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kristenburgess's Avatar kristenburgess 07:06 AM 09-17-2010
Last night I was blissfully puttering around on my computer when DH started picking on me and saying he thought I was pregnant. I've been a little tired lately, but had no other symptoms... I told him I'd just go take a test, as we had a few test strips on hand from an "oops" moment last year.

I, of course, expecting it to be negative, was in complete shock to see two very clear lines.

Like I said, no symptoms except perhaps being unusually tired. This will be baby #5 for us and I usually get nauseous and have tender breasts almost right away.

My period won't officially be late until tomorrow, lol.

The only time DH and I made love this month near my fertile time was with a condom... for TMI, he made the comment "wow, that's really full" ... so I'm guessing it was a little too full and somebody made it out LOL.

But anyways, I can't get back to sleep now, I still feel totally in shock. We were planning to TTC next year, but I suppose this little blessing has plans to arrive sooner.

So anyways, here I am, two lines to go and a lot of things I wasn't expecting to have to think about for awhile yet to start thinking about.

Already loving the little one, and thinking sticky vibes... and hoping the total shock wears off soon

Charting software says our LO is due May 26th... so coming in on the tail of the May DDC!

littleteapot's Avatar littleteapot 07:21 AM 09-17-2010
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kitty waltz's Avatar kitty waltz 06:20 PM 09-17-2010
Congratulations! and
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kristenburgess's Avatar kristenburgess 09:41 PM 09-18-2010
Thank you ladies! I am still sort of dazed and in awe, but I'm feeling excited!! It's exciting to be in a DDC again!
northcountrymommy's Avatar northcountrymommy 12:02 PM 09-19-2010