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samstress's Avatar samstress 09:37 AM 12-12-2010

last week's chat


good morning all!


just popping in to start this week's thread.


have a very busy day...


-friend's son's first birthday party

-dallas clayton book reading and signing

-dh's x-country banquet

-i have to finish up a flyer i'm making for a student essay contest sponsored by a group of which i'm co-chair and have it ready for distribution at our general meeting this wednesday

-oh, and of course various errands i need to get done today


will write more later.


hope everyone is well.


i'm off...

ceriserenee's Avatar ceriserenee 10:32 AM 12-12-2010
I have not been busy at all...sadly I caught a bad cold and have been resting for the last three days. I really needed to slow down though, so this is my body's way of telling me that.

I am feeling baby move more, and it is harder than before...more like bumps instead of flutteers...it is nice to know all is well in there. I will be 17weeks tomorrow!

Hope everyone else is doing well also!

elonwy's Avatar elonwy 11:59 AM 12-12-2010

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Went to class yesterday, then home for a half hour nap, then off to a wedding we got home from at about midnight. This morning I got up at 8, wrote the one and half page essay due for my study group in 15 minutes, then off to the train to get to group, only to miss the train and be 20 minutes late. 


Now back to my study group :p

camprunner's Avatar camprunner 02:04 PM 12-12-2010

I'm here. I'm finally feeling better from all my thyroid drama. Now that I'm on meds all anxiety and panic is going away but I feel very drained :(.  I'm taking it easy today and as much as I can though my house desparately needs to be cleaned before my mother arrives to spend Christmas with us. I also need to purchase gifts for my parents. The only ones not purchased yet.


Still not sure about feeling babe move at 16 weeks. Sometimes, I think I feel the baby wiggling around in there though. Always in the lower middle of my abdomen. You'd think by the third I'd know but it's been awhile plus I only felt the second one move 3 times and the first definately felt different than what I'm feeling now.

KarenMT's Avatar KarenMT 07:28 AM 12-13-2010

It's been a draining week and the weekend was not relaxing either.  Essentially my work has been crazy since the week before T-Giving and then to add to the craziness my boss' mother passed away and he suddenly left for the Ukraine for 2 weeks.  I am ahead of the game with Xmas shopping but I still have to finish up shopping for my mom and DH.  DH is easy to buy for but I am just looking for something special.  He really loves techie gadgets and video games.  He has Xbox and wants this Kinect thing but I hate to buy it as he'll then be sucked into it.


Good news is that DH is helping me out more the past week so that has been a relief.  I don't ask for much- fold a few loads of laundry, put your clothes away, do some dishes- just some sense that I'm not rowing the boat solo.


I'm loving all the movement I'm finally feeling with the baby.  I just think baby is having a big growth spurt as I feel totally drained, almost anemic again.  I upped my iron intake and am hoping that helps but now I just feel very bloated and gassy, especially at night.  Add that I am dealing with a yeast infection- Joy!  I tried to use some homeopathic OTC med called YeastGard combined with Tea Tree oil for external issues but after 6 days I went and bought the 3-day Monistat stuff.  I am very prone to yeast infections when my hormones surge and I try and take some herbs that fight the internal candida but haven't taken them for a while.  I just ordered some so hoping that the herbs plus avoiding a lot of sugar wil keep this at bay.


My next appt with the midwife isn't until mid January so I'm happy about that.  I really do like this midwife practice but it's a good 35-40 mins from my house and if I get stuck with an afternoon appt the traffic can be vicious coming home.  I sure hope I don't go into labor during rush hour... last pregnancy was a home birth and a fast labor and DH delivered DD2 as it was smack at 6pm and my midwife was stuck in traffic.  At least i know I can count on DH if this is a fast labor.  For some reason the midwives keep telling me the 3rd baby is a "wild card" and expect the unexpected.... not sure if this is true or not.

