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I thought this one could counter the Complaints thread (which I definitely posted in, too, btw!)


What are some good things about the third trimester for you? For me...


My energy level is up.

I'm feeling less and less nervous as time goes on about something bad happening.

I haven't had any trouble with swelling as of yet. (Well, except for my you-know-what...that's annoying.)

I'm craving healthier foods than I have been all pregnancy.

I've (generally) been in a better mood, although that fluctuates quite a bit. 

My nesting urges are motivating me to get things done. 

The baby's movements are different from the second trimester, which is fun. They are more predictable and less all over the place. I can tell he's running out of room. I haven't felt him flip in several weeks. I am definitely starting to notice sleep patterns, as well. 

My baby showers are coming up. 

Strangers are nicer to me, although the attention kind of makes me uncomfortable. shy.gif

The thought of having six weeks at the least and eleven weeks at the most is exciting! 


Honestly, at 31 weeks, I feel I'm at my favorite stage of pregnancy thus far. (Don't hate me! innocent.gif ) Who knew it would be the third tri? It is still early, though...


Mama to learning.gifJulian Matthew, born 5/10/2011 nocirc.gif  

Hopeful vbac.gif for the next!


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it's my favorite, too!


i was feeling crappier and crappier until last saturday when i woke up and swelling was gone, headache gone, i felt energized i am getting stuff accomplished i feel GOOD! and excited and thrilled.


this whole pregnancy has been pretty stressful for me, so it's very nice to experience this.

Momma to DS 1, age 8 and rainbow baby DS2 4-21-11.
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Such a happy idea, Anne! LOL, after whining mightily in the complaint thread, I kept thinking of good things that were counteracting my downside that I didn't think about before...


  • This baby really seems to be happening, after so long and trying so hard to even let go of wanting another child, I still can't believe sometimes that I'm really THIS pg and my baby (and I, being nine years older than my last pg, am too) is doing so well... I really couldn't be more grateful that I have a third tri to whine about!
  • I was really worried about how I was going to get the birth I wanted, and everything has very recently fallen right into place
  • I do seem to have found some energy lately, and my hip has stayed less painful
  • The muscle pull I thought I'd be struggling with for the next 8-11 weeks seems to have healed mercifully fast meaning better sleep, among other things.
  • Went to a babywearers group and learned more about babywearing than trying to do it with two children ever taught me.. I think I'll actually do it this time, and *like* it - seeing things demonstrated live really makes a difference!
  • My feet were really hurting after spending a wknd doing too much walking with family. I didn't think they'd bounce back this pg, but they have.
  • I have picked up on something of a rhythm to this LO's days and nights. I just have to giggle to think of this tiny human growing and living his or her life in there, almost regardless of what I'm doing out here.





It's such a relief to finally trust yourself.
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* I def look pregnant now... not just fat!

* I have eased into the school routine so less stressed.

* I feel like we are out of danger zone for pregnancy complications.

* I have a midwife and birth plan I trust and feel confident in.

* My hormones have settled.

* I get beautiful twinges burning in my breast of awesome life force returning to them.

* I am so much closer to hugging this little baby and seeing my son do the same!

* This baby keeps its heel a little lower than my 1st one did.. out of the rib cage.  I feel like she sticks it out so I can hold it like a hand.  My son still likes me to hold his heel as we cuddle!

* I was feeling this baby be lower than my 1st sooner.  I was worried about it causing birth issues like it did my 1st.  I was able to communicate and visualize this baby rising or sitting higher so it wouldn't be an issue again.  It has worked!!  My pubic bone feels so much better too!!

* I now have feeling in my finger tips again and my hands don't fall asleep so often!!

*********** Whoa my gosh in the next 6 weeks I am going to deliver my second baby!  A whole new world of love and joy!!**************

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I love this idea! Don't get me wrong, the complaint thread helped me not feel like I was alone, but I like hearing all the good things too :)


My favorite things so far is being distracted at work or church by my belly moving. It's so easy to just sit there and watch this little boy move around!


Also, I love that when my husband touches my belly the baby always kicks for him.


This may sound silly, but the other weekend my husband was away for the weekend and I was having my own pity party because I was by myself. Then it hit me, I'm not alone. This little guy often reminds me he is here too. I love the thought that he is always with me.

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I also don't have many complaints at this point. I am starting to feel tired here and there, but that is countered by bursts of energy too. It's kind of nice to have a reason to take it easy whenever I want to. For the most part I feel vibrant, healthy, and love feeling the baby move and wiggle so much. I'm so excited to meet this baby, but on the other hand I'm enjoying the pregnancy so much that I'm not in a huge hurry. So weird to think I only have 7 weeks or so left, 33 weeks today.

Happily married, busy mom to a houseful :-)

Expecting again early Oct 2014!

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- happy that my nesting urges have kicked in as I was being a lazy bum until now and I'm finally starting to get stuff in place and ready.

- got most of my birth supplies together and am happily preparing myself for the UC I always wanted. (hopefully) :)

- not much time left, but still enough time to get everything done I think. I'm getting more and more excited to meet baby.

- baby movements have definitely become neater. I love it when you can feel body parts (though sometimes those body parts end up in less than comfy locations.)

- I also prefer third trimester just cuz I don't like being pregnant very much and I feel like I'm close to the finish line now. smile.gif



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I'm finally able to eat just about anything without feeling nauseous or heartburny. This baby is riding super low so I think that's what preventing the heartburn this time around.


I love the way I look pregnant without clothes on. You can finally see that big ol baby bump. I feel sexy :)


I got out of a ticket for three different violations tonight. I think it's cause I'm pregnant ha ha.


That's about it..most of my list is a list of complaints!


DH(9/04) DS(12/08) and DD(5/11)

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As this is my first, I'm even more aware now that I'm growing a human - so that's pretty neat. I love how he reacts to me poking at my belly and squirms around all the time. Things at the house are really coming together and we're putting up the baby room tomorrow, so I'm feeling fairly prepared. I'm carrying high, so no problems walking yet which is good. My husband is amazing, and always smiles and then kisses me when he sees my belly and tells me how sexy I am. He's been great with helping do housework and is also very excited to have our family expand.

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- I love the baby moving around all the time, how I'm starting to be able to distinguish parts

- I like how people are nice to me just because I'm pregnant :)

- I like how all my tests have come back as totally normal.

- I like how I'm sleeping well for the first time in my life. ( I get up to pee like 4-5 times a night but I fall asleep fast which is something I've failed to accomplish since age 3)

- I love that soon I won't have to go back to work (I haven't been able to stand my job for a couple years now)

- I love that I get to talk to all you wonderful ladies!

 treehugger.giftrekkie.gif married to Mikestillheart.gif Mama to my furry babies cat.gifjust gave birth to our first babyf.gif DS.



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MrsBone and reelgeek - Thanks for reminding me! For the first time ever while pg I totally get the feeling sexy and beautiful idea! Part of it is my husband being more into it than ever before, but early in this pg when I started packing on pounds, I just realized that *that's what my body is supposed to do right now* and if nothing else, I should be thrilled that my body was finally playing along and doing what it was meant to do...


So that's something I forgot to mention really for the whole pg but even now, when people gasp in horror at how big my belly is and how long I still have to go, I love how I look, naked, clothed, either way. My body is awesome!! lol.gif

It's such a relief to finally trust yourself.
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