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I bought the one a day prenatal multivitamin and DHA supplement pack.  The only problem is the DHA pill gives me horrible gas every time I take it, including fishy tasting burps.. yum! I've only taken it a handful of times because it's really awful.  Can anyone suggest a DHA supplement that is easier on the stomach?

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I'm taking the Spectrum Prenatal DHA supplement and I don't have any problems with it.  It's not made from fish oil.

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Thread crashing smile.gif


Try freezing the fish oil supplements.  I find that they stay fresh longer, and I stopped getting that weird after-taste too.


Or find a supplement made from flax?

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i take a fish oil supplement but have to take it before bed or I get the nasty fish burbs. Can you take before bed?

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I once made the mistake of taking a fish oil capsule during the day, had awful nasty fish burps.  I keep mine in the fridge now and take them just before I go to sleep and it doesn't bother me at all.  If that didn't work my next step was going to be putting them in the freezer as a PP said but the current routine works fine so I haven't bothered.

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I bought an algae-based version of DHA, and for the last four months I have only had one time where I got a fishy taste later on. I got it at our local food co-op, so its not a brand name, but I bet a good health food store might carry an alternative to fish oil. Taking them at night before bed also seemed to help.

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I've had the same problem.  Mine (New Chapter Prenatal Wholemega) recommend to take two just before eating my two largest meals, so I was taking them before lunch and dinner.  But then I'd get bad heartburn and fish-burps right before bed. grossedout.gif  


So, the last few days I switched to breakfast and lunch, and it seems to work because I actually tend to eat more during the day (after the meals) than at dinner.  I like that the pills are smaller, and if I feel like I'm getting too much, I can cut the dosage really easily because they're 4-a-day.  If it starts to happen again, I'll try the fridge or freezer thing, thanks to the above posters. :)

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I second the Spectrum.  It is small and easy to take- I can get it down even when I am not feeling great, and it doesn't have any taste.

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DDCC - I take an algae based one in a veg capsule and keep it in the fridge.  No issues at all!  Here's the brand:



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I mix a little lemon juice and honey and take that with the DHA pills to stop the fish burps....as for the gas, well...I just laugh. I mean, I pee my pants when I sneeze or laugh as it is....why not add flatulence to those fun times as well? Haha.


Good suggestions about keeping your supplements in the ice box though! I did find with the One A Day Prenatals, I could only take them every other day or I couldn't "clear" myself properly....even when I just stopped short of eating tree bark on a fiber rampage and drinking water until I was about to pop.

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