Evergreen's Avatar Evergreen 07:41 AM 12-13-2010

I don't think I am getting enough protein.  I only want raw fruits and veggies or ice cream.  I can do toast and bacon but I can't cook anything.  Hummus has been providing most of my protein but now I am out of that. 


I will ask my midwife about it today when I see her.

annaconda's Avatar annaconda 07:59 AM 12-13-2010

Hi ladies...  I think I had my first braxton hicks over the weekend after eating pizza....  can you guys take a gander at my post on the main preg board and chime in?  It was scary for me as it's the first time ever... but was able to set my feelings aside and work with DH to relax and then drift off to sleep.  Could use some mama support on this!

PAgreenmama's Avatar PAgreenmama 08:00 AM 12-13-2010

ugh... dd is sick, AGAIN.  she's not even in daycare but she seems to keep catching things.  she picked up rsv from my cousin's dd for thanksgiving and although she only had  nasty cough and a really runny nose, we stayed to ourselves for a week and half to keep from spreading it.  then she woke up vomiting, i think from the mucus (she refuses to blow her nose).  she was ok this week but on saturday she had one nasty bout of diarrhea, was fine yesterday and is vomiting again this morning.  i''m bored and frustrated because i have loads of christmas shopping to do and of course i'm worried.  i hate when she's sick!  hopefully today will progress like the last few times she woke up like this and she'll be back to herself by early afternoon.  

Originally Posted by camprunner View Post

Still not sure about feeling babe move at 16 weeks. 

i'm in the same boat.  i feel occasional tiny bumps that could be the baby but i haven't felt any of the flutters that i remember so clearly from last time.  


Originally Posted by KarenMT View Post
I sure hope I don't go into labor during rush hour... last pregnancy was a home birth and a fast labor and DH delivered DD2 as it was smack at 6pm and my midwife was stuck in traffic.  At least i know I can count on DH if this is a fast labor.  For some reason the midwives keep telling me the 3rd baby is a "wild card" and expect the unexpected.... not sure if this is true or not.

i had the same fear about rush hour with dd.  the drive to the hospital was 35min with no traffic but if it were rush hour it would easily take more than an hour.  luckily we didn't leave until 10:30pm on a wednesday night.  that's great that your husband delivered your dd!  i don't know if my dh would pull it together to deliver a baby at home if he had to.  this time the hospital is only 5-10min away, never any traffic here so we shouldn't have a problem unless the labor is super fast.  but i've heard that about #3 too... 

kmb9906's Avatar kmb9906 08:25 AM 12-13-2010

OMG, I just remembered that I am running a 5K this Saturday.  WHY did I think it was going to be a good idea to run 3.1 miles at nearly 20 weeks pregnant???  Oh yeah, because when I signed up, I was still 9-10 weeks.  Sad thing is, it's not even my last race.  I have one in January, too. 


annaconda, I get Braxton Hicks contractions as well, and they are usually after I have not kept up with my water intake.  As soon as I drink a bunch of water, they go away.  I just have to remember to take it easy and remember to drink, drink, drink!  BH ctx are usually my uterus' way of telling me to slow down, take care of myself and HYDRATE.

PAgreenmama's Avatar PAgreenmama 08:52 AM 12-13-2010

Originally Posted by kmb9906 View Post

OMG, I just remembered that I am running a 5K this Saturday.  WHY did I think it was going to be a good idea to run 3.1 miles at nearly 20 weeks pregnant???  Oh yeah, because when I signed up, I was still 9-10 weeks.  Sad thing is, it's not even my last race.  I have one in January, too. 

wow!  good for you!  i was a dedicated runner until i got pregnant with dd.  i thought i would run through most of her pregnancy but i had a horrible cold around 15 weeks and then the weather turned horrible as soon as i started feeling better and stayed horrible all winter so i never got back outside.  :(  and still haven't 3 years later :(((   i have a friend that ran a marathon during her second pregnancy!  i can't remember how far along she was.  i think it's great that you're still running... just take it easy and make sure to stay away from the ice!

