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here's my first one, although i don't know if my grandma was trying to be rude, but definitely sounded like it, lol. She had twins, and she told me I look like she did when she was about to have the twins...My comment back was well they were about 4lbs each and my baby is going to be about 9lbs. Plus she had them about 5 weeks early so had she gone full term she would have been way bigger  I imagine. Most people have told me I am all belly, my belly does look really big, but I am very small chested, so that just makes the belly look even bigger because I am just A and taller and not carrying around DD's up top to minimize my baby bump , lol!

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Well, I've gotten several queries about when the baby will be here (since I'm obviously so big...) but then, two weeks in a row, two women in my homeschooling group were shocked to learn that I was expecting...and this is my 8th month! Um, OK, so either I'm about to explode or I've just put on a few pounds...Strange.


Most people's comments are more about themselves and their own issues than about you, anyhow.

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I am a nurse, and work in a long term care unit with a lot of pt's with Alzhiemer's and other forms of dementia, so I get all sorts of comments, but of course, I just laugh it off. I had one older male patient poke my belly and say, "Looks like you had a good time!" Another patient asks me the same questions everytime I walk by her. We have probably had the same conversation about my pregnancy 100 times by now.

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Originally Posted by MnMtm View Post

I am a nurse, and work in a long term care unit with a lot of pt's with Alzhiemer's and other forms of dementia, so I get all sorts of comments, but of course, I just laugh it off. I had one older male patient poke my belly and say, "Looks like you had a good time!" Another patient asks me the same questions everytime I walk by her. We have probably had the same conversation about my pregnancy 100 times by now.

:) LOL. I repeat conversations with customers at work too, but they don't have Alzhiemer's...some of them just drink too much and can't remember our last conversation.


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Between my first pregnancy and this one, these are comments I heard from people - some weird, some annoying, all with good intentions, I'm sure.


I hope that's DECAF in your mug.

You don't even look pregnant from the back.

Did you plan to get pregnant on your honeymoon? (YES, btw!!!)

Any day now, huh? (At 34 weeks.)

You're going to deliver soon. I can tell by your lips. (wtf?)

Natural birth, hm. You must be from a farm family.


I've also been asked so many times when my due date is, that I've just started making up random dates. Like the 4th of July or November 23rd. People are funny.

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One from a skinny one, saying that I must be having twins, I was so big - at 32 w. This, right after a grandmother of several kids told me that I am all belly and that it is cute and round.


I have one reverse of rude - I took the same campus bus everyday for 4 months (almost). The driver recognized me and would some times make fun of me if I took a cab, in a lighthearted way. I thought that she knew that I was pregnant; granted, I had a winter coat on. In the 9th month, I couldn't take the pain with commuting anymore, so I decided to take mat leave. I told her that I'll see her several months later and she was so surprised when I told her that I was pregnant, and technically, any day now. Then, she connected the dots with my taking a cab to the bus at times, lol. She made me "model" for another driver, asking him to guess what was different about me, lol. She was cute. It was very funny, and kind of nice to someone who had just started having massive water retention!


I was almost never given a seat on the subway. But looking back on how the driver who saw me all the time and spoke with me all the time too didn't realize that I was pregnant, I suppose I can't blame these people.



CDing, BFing, co-sleeping, combination of BWing and stroller-using mama to DD, 05/2010. Pursuing a back to nature lifestyle.
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Any rude comments I've gotten have been form my MIL or mom.  I feel giant compared to my other 2 but I actually carry really small and have barely gained 20lb at 36w.  I'l all belly but my MIL keeps pointing out that I'm HUGE (perhaps compared to a size 2 prepreg, yes I look "huge" but considering I'm 9 months pg with my 3rd baby and I can still button my regular jacket and fit into some pre-pg pants and shirts I'd hardly call me huge!).  Then the random strangers and other general aquaintances who either didn't realize I was pg at all till 5-6 weeks ago and who still claim to be shocked when I say I'm due April 6.  People just have their own ideas about what our bodies SHOULD look like and feel compelled to tell us.


