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My friend told me this is a good thing to register for, but there are so many options my head is spinning. Did anyone have one that they particularly liked? What baby care first aid/hygeine items did you find most essential? (Nail clippers, aspirator, etc.)


Thanks! Also, while we're on this, what, in your mind, are the medical essentials to have on hand?

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Nail clippers are good, but after awhile I found it was easier to just tear the baby nails off (they're super thin for awhile). Having a pair with a safety feature so you don't cut the baby's finger is good.... nothing worse than cutting your babe's finger :P


I love having an aspirator where the bit that goes into the nostril isn't straight all the way up, but has a bit that bumps out so you don't poke all the way into the poor thing's sinus by accident. Something like this one


We bought a humidifier (is that the right term? It's sounding wrong) when our first was born, but have only used it once. It's a good thing to have though, just in case.


There's not a whole lot that we've used for our babies... shampoo, soap, unscented lotion, olive oil for cradle cap, occasionally diaper creme.


Medical supplies... hmm. It might not hurt to have some gas drops or gripe water on hand. Some infant tylenol maybe. Cord care stuff (I forget what they recommend..).

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I don't think i would register for one of those kits.  I'd do a snot sucker like the Nosefrida (I've never used one but hear they are all the rage) and a good thermometer.  I don't think I used the baby nail clippers but those little anti-scratch mittens are good to have a pair of.   Maybe a little medicine kit that you design yourself with things you think you may use.  Advice I got a long time ago was that if you are going to medicate get the individual medicines rather than the "cold remedy" type mixes.  We do have a humidifier and I would consider that pretty essential where you have central heating...though for our DDC that's not something you'll need until next winter.  

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We ended up with 2 for DD and I hated everything in them. The nasal aspirators sucked (or didnt') and the best one came from the hospital. Someone gave us Safetyfirst baby nail clippers  with a light and those were the best for us. All the other stuff in the kits (medicine droppers, thermometer, etc) are pointless to have. The kit we have had an oral thermometer and if DD ever has medicine we use the syringe that comes with it (more accurate). It's all about what works best for you though.

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most pediatricians will tell you not to cut an infants nails.  always file (or tear) the nails are too thin and the chance of cutting so high.  Most nasal aspirators you can buy are pretty crappy (the hospital ones aren't sold in stores) but I have also heard great  things about the nosefrida. 


other than that my essentials for newborn baby care would be: themometer,  alcohol wipes for cord (although I know you don't have to do alcohol and usually I do not but I remember using them toward the end when it was drying out anyway) and this comes in after a few weeks but for meds: we used hylands colic tabs but I've heard good things about gripe water, too.  I like to keep some mylicon (simethicone) on hand just in case and the same with infant tylenol although I know its not recommended to give a newborn anything like that.  But eventually you might need it.



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The Nosefrida is awesome. I like it a lot better than the bulb suction. I always have used nail clippers, just very carefully and sparingly. A little soft hair brush is nice to have, especially to help loosen any cradle cap scales if your baby has it. I don't really bother with medicine droppers because a newborn is usually too young to require medicine. Most pharmacies will give you a syringe to dispense medicine if you ever need it.

As for a thermometer, for a tiny baby you'll need one that can be used rectally. blush.gif


Here's what I have stocked:


Tiny baby nail clippers


Hair brush

Burt's Bees diaper rash cream



alcohol swabs (if the cord stump gets stinky, I've only had to use it with one of my kids)

cotton balls

Gripe Water

Boiron homeopathic colic remedy


Need to eventually buy:

Teething tablets

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Nasal aspirator (I like the hosp one)

Baby brush (I get full hair headed babes and like the hosp one as well)

Nail clippers and baby file

Cord care - alcohol and qtips

Diaper cream - I use A&D ointment. Only thing that works on my sensitive babies

Thermometer (We have this but I do like tip covers with a baby)

Meds - saline drops (Not nose spray! plain saline drops for baby); tylenol and gripe water; motrin and teething tablets later

Medicine dropper (for gripe water others we use the included one)


Also if you circ (although I know a lot of moms here don't) then petroleum jelly for care.


