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spudmum's Avatar spudmum 07:55 PM 09-12-2010
I'm about 7 days left before I will be officially late (if I'm going by my last cycle that was 49 days long)...but I can't hold out that long and have just ordered some tests off I guess I'll know for sure in a couple of days. Trying not to get my hopes up...but failing miserably...

Guthu's Avatar Guthu 10:34 PM 09-12-2010
I am also lurking

TTA.....and I had a freak dry day ovulation on day 8 of cycle..... *sigh*

what's done is done!
what ever will happen will happen....

The boyfriend is supportive and helpful I love him

period due tomorrow....just have pre-creamy CM......vs sticky/dry

Now for happyish!

no unbearable symptoms yet!
Just dizzy looks stupid to me half the time....soooo thirsty....and peeing more....cramping for a week now.....head hurts sleepy...I also feel SOOOOO I NEED ICE! I want snow....I would roll around in it nude and be happy I am so hot feeling.

Boobs hurt and so do nipples.....that one is a big irritating...they feel sooooo full!

But nothing I cannot handle

By Ovulation date...assuming I get no period or M/C I will be due May 25ish
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