MamaChef's Avatar MamaChef 11:41 AM 12-13-2010

Hi Ladies.. 


Pagreenmama.. it sucks that your DD has been sick so much lately.  When that happens I always have to repeat the mantra that it's building DD's immune system.  This is just such a crappy time of year for it.  Do you give DD vitamin D3 drops?  That may help.  Sambucus helped us alot last year and this year we take wellness formula's homeopathics as soon as I get any inkling she is coming down with something.  ((hug))  I hope she is feeling better soon.



Hope you have a great time on Saturday!  You go, Mama!  I feel good about doing a couple miles walking on the treadmill 3-5 days a week!



Im not getting enough protein either.  My bp has been higher then it usually is and it's worrying me a little.  Im usually in the low 100-110 / high 70s-80s.  This time Ive been low 120 over 80s. I really need to get my diet back under control..after the morning sickness ended I had a couple good weeks then everything has just been so busy I havent been eating as much or what I should be.


camprunner, glad you are feeling better.



yay for lots of baby bumps and wiggles!



((hug))  It's almost over and then you get to relax under those beautiful redwoods next to a crackling fire. 



Gonna go check out your thread in just a minute.



Glad hubby is helping out more.  Hope your work slows down some soon.  Do you usually get candida issues when you are more stressed?  Can you take Grapeseed extract internally?



Sounds like a super busy day.  Hope you get to rest this week before the Christmas rush.



We had a pretty laid back weekend.  We got to have our first date night in a couple months and that was so nice.  Hubby took me out to dinner and the chiropractor.  LOL.  It was our first Friday with a new sitter so we wanted to stay close.  I actually ordered a ribeye which is completely uncharacteristic of me, but it was super yummy and Im glad I did.  My stomach acids appear to be working again and I didnt get sick after.  So glad.  We got our tree saturday in the pouring rain and then came home and decorated our gingerbread houses.  It was a blast decorating them and Im so glad it all worked out.  Ive never made the gingerbread and patterns from scratch before.  We usually use graham crackers or a kit. They came together beautifully.  I know you guys are sick of pictures, so Ill restrain myself ;P 


I got all the gifts that are leaving our house for family and friends wrapped and packaged up so I can get them to the post office this week.  Ive decided not to do cookies this year and just to enjoy the downtime.  Cookies are always a bunch of work and people have so many sweets over the holiday they shouldnt miss them too much ;)  Plus, I dont need a bunch of sugar around the house.


Im so excited about my 20 week US on Thursday, I can barely wait!  I want to know what sex this baby is.  It wasnt a compulsion for me at all with DD, but this one, I just really want to know!  My midwife found a lump in my breast during the exam last week, so we are going to take a peek at that too.  I not worried about it because I think its just because Im pregnant.  I tend toward fibrocystic breasts.  It wasnt there in July, it moves around alot and doesnt have any of the other signs.  I wasnt going to even do the US, but it's best to be safe, right? 

KarenMT's Avatar KarenMT 12:22 PM 12-13-2010


  that's great that your husband delivered your dd!  i don't know if my dh would pull it together to deliver a baby at home if he had to.  this time the hospital is only 5-10min away, never any traffic here so we shouldn't have a problem unless the labor is super fast.  but i've heard that about #3 too... 

Yes, DH was super collected.  I was the screaming laboring woman- LOL.  Last time we were 2 miles from a major hospital and I was quite comfortable with a homebirth.  This time, we are really in suburbia and the closest hospital is actually a very lousy hospital for labor/delivery and deals mostly with inner city population.  The last thing I would want is to transfer there following a homebirth- it would be a very bad experience to say the least.  The midwife group I'm with used to head a birth center but for various reasons it closed.  The hospital though, has two very large midwife groups it services so is very "with it" as far as what "low intervention" means.    Yes, I already wonder about this #3.  Being 40, I just want to make it to a natural labor without pressure to induce. 

