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samstress's Avatar samstress 08:33 PM 08-28-2010
Welcome Mamas!!!

Please post your intro here (share as little or as much as you'd like)...

-Name: (your real name, an alias or your screen name only if you prefer)
-Age: (we're all friends here)
-EDD: (early or late may will suffice)
-Location: (be as specific or as vague as you'd like)
-1st child/2nd/3rd...:
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets)
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses)
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em)
-Birth plans/preferences:
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: (we're gonna be here for a while)



Late April
floiejo2 (lindsay), 29, CO, #3,
foreignerforlife (jennifer), 32, GERMANY, #1,
kitty waltz (sadie), 29, AZ, #3, (until birth)

Early May
dayiscoming2006, 25, MT, #3,
farmersusan, 32, OR, #1, (until birth)
GamineNoir (sari), 28, VT, #2,
moobiegirl (krisseey), 29, PA, #3,
MrsBone (stacey), 27, TX, #2,
quinbearzmama (j), 34, NEW ENGLAND, #3, (until birth)
sh0rtchica (lisa), 27, VA, #2,
Shyentist, 31, DC, #1,

May 1st
crazyms (brittney), 24, LA, #3, (until birth)
mama_mich (sara), 34, MT, #2, (until birth)
MamaKickyPants (lindsay), 32, ON, #2,
my-j-angel (becky), 32, MD, #3,
opera mom (sarah), 28, TX, #3,

May 2nd
baby4at44, 43, CA, #4,
Fluga, 34, FINLAND, #2,
geekgolightly (kathy), 40, KS, #2,
SallyNichole, 26, MO, #1,

May 3rd
Almamiel, 34, OH, #3,
bluepetals, 36, CAN, #3, (until birth)
feelinhot, 31, AZ, #4,  
jr'smom, 37, IL, #4,
samstress (sam), 38, CA, #2, (until birth)

May 4th
kamalynsky (kate), 29, IL, #1,
melon (LP), 34, NY, #2,
rrible, 34, CA, #2,
SparkleGirl (jaimee), 23, NC, #4,

May 5th
BornInSeptember, 27, WA, #1, (until birth)
gypsy8, 33, WY, #8,
Mom2K&Gray (adriana), 29, CA, #3,
nostoppingme (rhonda), 43, SC, #2,
PunkElmo (judy), 30, NY, #1,
xtara2003x (tara), 25, WI, #2, (until birth)

May 6th
kmb9906 (kim), 29, VA, #2,
ibusymomto5, 40, MIDWEST, #9,
ladyelmo1 (melissa), 34, ME, #4,  
luckybamboo (mary), 31, WA, #2,

May 7th
LacieD (lacie), 28, IL, #3,

May 8th
77sugaree (sara), 33, MO, #3,
Barefoot~Baker, 34, NY, #4,
cubanamami (amy), 32, NY, #2,
KarenMT (karen), 40, MA, #3, (until birth)
MamaChef, 31, WEST COAST, #2,
salamancagirl1 (marti), 43, AR, #5,
whoanellie (laura), 30, CAN, #2,

May 9th
annaconda (anna), 31, NEW ENGLAND, #1,
JenLiz (jennifer), 38, CA, #2,
jldumm (jessica), 31, NM, #3,
WinterPrego (laura), 20, NC, #1,

May 10th
anne1140 (anne), 27, US, #1,
beckyand3littlemonsters (becky), 28, UK, #5,
Ideliberato (laurie), 24, OH, #1,
I Need Coffee (stacy), 20, OR, #1,
Kahlan (michelle), 30, MD, #3,
Swheeler05 (samantha), 23, CO, #1,

May 11th
gummibears (jennifer), 33, WI, #2,
jennifercp8 (jen), 32, MA, #3,
slb1107 (sara), 24, TX, #1,
sparrowsocks (kate), 26, VA, #1, (until birth)
Trainer Mom (nichole), 27, CO, #1, (until birth)
TXmom2 (karen), 37, TX, #3,

May 12th
Annie219 (andria), 26, IL, #1,
becca_howell (becca), 27, FL, #3,
reelgeek (erin), 33, CA, #1,

