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I am a total dork about Braxton Hicks.  I just don't get what people are describing BUT I do get these odd muscle contractions and think they may be BH.  


Here is a description of what I have: 


- They usually in the morning or if I'm relaxing in the bath after a long day.  


- They are start spontaneously but I can usually stop them by relaxing 


- They have no pattern and are usually single incidences because I relax to make it go away 


- They seem to start somewhere around my abdomen/uterus and then kind of pull the rest of my body inwards - almost like gently pulling me into the fetal position.  


- They are not painful at all.  I would describe it as tension - almost like a strong shiver or chill but with muscle tension.  


- I feel as though I could almost make the happen if I wanted.  


- If I were to HAVE to ID where the tension is most focused on in my uterus I would say it is actually at the top.  


The reason I would like to know better what these are is because I actually had these during DC's labor and mistook the sensation for the urge to push.  I'd love to know what it is just so I can read a little about it.  They aren't bothersome...just kind of a fascination.  I asked my MW and she didn't seem to know for sure - said it probably was BH but didn't seem to have heard of BH during labor.  


Thanks for your help!!  


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Your description sounds just like my BH, except that I have more at the end of the day, especially if I've worked a long shift on my feet.

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That does sound like mild braxton hicks. That it is more in the morning is kind of unusual, and that you seem to be able to control it also seems unusual. But still.


Mistaking it for the urge to push sounds weird though...the urge to push should exactly that. For most women it's most like the urgent need to have a bowel movement.


Braxton hicks would be more akin to what you described as "tension" in the abdomen. For some women that means their belly contorts as the uterine muscle contracts, for some it's very mild almost unnoticable sensation, for others it's remarkably uncomfortable and can disrupt ones life a little.


my .02

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