Evergreen's Avatar Evergreen 12:40 PM 12-13-2010

Woohoo, MamaChef, I can't wait to find out what you're having either!


I am 17 weeks (measuring 18). I  got to hear the baby's heartbeat wtih the fetascope today. It was in the 150s again.  My friend initially found it then let me listen. She was surprised that I couldn't fell movement because she said the baby was kicking hard. I couldn't but today when I got back to the office I think I felt two or three small kicks.

ibusymomto5's Avatar ibusymomto5 12:59 PM 12-13-2010
Hi everyone!

Samstress - Did you survive? That sounds like a lot for one day!! Sundays get crazy like that for us sometimes too.

Cerise - Hope you get to feeling better soon. Seems like it's hard to slow down at this time of year. Yeah for baby movement!

kmb9906 - Hope your race goes great! Is it a race or more of a fun run? Kudos to you either way!! I'm still running too, but no races for me!

MamaChef - I wanna see pictures of the gingerbread house, if you get a chance that is. Hope your u/s goes well.. It's so fun to see what everyone is having. I hope that the little lump is nothing too.hug.gif

AFM - I don't know how much I'll be on here over the next couple of weeks, because we've got something going on almost everyday till Christmas.. concerts, birthdays, our 21st anniversary, get togethers, etc. At least we got all our Christmas shopping done this weekend.

kmb9906's Avatar kmb9906 01:12 PM 12-13-2010

ibusymomto5 - Well, it's a race, but it'll be a fun run for me. wink1.gif  I'll probably finish around 36 minutes, maybe more if it's super cold.  What I'll most likely do is run the first mile, power-walk the 2nd mile, and then run the last 1.1 mile. 

Crystalyn's Avatar Crystalyn 01:49 PM 12-13-2010

We're back from visiting my MIL.  The first two days were rough, but she stopped being hateful and rude to me on the third day, so the last two days were pleasant... thankfully :-)  And, hopefully, she'll continue with the new attitude.. it would be nice to someday want to have a friendly relationship with my husband's mother :-)


I've hit the ground running since being back... and I feel like I'm in a race - with too much to do and not enough time.  I'm looking for a good (personally tested) iPhone task-list application to help me keep up with life (not a calendar... I need something more) and prioritize and check things off.  I have two monster photo shoots  to edit in the evenings this week while my daughter is sleeping and I have another shoot on Thursday and maybe two this weekend, which should all be edited by the end of the year.  It doesn't seem like much, but coupled with holiday activities, decorating for Christmas, keeping-up with my almost-two-year-old, our annual New Year Day party and planning her birthday party... all while we're in the middle of re-painting the entire inside of our home... and all on a strict budget... I'm overwhelmed.


I'm hoping to catch-up with how everybody is doing while my daughter is at school tomorrow.  I feel out of the loop :-)


MamaChef's Avatar MamaChef 03:31 PM 12-13-2010

Crystalyn.  That sounds like ALOT!  Image editing takes so much time.  I hope it all goes fast for you and you get some time to relax and enjoy the season!


ibusymom.. here is one of the undecorated houses getting some electricity.


You can see the finished ones here.

elonwy's Avatar elonwy 05:23 PM 12-13-2010

Thanks for the hug mamachef :) I LOVE how crafty you are. I used to do all that too, before I lost my life to school :p I have been having nightmares about the final that is tomorrow. The teacher is a bit of a bully, so stuff I would normally not stress about I do with his class because he is so mean and scary. 8 working days and 30 minutes until vacation. I actually have enough vacation days to get paid for the enforced week off too, which is nice, I really hate taking that week unpaid. The week after Christmas is the worst week ever to not get any money in your paycheck.

becca_howell's Avatar becca_howell 05:44 PM 12-13-2010

Another week gone, another week closer to May! This pregnancy is, thankfully, flying by for me! 19 weeks Thursday. Did my "weekend recovery" today (no housework/picking up gets done on the weekends, all family/church time). Tomorrow's the *big* meeting with the OB to see if she accepts me as a patient... Kind of nervous. I'm thinking of going in there armed with facts and polite. If she acts like she's doesn't want to take me, I'm thinking about saying, "I will be having a VBA2C. I can do it with your help or not. My body is not broken, I was deceived into my first two cesareans, and I want this bad enough to make it happen. I would greatly appreciate your help, but I, my husband and my doula are willing and prepared to labor unassisted and come to the hospital near delivery if neccessary." and see what she says. Too much??


