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EEEE!! Sorry it's taken me so long to post, but Tristan and Cael were born @37 weeks on Friday March 18, 2011 @ 5:09pm and 5:11pm respectively.


Tristan was 6 pounds 11 ounces 19.5 inches and Cael was 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20.5 inches!


Long birth story that I will post later, but they were born healthy and discharged with mama after a 48 hour hospital stay :)


Here they are today after slipping into a nursing coma :)


Tristan and Cael 6 days old.jpg


Here is the lonnnnng birth story:


So went into the hospital for the section on Friday (37 weeks gestation). Both babies were still breech, my platelet count kept decreasing, and the words general anesthesia kept floating out of my OB's mouth, so I could have chanced it, and taken the risk that my platelet count (which was at 104) could drop below 100, and then have to get a c-section with general anesthesia, OR, go ahead and get the section at 37 weeks with a spinal. I chose the latter. I'm glad I did, my platelet count was at 118 when I went in for the section and 101 when they tested me the next day. I think the anesthesiologist might not have wanted to chance it, had he seen it that low.


ANYWAY, I got in for the section at 3, my doula, DH and mom at my side, but an emergency came up with my OB, so I didn't actually end up going in until like 5 (talk about starving! I hadn't eaten anything since 5:30am!!!) My OB, knowing me, bent every single hospital rule. He allowed me to breastfeed in the OR, and had the lactation consultant scrub up and made sure when he draped the curtain he had it low enough that it wouldn't interfere. He let my doula into the OR along with my DH, which was prior to pretty unheard of, especially with a twin section, where there's already a million people in there- She was able to take pictures, and watch over the nurses to make sure no one administered eye goop or vitamin K :) I have a lot of great pictures. I got both babies latched on and suckling for about 20 minutes each in the OR, they were so good!! The poor doc (who is like the best in our area for sections, the director of the huge OB/GYN practice, and very natural birth friendly) accidentally sewed a sponge into my uterus, and when they did the sponge count, realized they were one short, he had to re-open me and fish around in there for it- kinda scary for everyone. Other than that, the actual section went off without a hitch.


Neither of the boys went to the nursery after that, they just followed me right into recovery per my instructions. Even though the babies scored 9 and 8 on their Apgars, Tristan began having respiratory issues once we got to recovery. I knew it was nothing, I told the resident ped, I thought it was likely just fluid in his lungs from the section. Well my pediatrician decided to go on vacation last week and not let me know, so even though my birth plan said no pediatric residents, here I was stuck with a paranoid one. They took him to the nursery. I didn't hear back from him for another hour or so, when he came to tell us that the breathing rate had decreased a little but was still in the 80s. He wanted to administer antibiotics (PRIOR TO EVEN GETTING BLOOD TESTS!!!) I pretty much screamed at him, and told the Charge nurse I wanted to see the Attending RIGHT NOW. She said he wasn't at the hospital, and I said I didn't care, and I wanted him here now. So she had to call him in. He was pissed to be called out of his bed to deal with this, agreeing with everything his resident said, and I absolutely refused to do antibiotics until we got the full scope of blood tests back to see about sepsis.


The next argument came when they wouldn't let me BF him because they were afraid of aspiration. (I didn't learn until after we were discharged that even if a baby aspirates breast milk, because it is a bodily fluid, it is simply reabsorbed and wouldn't cause infection- GAH!!) So they inserted an NG tube and wanted me to pump 30 ml (THIRTY ML!) of Colostrum for him every 3 hours!! While nursing another child!!!! I was so upset- they told me if I couldn't, they would have to give him formula. I advised them if they gave him anything but Breastmilk, they'd be facing a lawsuit. My doula got a hold of the local donor bank, but no one was available until the next morning, so she called her best friend, who was nursing a 3 month old, to bring in some of her breast milk. OMG, when I told the nurses and the pediatrician they freaked. Not screened etc etc. Well we made them call the legal department and guess what? They had to let him have it :) I just signed a consent, and the mama brought the breast milk at 1am that morning! The next morning the bank sent over 30 ounces!!! To make a long story short, he was in the nursery for an entire day and a half before they allowed me to start nursing him again. DH and I took turns with Kangaroo care and skin to skin the entire time. He latched like a champ, and was allowed to return to our room, because guess what- his tests were all negative (oh and they ran a urine screen on him for illegal drugs, because the doctor said he was "jittery"- the a**hole) no sepsis, no drugs, just a healthy baby with a little fluid in his lungs.


We were discharged the very next day, but before that, the attending came in with all his residents, and had my DH and I talk to them about what Kangaroo care was, what skin to skin was and why I was so adamant about those things, and breastfeeding. He admitted he thinks the skin to skin and kangaroo care helped him recover so quickly (duhhh)and complimented me on breastfeeding twins so successfully and said I should win an award (trying to suck up after putting us through all that sh$% if you ask me). Anyway, that's that- we pissed everyone off, got away with everything we wanted, and I'm sure everyone was happy to see us leave lol- But hey we're home, we're healthy and that's what's important.