May 13th
Crystalyn, 35, TX, #2,
gabsev (gaby) 34, ITALY, #2,
delicate_sunshine (susannah), 25, #3,

May 14th
jenofur (jenna), 34, NJ, #2, stork-suprise.gif 
kels (kelsey), 33, OH, #2,
Nutter, 32, CAN, #1,
sillysmile, 31, WA, #2,

May 15th
katiedidbug (katie), 27, MO, #3, (until birth)
onlyAngil (angil), NJ, #3, (until birth)
Partaria 28, WI, #1,
sarah1122 (sarah), 31, ME, #2,

Caityzmom (stephanie), 30, MO, #2,
jeniferskye (jenifer), 38, FL, #3,
lava mama (ali), 26, WA, #3, (until birth)
northcountrymommy (heather), 30, NY, #3,
spudmum, 36, UK, #2,
waterjen (jennifer), 30, MI, #2,

May 16th
HappyMamaBeth (beth), 29, CA, #3,  
outsideofthebox (n), 31, CAN, #6,
WriterMom2be (heather), 31, NC, #2,

May 17th
CinCanada (carolyn), 31, ON, #2, (until birth)
Olives (karly), 29, WI, #2,

May 18th
bolobear (heather), 32, NJ, #1,
fujbeck (joy), 35, CA, #3,
JollyPop, 28, OK, #1,
L&K'smommie (sam), 30, AK, #4,
lovebeingamomma (natalie), 24, RI, #3, (until birth)
morganlefay (sara), 29, FL, #2, (until birth)

May 19th
BeanieC, 35, NY, #1,
lisab82 (lisa), 28, ON, #1,
MamaMina (mina), 28, OR, #1,
NYC_CNM (ali), 33, NY, #1,
poopzmom (caroline), 30, NJ, #4,

May 20th
awakenedheart (jess), 31, OR, #1,
desertsunrise78 (ashley), 32, NV, #2,
GranolaGal (brittany), 21, WA, #1&2,
kwilki8 (kelly), 34, IL, #3,
mdnaturalmama (christy), 29, MD, #3,
penstamon, 32, PNW, #2,
tiff86 (tiffany), 24, TX, #1,

May 21st
KindRedSpirit (audrey), 31, #6,
purplepaperclip, 31, #2,
rach620 (rachel), 24, MO, #1,

May 22nd
banana75 (anna), 35, MO, #5,
Era28 (erin), 30, MI, #1,
evanleighorion (erin), 30, NM, #2, (until birth)
LoveMyFireman (meg), 26, CA, #1,
Sarah715 (sarah), 28, GERMANY, #1,
smashingpeggy (peggy), 29, IN, #1, (until birth)
soontobemommyof3 (christi), 22, WI, #3,

May 23rd
DaisyMay (fern), 30, SCOTLAND, #3,
dallasslynn (dallass), 30, CA, #4,

May 24th
ceriserenee (cerise), 31, AZ, #2,
LaneyCardinal (laney), 35, #1,

May 25th
kmama, 34, VA, #4,
Lulu2000 (leah), 32, NC, #1, (until birth)

May 26th
briecheese, 30, CA, #2,
ryleeee (rye), 26, BC, #2,
seafox, 33, MA, #2, (until birth)
Skrimpy (kristen), 28, MI, #5,
Tdunahoo (tara), 24, MN, #2,

May 27th
PAgreenmama, 33, PA, #2,

May 28th
elonwy, 33, CA, #1, (until birth)
homemademomma (jen), 27, CT, #3 & 4,
Kristynwy (kristy), 27, WY, #2,
lyndie (amanda), 23, MD, #1,
mommydesi (destiny), 32, OH, #2,
tzs, 35, WI, #2, (until birth)

May 29th
Evergreen (emily), 30, NC, #3, (until birth)

May 30th
brandythemidwife (brandy), 39, MO, #1,
jeminijad (jessica), 27, PA, #2,
MommyPants (kellie), 30, MO, #3,
nixnc (nicole), 33, NC, #3,

