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April 2011 > The baby picture thread!!! <3
Lauren82's Avatar Lauren82 03:27 PM 03-28-2011

For the mamas that have already gave birth to their cutie pies, would you please post pictures for us ladies in waiting to drool over?love.gif



Nanette56's Avatar Nanette56 06:57 PM 03-29-2011

Can't wait to see some more babies from you mamas!!!





Stayseeliz's Avatar Stayseeliz 07:03 PM 03-29-2011

March 2011 020.JPG

StarCat's Avatar StarCat 07:27 PM 03-29-2011 it!!!  Stacey- I never saw birth info from you!!  How adorable those babies are! I can't wait to post here.  hope its not too much longer!

Lauren82's Avatar Lauren82 07:38 PM 03-29-2011

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a good thing I'm already pregnant or I'd be dropping eggs looking at these pictures. lol.gif  They are all so precious!


minkajane's Avatar minkajane 10:21 PM 03-29-2011

Stacey, your baby has this "Get that camera out of my face!" look. I love it! ETA: And that double chin is the CUTEST THING EVER! The chubster babies are the best.


More pictures! I'm so excited that the babies are finally arriving!

othersomethings's Avatar othersomethings 12:21 PM 03-30-2011

only too happy to comply!!!


my little guy is 10 days today. these are over the past week.


photo 1-4.JPG


happy big sister:


photo 2-4.JPG


side by side with his 2 month old cousin:


photo 3-2.JPG

gumshoegirl007's Avatar gumshoegirl007 02:14 PM 03-30-2011

Here's a pic or two of little Addison.  Today she is 6 days old.  These are from a few days ago.  We're working hard, and struggling while making some progress, with breast feeding.  I wish breast feeding was as easy as labour!!!!


Taken right after her rockin' home birth.



Taken on day 1 during an introduction to her DD (donor daddy).



Oregonicmama's Avatar Oregonicmama 03:01 PM 03-30-2011

OH MY GOODNESS.... these babies are adorable!!  I can't beleive so many of us have had our babies already!  I LOVE Addison's wrinkles in the last pic!  She is really cute. 

beryl's Avatar beryl 07:43 AM 04-01-2011

Everett Kai, born March 29th at 1:03 AM, 8lbs1oz, 21 inches long.

Love him to pieces!







organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 09:57 AM 04-01-2011

congrats on all of these beautiful babes!

bleumoose's Avatar bleumoose 07:42 PM 04-01-2011

Ohhhh these are the best! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to add my own pictures here :D

Julieee's Avatar Julieee 12:11 AM 04-02-2011

Here's my boy Grey Radly born yesterday 3-31 @ 5:04 a.m. grey.jpg


justrose13's Avatar justrose13 04:44 AM 04-02-2011
Julie, he's adorable!! Congrats!
StarCat's Avatar StarCat 09:02 AM 04-02-2011

Lucas Spencer  3/31/11 1152pm  8-13 21"


justrose13's Avatar justrose13 10:06 AM 04-02-2011
starcat, he's gorgeous! love the receiveing blanket (we have two like that one). smile.gif
Mamato3wild ponnie's Avatar Mamato3wild ponnie 11:13 AM 04-02-2011

starcat..your baby has the fattest adorable.

MnMtm's Avatar MnMtm 09:36 AM 04-05-2011

babygirlbutler.bmpBaby Samantha, born at home April 3rd.

abiyhayil's Avatar abiyhayil 09:42 AM 04-05-2011

love.gif love it!  They are all adorable

twegs's Avatar twegs 10:15 AM 04-05-2011

aww!  squish!  I love all these babies...I want one too!

alireb's Avatar alireb 10:32 AM 04-05-2011

Here's my April Fools girl! 



Lauren82's Avatar Lauren82 02:42 PM 04-05-2011

joy.gif I can't wait for my little one! All of the babies are so precious.

CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 04:48 PM 04-07-2011

Two day old Neri love.gif



OliveJewel's Avatar OliveJewel 05:21 PM 04-08-2011

Ana Belén, 4 days old, goober


Ana, 4do








CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 08:00 PM 04-08-2011

What a cutie! Love that smile!! She looks so healthy.

OliveJewel's Avatar OliveJewel 11:11 PM 04-08-2011

loving all the babies!


kittn's Avatar kittn 08:32 PM 04-14-2011


allical1284's Avatar allical1284 09:33 PM 04-14-2011

Here is our DS on the bed at home in our MW's arms during his newborn assessment; he was about an hour old...



StarCat's Avatar StarCat 08:04 AM 04-18-2011

The friend who took the maternity shots of me asked if she could do some newborn pics of lucas.  luke6.jpgluke1.jpg

minkajane's Avatar minkajane 08:24 AM 04-18-2011

OMG, Becca, there are no words for that level of cute!

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