Boys are awake and hungry gotta go, still trying to keep up with every one tho!!! xoxoxo

nadia105's Avatar nadia105 03:36 PM 03-25-2011

Congrats mama!  Great weights and absolutely beautiful little boys!

CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 03:44 PM 03-25-2011

Wonderful, wonderful!!! Double congratulations to you. What great weights too! I'm thrilled for you. I LOVE their little mouths in that pic. Can't wait to see more. Can you believe there are two of them? I really can't fathom!

Oregonicmama's Avatar Oregonicmama 03:53 PM 03-25-2011

Wow mama they are so precious!!!!  Congratulations on your big boys!  Can't wait to hear your story.  Enjoy your babymoon!joy.gif

EricaRN's Avatar EricaRN 04:39 PM 03-25-2011

wow SO HAPPY for you!!! Awesome weights! And how great that your OB bent all those rules for you. Sounds like it was about as perfect of a C/S experience you could possibly have!


That's got to be frustrating with the pediatrician and all of those stupid issues. Sorry it marred an otherwise nearly perfect experience. It sounds very liberating to be able to tell them to shove off though! :-) You're a good mama and very protective of the important things! :-) Enjoy your babies!!!

jenniferadurham's Avatar jenniferadurham 05:05 PM 03-25-2011
Congrats! Great story! They are gorgeous!
StarCat's Avatar StarCat 05:53 PM 03-25-2011

Nanette- they are so cute!  CONGRATS to you!!!  I'm glad things went well for you and glad the boys are doing well. 

organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 06:10 PM 03-25-2011

congrats! and good for you for sticking to your guns even when you were told different things!!! you are an inspiration to us all :-)

gumshoegirl007's Avatar gumshoegirl007 06:39 PM 03-25-2011

Nanette - You handled the birth and hospital care like a trooper.  What an advocate you are for your boys (even though it's incredibly exhausting and frustrating to have to be).  The boys are lovely.  Congrats to you!

Blanca78's Avatar Blanca78 06:54 PM 03-25-2011

Congratulations! So glad your doula could be in the room with you as well as your DH. Babies are coming fast now in our DDC!

Lauren82's Avatar Lauren82 07:27 PM 03-25-2011
They are so precious! Enjoy your babymoon!
IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 08:18 PM 03-25-2011

Very cute!!  Congrats, mama...

mrsberman's Avatar mrsberman 08:20 PM 03-25-2011

What a story. You're a true champ! Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon.


Also, 30 mL is a lot! The local maternity/natural momma store has mentioned that babies really don't need to eat much in the first week of life. They live off the what little fat stores they have and colostrum and it allows the mother time for her milk to come in. I never asked the owner for research on this, but it makes sense when you think about it.

kittn's Avatar kittn 08:40 PM 03-25-2011

you so ROCK!

krizzanne's Avatar krizzanne 09:00 PM 03-25-2011




your sons are big and healthy and so precious!  Wow, I can't believe they are twins born a couple weeks early!

Good for you for everything you stood up for...and teaching the docs and nurses so many important things.


othersomethings's Avatar othersomethings 09:04 PM 03-25-2011

wow, you are one pitbull of a mama. What lucky babes...I felt a lot of the same things dealing with a nazi pediatrician with this one, I totally feel you. We picked our battles, sounds like you had it even more uphill! 


Congratulations. On the beautiful outcome, all the ups, and for making it through the downs! 

gwendolyn98's Avatar gwendolyn98 11:19 PM 03-25-2011

Congrats on those beautiful babies!   You really are an inspiration to all of us moms who want things outside of hospital policy.  When it comes time for me to fight, I will be thinking about you!


windymama's Avatar windymama 05:20 AM 03-26-2011

Congrats on two cuties and being able to birth in a way you (pretty much) wanted.  Sounds like you have a wonderful OB (letting the Doula and LC in the OR - awesome!).  Too bad about the pedi though and all that you had to fight.  Glad to hear you're all home. Enjoy your babies and babymoon! joy.gif

hannybanany's Avatar hannybanany 06:44 AM 03-26-2011

The are adorable! And you are awesome!

daisychain's Avatar daisychain 07:47 AM 03-26-2011

You are such a rock star!  Congratulations!

mclisa's Avatar mclisa 01:47 PM 03-26-2011

What wonderful looking boys!  You grow them well!

Neuromancer's Avatar Neuromancer 06:37 PM 03-26-2011

Great! How empowering!! You are amazing.

bleumoose's Avatar bleumoose 06:56 PM 03-26-2011

Awww, congratulations! And YOU GO MAMA! Way to be a fierce mama bear right out of the gate clap.gif

havsulen's Avatar havsulen 01:17 PM 03-27-2011

Oh, wow - I am so impressed by how you handled everything. I wish you didn't have to fight so hard of course, but I am so happy for the way it turned out in the end - you won! Enjoy your babymoon, mama! Your babies are absolutely gorgeous!

puddle's Avatar puddle 11:41 AM 03-28-2011

Congratulations!!  Way to go, mama!!!