May 31st
atnightingale (allison), 32, WA, #2,
AuroraPolaris, 30, NORWAY, #5,
english-mummy, 31, VA, #2,
WeAreAllOne430 (tricia), 31, MI, #2, (until birth)

Late May
becomingme (nk), 35, CA, #2,
camprunner (laura), 31, NC, #3,
erosissa (issa), 33, TN, #1,
lil stinkyfeet (katie), 27, MN, #5,
littleteapot (babs), 30, BC, #4,
lizzie, 36, SC, #3, (until birth)
mija y mijo (mija), 30, NEW ENGLAND, #3, (until birth), 40, TX, #2,
prothyraia, 29, #3,
sharita, 28, IN, #6,
sonshine rae (rae), 27, MO, #4, (until birth)
WizDumbSpeaques, 30, NC, #2,
yosemiteroses, 27, MI, #2,

Early June
BHappy (karen), 42, CA, #4, (until birth)
jwoodbri (jess), 33, NH, #4,
anonyma (nonny), 36, PA, #1 & 2

In Our Thoughts

xtara2003x's Avatar xtara2003x 10:06 PM 08-28-2010

-Name: Tara
-Age: 25
-EDD: May 5th
-Location: Green Bay,WI
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: This will be our second child, but our 4th pregnancy
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets): Husband - John, DD - Addison (4/07), Mama cat - Twinkie, and her SIX..yes SIX babies....(Frank, Sylvia, Spitfire, Simba, and two more little stinkers that we haven't picked names for...)
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses): No idea. I think DH wants a boy though as we want at least one of each (we are planning on 3 all together)
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em): No clue yet.
-Birth plans/preferences: I want a homebirth...whether that is unassisted or with a midwife has yet to be determined!
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: This is my 3rd pregnancy this I am left a bit anxious and nervous. Hoping to just get to hear a heartbeat and I will feel "in the clear"....
geekgolightly's Avatar geekgolightly 11:08 PM 08-28-2010
-Name: Kathy
-Age: 40
-EDD: May 2nd
-Location: Kansas City. Recently moved here from Erie, PA.
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd child, 6th pregnancy.
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets): Husband, son and one kitty named Baby Janey
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses): dunno
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em): For a girl we want to name her Margaret (Maggie) Rose. We can't agree on a boy's name. I like Judah and Jonah but my husband says NO!
-Birth plans/preferences: DS was a planned homebirth that turned into hospital because of preeclampsia. I would like a birth center birth, but likely I will have a hospital birth. I am old, overweight and have a complicated obstetric history.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I am a nurse and though I LOVE my job sometimes, if this really happens for me, I will be a stay at home mom. My husband is in pharmacy school and this is his final year. He will graduate and I will give birth in May. He went to pharmacy school so he could be a better provider to his family. I really hope we can have one more, we would both be over the moon with joy.
sewingsparklz's Avatar sewingsparklz 12:17 AM 08-29-2010


MamaChef's Avatar MamaChef 01:47 AM 08-29-2010
-Name: MamaChef
-Age: 31
-EGD: May 8th
-Location: West Coast
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets): Wonderful Husband, 32 month DD
-Baby's gender: Boy or Girl
-Names: Gosh, I havent even given the bun a nick name yet.. no idea
-Birth plans/preferences: Homebirth
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters 05:41 AM 08-29-2010
-Name: (your real name, an alias or your screen name only if you prefer):Becky
-Age: (we're all friends here)27
-EDD: (early or late may will suffice) 10th of may
-Location: (be as specific or as vague as you'd like) Leeds UK
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 5th
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets) me, my 4 children (Chloe, cameron, caitlin and caden) and our cat Sox
-Baby's gender: (hopes and/or guesses) not really fussed though I've been convinced for months that I'm going to have another girl
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em) Ebony, Eleonora, Isla or Imogen for a girl. Elijah, Fabien or Isaac for a boy
-Birth plans/preferences: Home waterbirth or uc waterbirth it depends how I feel when I go into labour.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: (we're gonna be here for a while) is anyone else already itching to go out spending on baby stuff lol, I bought stuff ages ago 2 packs new born nappies and some new born clothes