Anyway, the big ultrasound is Thursday! I was sneaky about getting DH (workaholic) there. I told him I didn't want to find out, and if he wanted us to find out, he had to be there. demon.gif I'm mean, I know. But hey, it got him to take off!

kristenburgess's Avatar kristenburgess 07:08 PM 12-13-2010


Samstress - I hope the day went well!
Ceriserenee - lovely to feel the baby moving, isn't it!  I can't wait until I'm feeling consistent kicks.  I hope you're feeling better this week.
Elonwy - try to relax some!  Remember that pregnancy makes the most organized of us into frazzled women sometimes ;)  Good luck with all the schoolwork.
Camprunner - I'm glad you're feeling better.  Remember to take time for yourself to rest and recover now. Can you do your shopping for your parents online?  I have found that the easiest way for me to tackle a big cleaning job now is to do one room per day.  Hope you start feeling consistent "I'm sure it's baby" movement soon - I'm also waiting for that at 16 weeks.
Karenmt - so nice to have DH helping you out, esp. with the craziness at your work.  I know what you mean about feeling drained and wanting to get extra iron in... I am finding that I'm really craving hearty, beefy foods and I think it's b/c my body knows the baby really needs that for growth.  My 4th baby was my "wild card" and my DH did beautifully with DS3 arriving before the mw did.  Just a little encouragement in case it happens ;)
Annaconda - I tend to get early Braxton-hicks with my babies, even with drinking plenty of water.  I *do* notice they greatly increase if I'm not eating well and getting plenty of fluids, so if you're worried I would increase the fluids for sure.  Otherwise, just know your body is starting to practice.  Even with my early ones all my babies have gone right to term :)
PAgreenmama - my kids are all homeschooled and I feel the same way about them getting sick!  I think kids get sick no matter where they are :p  I hope your DD feels better quickly so you can get everything done!
kmb - enjoy your race this weekend!
Mamachef - glad you had a great weekend.  Can't wait for your u/s update on Thursday!  I know what you mean about dying to know what the baby is!!  Hopefully everying the with lump is hormonal - my mw says that things that occur with the breasts (and cervix) during pregnancy are often just pregnancy things.  She always says to watch them but she often sees things resolve by the time babe is 6 months old.
Evergreen - glad you got to hear your baby and think you're starting to feel kicks!
ibusymomto5 - hope all the Christmas season craziness is a joy for you!
Crystalyn - glad your MIL decided to be civil and I hope she stays that way. I have been planning to try ToodleDo's app but haven't gotten to do so personally.  I've been told it's really robust, however, and can replace Outlook's tasks as a checklist for a mobile device :)
becca - I hope all goes really well with the OB tomorrow and you feel peace and confidence with how to discuss things with her.  It's fantastic you got DH to take off for the u/s ;)  Enjoy and can't wait to hear if your babe is pink or blue!
AFM - We had our blood test done last week to find out baby's RhD genotype and I'm on pins and needles waiting for the results - mostly because we find out boy or girl along with the genotype, lol!  I'm hoping to hear from the doctor tomorrow or Wednesday.  
Other than that, life is pretty good.  I'm have a lot of hip/pelvic pain already and my chiropractor wants to see my once a week.  My midwife highly recommended one of the "Prental Cradle" supports.  They don't look attractive but I don't care to suffer in pain through this pregnancy and she says they have made a big difference for many of her clients.  
We are having big snowstorms up here and that's making me a little edgy but the kids are loving all the snow, so for that I'm thankful!

ibusymomto5's Avatar ibusymomto5 07:21 PM 12-13-2010
MamaChef - Thanks for the pictures! Those are super cute, and I bet your dd had a blast decorating them.

