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bleumoose's Avatar bleumoose 04:32 AM 05-05-2011

Aoife Kathleen was born May 3 at 9.32am after a 6 hour labor. She was 7#12 and 19.25" with a tiny wee head. I'm not sure how I baked such a small baby, as both my others were well over 9#! Aoife is an Irish name pronounced ee-fah like Eva with an F instead of a V.


here's the birth story. I tried to make it short and sweet but I'm a detail person so it's longer than I wanted blush.gif


I woke up around 3.30 Tuesday morning with crampy contractions about every 8-10 min. I dozed through them but they were uncomfortable, almost painful, and by 4.30 I needed to get up and move around. The ctx were now every 3-5 min and around 1 min long. Around 5.30 I called our monitrice, who came by 7. Ctx were getting stronger, but weren't hard to get through as long as I relaxed, even though I was starting to vocalize through some of them. Around 745 I threw up. The monitrice suggested a vag check and I agreed. She said I was at least 4cm, probably more, with a bulging bag of waters, and didn't want to risk rupturing to get a more accurate measurement. We all agreed it was time to head to the hospital -- the throwing up was a sign I was getting close.


So we packed the kids into the car and dropped them off at my sister's a mile away and then went to the hospital. I only had one real contraction on the drive (which isn't long, maybe 8 min) thankfully. In triage the nurse checked me and I was 7. I couldn't believe I was that far along, as I was still alert and talking between contractions, with no laborland fuzziness at all. The MW got to our birthing room not long after we did. Now it was maybe 845.


Ctx were getting more intense, but still tolerable with breathing and swaying side to side. Then they got REALLY intense. There were 3 or 4 that I had to fight my way through on the verge of losing it. Baby was moving down and I was getting pushy. Finally at the end of one of these contractions, I was pushing, involuntarily. They didn't check me, there was no way they *could* check me LOL but it was pretty clear I was complete. I got on hands and knees and with just one big push, my water broke and I could feel baby right there on the perineum. I wanted that sensation to go away NOW, but managed to not push with my team's support. Next contraction I pushed her out, head and body at once. She flew out on another wave of fluid, landing on the bed. She came so quickly the MW didn't even catch her. She was born at 9.32. (A nurse later told me that I "decimated the bed" with the amount of fluid that came out LOL)


She had some light meconium, and had trouble starting to breathe so they took her to the warmer, where she finally got going and pinked up. Meanwhile, I was bleeding a lot and MW couldn't figure out why. I hadn't torn too badly and only required 3 stitches. They started pit and eventually the bleeding stopped. it was a great birth and i'm so in awe of this tiny baby girl!

bleumoose's Avatar bleumoose 04:40 AM 05-05-2011

Here's a picture:



StarCat's Avatar StarCat 06:48 AM 05-05-2011

joy.gifcongrats to you!!joy.gif


sounds like a great birth!!  she's beautiful.

dayiscoming2006's Avatar dayiscoming2006 08:59 AM 05-05-2011

Congrats!!! Great story. What a cutie. :)

CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 02:54 PM 05-05-2011

Beautiful!  Congrats!!

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yamilee21's Avatar yamilee21 06:55 PM 05-05-2011

Congratulations and welcome to your little girl.

MomtoJunebugs's Avatar MomtoJunebugs 07:03 PM 05-05-2011

Congrats to you!! Welcome little baby!!

kittn's Avatar kittn 08:39 PM 05-05-2011

so wonderful!

love the name


Blanca78's Avatar Blanca78 09:56 PM 05-05-2011

congrats! aoife is my (irish) cousin's name! A lot of her facebook friends are also Aoifes, but I've never met anyone in the US with that name. It's really beautiful. Glad you had such a good experience!

preggers5's Avatar preggers5 10:29 AM 05-06-2011

congratulations! shes adorable!

mamaki's Avatar mamaki 04:21 PM 05-06-2011

Yay, so glad you had your baby finally!  Sounds like it all went well.  Enjoy your babymoon :)

Oregonicmama's Avatar Oregonicmama 07:14 PM 05-06-2011

Yay!  So happy for you!  I love her name! joy.gif

Neuromancer's Avatar Neuromancer 10:11 AM 05-09-2011

Congratulations!  Her name is very pretty.