sewingsparklz's Avatar sewingsparklz 11:32 AM 08-29-2010
I made a mistake! Can I change my due date? I was completely looking at the wrong numbers. I'm due the 5th!
Almamiel's Avatar Almamiel 11:37 AM 08-29-2010
Name: Almamiel
EDD: May 1
Location: Ohio
1st child/2nd/3rd...:This is #3!
Family: Dp is a SAHD, two beautiful little girls (8 and 6 yrs old), three lovely dogs
Baby's gender: No clue
Names: Nothing good yet
Birth plans/preferences:After two "natural" hospital births, trying to decide if we're going to go that route again or try for a homebirth.
jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 01:09 PM 08-29-2010
-Name: jr'smom
-Age: 37
-EDD: May 3
-Location: IL
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 4th!
-Family: DH(40), DS5, DS4, DD1
-Baby's gender: Happy with either of course! Hoping for another girl or we'll probably be trying for #5 soon after!
-Names: In the past Jenna Elaine was our #1 girl pick but never used it! Zachary has been our #1 boys pick and never used it! So we are still considering those and knowing us, still won't use them!
-Birth plans/preferences: No idea! I think VBA3C's is virtually impossible in IL. I'm not sure I trust my body anymore (after 3 failed HBs.) Can't find a provider for anything other than C/S anyway. I'm thinking of finding a midwife after 8-12 weeks to do prenatal care until my insurance kicks in mid January, then find an MD I can deal with.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I'm an upper cervical chiropractor and homeschooling mom to my 3 kids--although just one is officially school age! I own my own office and have two associate doctors and a wonderful staff! I work three days a week. My DH is a SAHD and does much of the homeschooling! We travel a lot for business and pleasure. I almost always have the whole family in tow even for short business trips.
frugalmum's Avatar frugalmum 03:15 PM 08-29-2010
-Name: Liesl
-Age: 37
-EDD: May 2
-Location: CT, USA
-7th child
-Family: H, 6 kiddos, no pets (allergies)
-Baby's gender: really hoping for a boy
-Names: not sure!
-Birth plans/preferences: undecided
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: we are a happy homeschooling family
kitty waltz's Avatar kitty waltz 07:18 PM 08-29-2010
-Name: Sadie

-Age: 29 - but will be 30 in November

-EDD: last week of april/ first week of may. I'm assuming it will be around the 30th or the 1st.

-Location: Arizona. {bummer, I know.}

-1st child/2nd/3rd...: this will be my 3rd child, but I have had 3 miscarriages since my last birth.

-Family: my beloved husband, almost 9 yr old daughter, almost 7 yr old son, 2 stepkids {g-6, b-7} that live with their mom and visit, 3 dogs, and my cat Frederick.

-Baby's gender: At this point I'm really hoping for a girl, because so far my husband still seems to think circumcision is the way to go. My son is uncirc'ed, and I really just don't want to deal with the fallout of me saying 'hell no'... 'cuz I would never let that happen!! {Hopefully we will work this one out in the next few months!}

-Names: really have no ideas yet

-Birth plans/preferences:unassisted waterbirth.