Almamiel's Avatar Almamiel 07:25 PM 12-13-2010
Crystalyn - I have 'remember the milk' and really like it.

If anyone travels for work or otherwise, tripit is an awesome app.

20 week ultrasound tomorrow morning - so excited to find out the sex!

Talked to a midwife last week - gonna have my first homebirth after two hospital births. So happy smile.gif
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 08:36 PM 12-13-2010

hello everyone :)

17 weeks over here...can't believe how fast it is going. sheesh.

1 month until i find out the baby's sex...pretty stoked but so busy that i just realized that it's only a month away now!

i just finished one exam and have one more to write tomorrow, then a huge sewing/writing project for english and an exam sat morning and an exam sun morning. blech. and then a midwife appt and i'm off to my mom's after that with my son for a week. so stoked!!! derek will come up on the 24 as he's in school right up until then. isn't that lame?! oh well. we're just packing / cleaning / baking cookies tonight. early morning...have a good night everyone, sorry i'm not responding personally but i am keeping up in reading :)


cute gingerbread houses! they baked perfectly!!

jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 08:05 AM 12-14-2010

Hi ladies!

I'm just getting caught up again.  We just returned from Florida yesterday.  We left on Dec 1, so I feel like I've been gone forever!  It was a nice vacation but COLD. We weren 't prepared for that. Of course when we returned home to Chicago it was 18 degrees and there was snow on the ground. 


I'm in denial that it's Chrismastime.  I still have much shopping and baking to do!  We're hosting Christmas Eve dinner and haven't even started thinking about that yet.  I enjoy all of it though, so I'm looking forward to getting the house organized (unpacking, laundry, etc.) and cleaned and starting on the fun stuff.  At least I have a little energy to do it!


Finally, today I'm 20 weeks!  Woohoo!  I love this part of pregnancy.  I can feel the baby kicking many times a day.  I'm still relatively comfortable--knock wood.  Not too much heartburn, not too much cervical pressure, not ridiculously huge yet!  Yay!  Looking forward to the next few weeks!


MamaChef's Avatar MamaChef 11:44 AM 12-14-2010


Said a little blessing for your final with the ogre today.  There must be so much relief in it just being done.  Was reading this last night and thought of you:


Dear Brave Souls: If there are any loose threads, tie a knot.That's what 'they' say.Tonight I was thinking, good old crone advice and the how of it... ?


Often the how of even sage proverbs is left out. It is true, that most often, the mending or the weaving or the knitting will wait for a bit, that the loose ends of the thread, the yarn, will survive dangling there for a while, especially if we tie the knot...


by combing the weaving down well, by putting the little ring on the end of the knitting needle so the purls dont fall off, by putting a slip-stitch into the mending to keep the part completed, in place.


What other metaphors might help to understand. What does it mean to tie a knot on anxious thinkings? I think it means to take the train off the tracks for a bit. To turn down the noise for a time. To take the key out of the ignition for a while.


To turn to other things that are not of 'the woman of the whorl'... to rest in ways that regenerate rather than regurgitate the same ol' same ol' heart-tearing thoughts...


to rest instead of reconvening every morning the same p.o-ed point of departure as before, to leave this time now from a different station, to take a brighter tack, to imagine daybreak on everything instead of doom.


Rest so often means, doesnt it, to tie a knot on the loose ends and let all worries be for a time... 


Coming back is often fresher then. Rest can be a few minutes, it can be days long.Thing is, the old pile of worry bones we pick at--and I do know those bones quite well, dont we all--  will ever wait for us to worry over them...


they cant go anywhere that pile of bones, and only rise up and scare us when we string them together and let them use our anxieties to lunge at us. Other than that, they're only a pile of worry bones. They have no life without siphoning from our drear thoughts. 