My fave is the comments on spacing.  DS is 8, DD is almost 6 so people always assume this was an "oops" and ask if we'll be "getting things fixed" after this time.  WTF?  Usually I just ignore but it's sometimes fun to see the looks on people's faces when I say that actually this one was quite planned and although the spacing is a bit farther than we'd hoped due to losing a few before this one, we're in fact quite thrilled to be going back to diapers and no sleep again. 

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Kgreenemama, that farm family comment is hilarious!


For a while when I was first announcing the pregnancy I got a lot of "was it planned?"


Apart from that, what I've heard over and over is 'you look tiny!" but nothing nasty or totally off the wall--I think because with the winter coat and all it's just not that obvious to people. Yesterday picking up takeout the older lady at the register said, "I think your baby likes Chinese food," which was kinda weird but sweet the way she said it. And going through airport security the metal detector guy gave me a big grin and said "Hey Mommy, how are you today?" and asked when I was due, which was sweet and friendly.


The other thing I noticed was flying this past weekend no one ever even mentioned to me that I should go through the naked machine scanner, even though other passengers were--I can only guess that they figured I'd decline anyway being pregnant? Anyway, it was great not to have to choose between a pat down and radiation.

Fiction writer by training, writer/editor of anything anyone will hire me for by trade. Me + D=my girls E (4/2011) and little N, 1/2014.

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I had one person who said (when they heard that I had 5 other kids):

Gee, you should keep a nickel between  your knees.

Michelle: wife to J, mom to M (2001), E (2003), C (2005), S (2007) and O! (2009) And someone new in 2011!
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I had a border patrol officer tell me today....whilst i was sitting in my SUV....that i didnt look pregnant at all. Man...he must see alot of women with big bellies and be totally immune to it or something.

Then at Mcallisters Deli the lady behind the counter says...well you dont look big at all. HELLOOOOO..i've gained 50lbs and i am freaking least give me some credit for caring such a big baby.

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I seem to get the "is this it?" or "are you guys done yet" question a lot.  I usually get flustered when people ask, because I don't know how to answer the question at the moment. 


My son's preschool teacher continuously tells me that she was the same size that I was (at 8 mos) when she was pregnant.  I usually give myself a private laugh & thank her.  My mom always says that folks compare their 40 size to my 7 mo pregnant size.  BTW, I am pregnant with twins.


This past Sunday, an older woman walks into a restaurant restroom while I was washing my hands & asks how far along I was.  I tell her, and she walks away loudly saying, hmmmph, I was that size with all 6 of mine & I never had twins.  I am starting to wonder how much of it was baby (but maybe this is my annoyance talking).


I am 35 weeks preg with twins & Baby A measured 5 lbs, 1 oz 3 weeks ago & Baby B measured 4 lbs, 9 oz 3 weeks ago, both in the 58th & 54th percentile (respectively).


On the other side I had an older man suggest that I deliver the baby now (he had no clue that I am preggo with twins) so that my baby could get drafted into the nfl.  He then kept going & asked how many were in there.  I tried to smile my way through it, but wow.


Everybody either feels like I am all belly & my belly is HUGE or that they were the exact same size with their singleton.  BTW, I asked my son's teacher how much her baby weighed & she said 6 lbs 1 oz; which is great, but I wonder if she is trying to compliment or insult me with her comment about being the exact same size as me with her babies. 


It might just be me though.  I do worry about my babies being a healthy weight, so it does bug me when people say that I look like they did when they had 1 baby.

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I got my first "are you sure there's only one in there?" comment today from someone at work.  Followed up by, "Do you have a car waiting outside?" and shock when I said I still have 13 days until my due date. 


Give me a break.  Half the people I talk to say I look small for 38 weeks.  The other half (usually people with no children, men, or people who had children 40 years ago) say I must be ready to pop.  Either way, I'll have the baby when I have the baby.  Just tell me my shoes are cute!

First child born March 2011.  Constantly in awe!
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