-Absolutely anything else under the sun: my husband and I are both artists - he writes and paints, I make music. He's a manager at a grocery by day, and I stay at home, and homeschool the kids. Therefore we're pretty darn poor.. this couldn't be worse timing {financially}.. yet I can't help being overjoyed.
floiejo2's Avatar floiejo2 02:51 PM 08-30-2010
-Name: Lindsay
-Age: 29, 30 on Oct 20th
-EDD: late April/early May
-Location: Colorado
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd child, 6th pregnancy
-Family: Dh, 35, H, 6, and A, 3. Also a dog and 2 cats, and for a few more weeks 4 kittens.
-Baby's gender: Dh would be thrilled with a boy, I'd be thrilled with another girl. Either way we really don't care, just a healthy baby this time.
-Names: um.....too early
-Birth plans/preferences: Planning a third homebirth. Hopefully this one will come at home in our water pool and not super quickly at my mom's house like number 2 did.
baby4at44's Avatar baby4at44 03:34 PM 08-30-2010
-Name: baby4at44
-Age: 43
-EDD: May 2nd
-Location: Central Coast CA
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: #4
-Family: Hubby (he'll be 54 when this baby is born! ), 3 sons (24, 20, 17 months ), 2 daughters-in-law & 2 step-daughters
-Baby's gender:
-Names: Boy - not sure yet, Girl - Mercy
-Birth plans/preferences: waterbirth @ home
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: 20 year homeschool veteran and starting over - GOD IS GOOD!
kmb9906's Avatar kmb9906 05:14 PM 08-30-2010
-Name: Kim
-Age: 29
-EDD: May 6th
-Location: Virginia
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd child
-Family: DH (31), DD (2yo) The baby is actually due on her birthday!
-Baby's gender: I'm guessing boy.
-Names: I have no idea just yet!
-Birth plans/preferences: Hoping for a VBAC. I am fortunate to have an OB who will allow me to go to 41 weeks, barring complications.
MamaKickyPants's Avatar MamaKickyPants 10:25 PM 08-30-2010
-Name: Lindsay
-Age: 32 (33 when babe arrives)
-EDD: May 1st-ish - I'm not 100% sure on my dates
-Location: Toronto, Canada
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: This will be # 2
-Family: DH - J, DS - Owen
-Baby's gender: I'm kind of feeling girl, but really, no idea.
-Names: girl - Josephine, Celia, I really like Ramona, but DH laughed in my face when I suggested it. Boy - really not sure, we had such a hard time picking DS's name!
-Birth plans/preferences: Hoping for a homebirth with the same wonderful midwives. I'd love for my sister to do the catch - she's a newly trained midwife hersself, though she'll be there strictly in sister capacity
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: hmm I WOH, love my job - but sometimes it a challenge balancing everything! I had awful pregnancy sickness with DS and I'm really, really hoping it's not as bad this time around. Midwifery runs in the family - my moms is a midwife, so is my little sister, and I'm thinking of pursuing that path as well! Good to meet you all!
moobiegirl's Avatar moobiegirl 12:13 AM 08-31-2010
-Name: krisseey
-Age: 29
-EDD: Early May around the 7th
-Location: Philly area
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd
-Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets) DH, Frankie, & Hayley
-Baby's gender: Will keep it a surprise
-Names: none picked yet
-Birth plans/preferences: hoping for a homebirth or a birth center
kmb9906's Avatar kmb9906 01:38 AM 08-31-2010
My due date is May 6th. Sorry, I meant to put that in my initial post.
Trainer_Mom's Avatar Trainer_Mom 02:33 AM 08-31-2010
Name: Trainer_Mom (Nichole)
Age: 27
EDD: May 11, 2011
Location: Denver, CO
1st child/2nd/3rd...: First time biological mom. One step-daughter.
Family: New and loving hubby and his beautiful daughter
Baby's gender: Thinking I've got a boy in the soon-to-be bump, but I'm just thrilled to be pregnant and I'll be happy with either. Or twins! Wouldn't that be fun?
Names: No clue, something simple probably.
Birth plans/preferences: Prefer natural birth, considering all locations.
Absolutely anything else under the sun: Just found out I was pregnant on Friday 8/27, earlier than I had expected and after our first month trying! I feel very blessed and thankful
Kahlan's Avatar Kahlan 10:51 AM 08-31-2010
-Name: Michelle
-Age: 30, 31 as of 9/30!
-EDD: May 10th
-Location: Maryland
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd!
-Family: C, husband, P, oldest (8), L, youngest for now! (2)
-Baby's gender: My mom says boy, I hope for either
-Names: Cora Alice or Eli Michael
-Birth plans/preferences: whatever works as I've had great ones before
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: still completely shocked!!!
cubanamami's Avatar cubanamami 01:09 AM 09-01-2010
-Name: Amy
-Age: 32, soon to be 33
-EDD: May 8th based on last period and pretty sure I know exactly when we conceived
-Location: LI, New York
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: #2 to join beautiful daughter
-Family: DH - Joaquin, DD- Izzy
-Baby's gender: No idea, want my daughter to have a sister but also hoping for a boy so guess I will be happy either way
-Names: no idea
-Birth plans/preferences: Hoping for a homebirth this time around with the same midwife we used with my daughter's birth.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: So far I feel great and I am hoping to keep very active, and healthy this pregnancy. My last pregnancy was overall very good but had horrible PUPPS at the end. I will do anything to not have to go through that again.
Best wishes to all!!
LacieD's Avatar LacieD 01:41 AM 09-01-2010
-Name: Lacie
-Age: 28
-EDD: May 8th-ish
-Location: near Chicago
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 3rd
-Family: Shawn (DH); Ethan (DS, 5); Logan (DS, 2)
-Baby's gender: Hoping for a girl!
-Names: none picked out yet
-Birth plans/preferences: hoping for a homebirth!
anne1140's Avatar anne1140 09:36 AM 09-01-2010
-Name: Anne

