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lovebeingamomma's Avatar lovebeingamomma 11:25 PM 09-25-2010
I've never had a lick of sickness in any of my previous pregnancies (2 full term, 3 losses), and now I'm queasy everyday, almost all day, not throwing up, but almost to that point. Could it perhaps be because I'm carrying multiples anyone with experience?

MaerynPearl's Avatar MaerynPearl 11:35 PM 09-25-2010

Not likely. Its possible but its more likely due to the fact that this is a whole different pregnancy than your others, womens bodies can react differently to every pregnancy even when they reacted the same before...

for example, I have SPD this pregnancy, but did not the first two times. Next time, I could very well go without getting it again... or I might have it. Since Ive had it once now I am more likely to get it again, but never having had it did not lower my chances of getting it...

the chances of getting morning sickness are pretty much the same. not having it in a previous pregnancy does not actually lower your chances... though having it in a previous pregnancy does increase your risk.
camprunner's Avatar camprunner 12:42 AM 09-26-2010
was very, very sick with dd#2 and there's just one of her . I thought I was having a boy the whole time because I sailed through dd#1's pregnancy without being sick at all.
kmb9906's Avatar kmb9906 01:10 AM 09-26-2010
I think it is unlikely. I wasn't sick at all through my pregnancy with DD, but I have soooooo sick this pregnancy. I've actually lost around 7-8 pounds from the puking and nausea. (And an ultrasound has confirmed a singleton pregnancy!)
lovebeingamomma's Avatar lovebeingamomma 02:17 PM 09-26-2010
ok good because I'm only homebirthing if it's one so that's what i'm hoping for
Evergreen's Avatar Evergreen 11:39 PM 09-26-2010
"They" say that it's one of the signs of multiples but..
Multiples are still pretty rare and tons of women with singleton pregnancies get really nauseated.

With DD2 I had all the signs of multiples: sick forever and violently, measuring big, a ton of weight gain ( well over half my body weight), horrible pain and pressure. Even though my midwife only heard one heartbeat at every visit I wouldn't have been at all shocked if two had popped out.
poopzmom's Avatar poopzmom 11:42 PM 09-26-2010
With dd1 I was sick, didn't want to get out of bed, felt terrible. Next time around at 5 1/2 weeks it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could barely function. Like I would cry when I had to pee because I didn't want to get up. I told dh there is no way you can be this sick with just 1. Went for my appointment at 8 weeks and sure enough there was 2. My twins just turned 2. So yes, extreme nausea can be a sign of multiples, but it can be a sign of singletons too
mommytomahmoud's Avatar mommytomahmoud 12:06 AM 09-27-2010
i know someone who just found out she is pregnant with twins, and not one single problem no m/s no sore boobs nothing, she said she doesnt feel pregnant.

my first 2 i was sick as a dog throwing up every 5 mins just about and stayed with me the whole 9 months.

this time i only get sick if i dont get, or if my heart burn gets bad. i could still be having twins.

my sec son was a twin but we lost the twin at 9 weeks
Melaine's Avatar Melaine 12:17 AM 09-27-2010
They say morning sickness and other symptoms can be double with twins, but I really didn't have any with my girls. I felt nauseous quite a bit but never threw up. And I've heard so many people have different pregnancies, I wouldn't worry about the idea of multiples just based on that. I hope you feel better though!
CinCanada's Avatar CinCanada 09:39 AM 09-27-2010
Glad to see these responses too. I am sooo much sicker & utterly exhausted all the time with this pregnancy where I had virtually no problems last time around. DH is teasing me that it must be a boy & BF is teasing me that it sounds an aweful lot like her 2nd pregnancy where she had twins.