We can tie off and rest for a time. It is alright to tie off the so lesser thoughts, and then rest now, day is done.


As we know, we who have lived long, most of what rises to worry down on us, never occurs. And other worries which remain, need the salve of a plan in place, plan a and plan b and plan c.


But that is not for now. Tomorrow one can plan. Planning is ever more easy when one is rested.


Now, night is over us. The knots will hold. Rest. The new day not yet written upon is ahead.


Tuck tuck.

Peace be with you.


with love,




Actually I thought of so many of you ladies and how busy we as mothers and women are during this time of year (and everyday!).  I love Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  She always helps give me perspective.



becca, dont know what time your appt is.. But I find with medical professionals.. especially doctors, the whole "you catch more flies with honey" thing goes a long way.  Especially when you are trying to get someone to step out on a limb they find unsteady for you.  I'd try to be as nonconfrontational as possible while maintaining your needs and desires.  It's great that you are bringing in so much research.  I'd leave off that last sentence about laboring at home and coming as close to the birth as possible.  Id just do it ;)  I really hope your appt goes wonderfully and your OB can just be supportive.



Skrimpy,  I hope the call comes today!  I have a friend who is having super horrible SPD and she is getting alot of relief from the Prenatal cradle.  I also know a couple midwives who recommend them often.  I like how they arent so confining and look so much more breathable then other contraptions.  Remember that at 20 weeks relaxin is at it's highest until the end.  So in the next few weeks hopefully your chiro can get you stabilized out a bit. 




They actually called me to schedule the breast US yesterday, thought we were just doing them at the same time, but the place that does prenatal USes doesnt do the breast ones so they were able to get me in today.  Just about to leave.  Ill be glad to just get it out of the way.


I finished up a Poppet for DD this morning.  It's actually to replace the one I made her last year that the dog mauled.

Anatomically correct

Waiting on hair

Kinda cute with no hair


Wild Child


Now all I have to do is finish some felt ornaments and Im DONE.  So glad DH talked me into not doing cookies this year.

reelgeek's Avatar reelgeek 02:04 PM 12-14-2010

Work has been a ball of stress lately, which is not fun. Did a pile of fun Xmas things though, so that made up for it. I have been having terrible hip pain trying to sleep on my sides, so a friend went out and bought me a body pillow and gave it to me yesterday. I actually slept the entire night through, so I only needed 7 hours to feel completely refreshed. That was a welcome change of pace. :)


Loving everyone's updates.

MamaChef's Avatar MamaChef 03:51 PM 12-14-2010

Pretty emotional.  Need a place to vent since Im not planning on telling anyone IRL about this until after we get the results back. 


It isnt a cyst, it appears to be a fibroadenoma with clear edges, but we are doing a biopsy on Friday to make sure.  Nobody in my family has had breast cancer.  My mother has 8 sisters.  There is no history on my paternal side either.


I HATE hospitals/doctors/ultrasounds yadda yadda.  I hate how they are so emotionless and dont take the time to focus on how often these things are nothing.  Instead, everything is an emergency/worst case scenario until proven otherwise.


I looked up some stuff online and feel pretty okay that it's a lactation adenoma.  When I look up fibroadenomas it just didnt look quite like that on the U/S.. but it looks just like the images I can find of lactation adenomas. 




Worst.time.ever to get news is when you are pregnant and it's two weeks before Christmas.  Im totally emotional and hoping I can get a hold of myself.  Im just glad we are getting it all done quickly and the results should be in by Wed.


elonwy's Avatar elonwy 03:58 PM 12-14-2010

Hugs and good thoughts, MamaChef. I hope it is the least of things that it can be. 

ceriserenee's Avatar ceriserenee 04:07 PM 12-14-2010

Sending good thoughts your way Mamachef! I can understand how emotional you must be. 


Knowing your health right now and always!



Almamiel's Avatar Almamiel 04:21 PM 12-14-2010

Keeping you in my thoughts, MamaChef.

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