-Age: 27

-EDD: May 10

-Location: United States

-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 1st

-Family: DH, 1 dog, 2 cats

-Baby's gender: I think it's a girl, so does DH. We haven't decided if we'll find out, yet.

-Names: Nope

-Birth plans/preferences: I don't know yet.

-Absolutely anything else under the sun: We've been trying for just about 3 years, so we are completely stoked and in disbelief. This was our first IUI (natural), and it worked! My biggest fear is losing the baby.
ladyelmo1's Avatar ladyelmo1 12:14 AM 09-02-2010
-Name: Melissa
-Age: 34 and will STILL be 34 when baby gets here
-EDD: May 6
-Location: Maine
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: #4
-Family: Amazingly supportive DH, and three girls ages 9, 5, and 1.
-Baby's gender: Hoping for a boy this time, conceived using Shettles!
-Names: I have no idea
-Birth plans/preferences: Praying and working toward a wonderful VBAC - I will LITERALLY do anything to avoid another section!
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: last birth was a transfer HB and ended up as a c-section for nothing more than a breech presentation. I've done a remarkable amount of healing in the 14 months since, but it still irks me. I'm not brave enough for a HBAC (live to far away from hosp.) but desperately want a VBAC.

Nutter's Avatar Nutter 09:47 AM 09-02-2010
Name: Nutter
Age: 32
EDD: May 14, 2011
Location: Canada
1st child/2nd/3rd: 1st pregnancy
Family: Just DH & me so far; no pets.
Baby's gender: Trusting that we'll get who we're supposed to get!
Names: So far.... "little bean"
Birth plans/preferences: I've already booked into care with local midwives, and am planning a home water birth with the absolute minimum of required testing/interventions etc throughout.
Absolutely anything else under the sun: I'm a doula, and a p/t office administrator. I got my first + hpt at 11dpo on Tuesday - our 2 year anniversary. This morning I got a dark line on my FRER and am feeling more convinced.... but still holding my breath for the next few days as I wait for when AF was due. That being said, I don't feel at all like I normally do in the days/week before AF so that's promising. We didn't really anticipate getting pregnant our first month TTC, so my pre-conception check-up with my family dr is uhm... Sept 7th.... so much for that! All that being said - as a doula I've learned that you never know until you're actually in the situation what the best decision for you will be, so although we have hopes plans and goals, we're not set on anything - we'll take it all as it comes.
manamakeri's Avatar manamakeri 11:35 AM 09-02-2010
-Name: Gwen
-Age: 31
-EDD: May 10
-Location: Space Coast, Fl
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd
-Family: Hubby, My daughter a.k.a. Gubey Nut (age 20 months), 2 dogs, 4 cats
-Baby's gender: Not going to find out this time! It's going to be our last one. We found out with our first, and I really want the surprise this time. If it's a girl, that's great because we already have all the girl stuff we need. If it's a boy, that's great because having one of each gender would be fun.
-Names: None yet. Too early haha
-Birth plans/preferences: Well, I really want a homebirth. Our first was supposed to be a homebirth, but we were abandoned by our midwife and transferred to an OB at 36 weeks for high blood pressure that ending up being nothing. We just had to replace our roof though. I don't know that we will be able to swing the payments to a midwife. Our insurance will cover out of network for it, but it's still an up front payment to the midwife and then getting reimbursed. Also, we lost out on $4k last attempt at a homebirth (midwife only refunded X amount of delivery fee when transferred ater 36 weeks + the cost of midwife prenatals which she never properly filed to the insurance so we never got reimbursed + fees for the hospital delivery). I'm super worried about the same thing happening all over again. Going with an OB would be super cheap comparatively.