7y/o dd likes to put sounds together to make up potential baby names - one day she sounded out: fin - ah--lay - -Mom, we could name the baby Finale!

Yes, dear, that is the perfect name!

Oregonicmama's Avatar Oregonicmama 01:50 AM 10-16-2010
Welcome! Fourth babies must be pretty sly because this one was a mom-can't-count surprise for us too! I started using an app on my smart phone (not very smart) and was double checking it for accuracy and it was all smooth sailing until we were in Hawaii and I didn't double check... of course that would be the time it was wrong! We weren't sure about another, but it will be nice to have one that is both of ours.

I have a king bed and it is the best, do it! I'm longing for a nicer washer and dryer set, our washer broke and I'm not seeing cloth diapers at the laundromat in my future!
StarCat's Avatar StarCat 09:24 AM 10-16-2010
Welcome, Amanda!!

That is so funny- Finale! Perfect name. We call this one Caboose- because it will be the end of the train!!

ALthough- you guys are SCARING me with sneaky 4th babies. We were still in the negotiation process about #3 when...whoops, okay so I guess we'll have 3. ANd I have already had some fleeting thoughts of guilt about my girls being so close together and this one being 5 years behind. No built in playmate.
Queen of my Castle's Avatar Queen of my Castle 11:18 PM 10-16-2010
Thanks for the warm welcome ladies!

I can't even claim a miscalculation! I actually ovulated several weeks earlier than normal for me (my cycles are extremely long) and there was no way to predict I'd be ovulating- nursing messed up symptoms that might have warned me of a change...AND it's highly likely we used, um, withdrawl! So yes, watch out for sneaky babies!