For bath/hygiene - baby wash, baby lotion, baby oil for cradle cap.


I actually pick up most of the little baby care things at the dollar store because it's so much cheaper than other stores and I don't use the full kits anyways.

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I didn't get a kit.  I got everything separate, based on Amazon (and other site) reviews.  I bought:


  • a comb and brush (because I was a hairy baby, though I know I may not have one)
  • baby nail scissors (reviews said they were easier to use than clippers -- though, MrsBerman, someone gave us clippers with a light, too!)
  • a temporal forehead thermometer
  • a tiny "medicator" bottle with a nipple
  • a family first aid kit from The Red Cross
  • gripe water
  • nosefrida and filters
  • calendula cream
  • California baby soap/shampoo


I already have alcohol, witch hazel, cotton (swabs and rounds), hydrogen peroxide, etc.

I was given some baby massage oil and baby emery boards.

I'm not planning on buying anything (i.e. baby tylenol) for baby fever until I need it.  My pediatrician thinks that it's better not to mask the symptoms in most cases and that it's good if dealing with the fever slows a kid down and makes him/her sleep more.  ;)

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Someone gave us a baby care kit with our first babe and we tried using the bulb syringe (useless) and the nail clippers (bloody awful- bite or file baby nails!) once each. We didn't ever use anything else that came in the kit because we didn't need them.


We did end up buying and using:

  • Nosefrida
  • rectal thermometer (one of the quick read ones)
  • unpetroleum jelly
  • emery boards
  • soft bristle brush and comb
  • Cali. Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo/Soap
  • Cali. Baby Diaper Cream
  • Northern Essesnce butt balm (don't remember the exact product name, but it's like a giant chapstick and smells like lemons)


The midwives gave us alcohol pads for the cord stump. We dribbled breast milk in baby girl's nose instead of saline drops. Never needed gripe water, but did end up getting teething tablets later on. All infant meds come with a syringe so we never needed to buy one.

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Thanks, all! It sounds like the kit is kind of a waste. I only asked because my friend insisted I should register for one, but I will definitely just get some basic supplies separately.


And what, pray tell, is gripe water????

Fiction writer by training, writer/editor of anything anyone will hire me for by trade. Me + D=my girls E (4/2011) and little N, 1/2014.

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things like combs and nail clippers it is good to have 2 sets imo.


Here is what i have so far:


a small grooming set, cost 5$$, with hair brush, nail clippers, nail files, nail scissors, a toothbrush (won't be used at first) I prefer to use washclothes with a newborn..An extra pair of nail clippers and brush and comb. I have some earth's best diaper cream, aveeno fragrance lotion, also baby bath and shampoo..I got a medicine dropper and aspirator at the shower, but as pp mentioned, the one from the hospital is the best. i also picked up some Pedicare infant fever reducer, mainly because it was on sale at WAG's for 1.29 a bottle, just to have on hand. Cotton safety swabs, cotton balls, I still need to get a thermometer and some alcohol, but from what i remember they don't want you to wipe the cord with it a lot, i think i wiped ds's a once every few days. It makes the healing time slower.



Baby oil and Powder imo are a waste, I maybe used powder on ds 3 times, so if you want some just get a travel size bottle..

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I dont recommend those baby's talk to us via there hands and we can totally miss feeding cues when those mittens are on baby's hands.

I always bit nails off if needed.

this baby i dont feel like i need to much.

but if i needed to make a list for someone:


nail clippers

baby brush

lots of baby wash cloths

California Baby body wash/ last little one was very allergic to ALL Burts Bee' was a bad reaction.

olive oil for craddle cap


nasal bulb...midwife normally has one or it comes in birth kit



herbal bath for once at home

cloth mama pads

lavender EO

a medical glove half filled with alcohol/water and put in freezer

to sit on for relief

peri bottle

comfrey herbals to put into peri bottle

honey for any tears






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