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: So we were planning to start trying for a baby in mid October or November. We're going to San Francisco in the middle of September, and I didn't want to be in the early stages of pregnancy for the flight (peeing every 20 minutes on the plane and in the airport? no thanks!) and trip. I also wanted to be able to enjoy some Octoberfest brews beforehand. Of course, I also wanted to lose weight and get in shape beforehand too. Ahhh the best laid plans of mice and men, as the saying goes.
slb1107's Avatar slb1107 03:23 PM 09-02-2010
-Name: Sara
-Age: 24
-EDD: May 11th
-Location: Texas
-1st child/2nd/3rd...:1st!!!
-Family: husband, 2 boxers, 2 cats
-Baby's gender: husband wants boy..I want girl lol
-Names: girl-Allison...boy-Jackson
-Birth plans/preferences: hospital..drugs! lol
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: I'm so excited!!! My first appt is Oct 7th! I'm glad to have other people to talk to that are going through it with me!
MrsBone's Avatar MrsBone 07:33 PM 09-02-2010
Please post your intro here (share as little or as much as you'd like)...

-Name: Stacey
-Age: 27
-EDD: very early May
-Location: Dallas, TX
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd
-Family: DH- Mark, DS- Ethan (20 mo) and dog, piper
-Baby's gender: Hopefully a girl this time!
-Names:Not even gonna think about it until we find out the gender.
-Birth plans/preferences: Birthing center, no drugs(we'll see..first birth was long and hard..)
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: First birth was at a birthing center with a midwife and my labor lasted 43 hours, he was posterior and I have a tilted uterus which made for some long painful back labor. Went through birthing from within class, thought I was totally prepared, and was doing okay(ha ha, I can say that now!) until about 7 cm when I finally asked for IV drugs. It helped me get through till the end, but Midwife almost had to call 911 if she didn't stop the bleeding. Luckily all was fine, but I'm hoping this time I have a different labor, because I'd like to try it again!!
EarthyLady's Avatar EarthyLady 10:02 PM 09-02-2010
Originally Posted by samstress View Post
-Age: 34
-EDD: early May
-Location: Wi
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 4th
-Family: hubby and 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy
-Baby's gender: I really don't care, but I think it's a boy
-Names: (c'mon, we won't steal 'em)
-Birth plans/preferences: homebirth
-Absolutely anything else under the sun:
Please add my info. Thanks
SparkleGirl's Avatar SparkleGirl 12:49 AM 09-03-2010
-Name: Jaimee
-Age: 23
-EDD: 05/04/2011
-Location: North Carolina
-4th Child
-Family: John ( husband ), Caylee ( oldest child, & only daughter ), Jordan ( oldest son ), and Jackson ( my youngest son ).
-Baby's gender: OH PLEASEEEEEEEEEE be a girl.
-Names: I love Katie Belle or Emily Belle.
-Birth plans/preferences: Repeat C Section.
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: Just hoping for a happy & healthy pregnancy!
sillysmile's Avatar sillysmile 01:35 AM 09-03-2010
-Name: sillysmile
-Age: 31
-EDD: May 14
-Location: Seattle
-1st child/2nd/3rd...: 2nd
-Family: DH, 20m DD
-Baby's gender: no idea
-Names: no idea
-Birth plans/preferences: natural, midwife-assisted
-Absolutely anything else under the sun: so excited to be joining you!!
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