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OliveJewel 06-28-2011 07:41 PM



you'd think i learned my lesson by now, this being my third (born 3/27).  each pregnancy my iron levels crashed precipitously.  when i was a teen i used to have fainting spells.  i tried to donate blood once in college but they denied me for being too anemic.  my point?  i am someone who *should* be taking iron and vitamins regularly.  but my mind keeps telling me that i'll be okay as long as i eat local organic greens and local grass-fed beef and local pasture eggs etc etc etc.  guess what?  my body says NOPE!  for some reason my body doesn't get enough that way.


as soon as i have the baby each time i quit my vitamins because no one is watching me and checking up on me.  and with the stress of a new babe and the intense process of being the sole food producer for this small human (i keep forgetting how it really *is* a big deal to make super milk) my body's immune system gets worked--oh yeah, and the immune system is completely connected to the nervous system--and starts to crap out.  with my first i got away with it.  with my second when he was around 6 months i got shingles!  i cured it with turmeric and virgin coconut oil, but in hindsight i think it was mineral deficiency.  now i have canker sores (and already have some dandruff/eczema tahat showed up about a month ago) and it feels like "oh yeah, been down this road before--banged my head on this wall before banghead.gif--maybe i'll learn this time!" nut.gif

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