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I'm still not in the mood to nest, but I forced myself (and DH) to nest the last couple days!  I have absolutely no energy and was so sore that I could barely move last night after all we did! 


We swapped rooms-- made the guest room into the boys' room and the boys' room into the new baby's room/guest room. (The baby will sleep with us for a couple of years!  DD2 just moved into her own room.)  The hardest part was cleaning out and organizing the closets!  DH did nearly all the lifting and yet I was sore from bending, folding, walking, just doing so much for so long!  DH is a trooper considering he didn't see the necessity in this and has a list a mile long of things he feels we need to get done.  He did it just to appease me!  Good man! 


I just NEEDED to have a place for the new baby's clothes and things that are likely to accumulate soon.  Today I hung up the clothes I bought for the new baby and the clothes I think I can re-use from DD2.  I realized I have NO summer clothes.  I think I'll need some 0-3 month and 3-6 month summer clothes.


How's everyone else doing?  I think it's just hitting me that I actually have things I should do.  I've thought most of the pregnancy, "This is number 4, we must be ready."  Not quite true!


Mom to 5 amazing kids! (DS8, DS7, DD4, DD2 and DS0)

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I am nesting in a major way.  Poor DH is having to do a bulk of the work as a result of my nesting to-do list. lol.gif


We have painted 2 rooms in our house within the past 2 days - the guest room and guest bathroom.  We're going to have a ton of visitors after baby arrives (which we love!), so I wanted them to have a nice place to stay.  Next weekend, we are going to do a little remodeling in the bathroom.  Mainly new fixtures and whatnot.  I might have him stain the cabinet if he's up for it. 


I am doing LOTS of cleaning and organizing.  I think it hit me that I'm going to be a mom of TWO in a few (couple?) weeks ... I better get stuff done NOW.  I've done a lot of purging - 30 bags to Goodwill so far, and quite a few bags of trash.  It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate and then never use/want again after purchasing!

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Nesting big time here. My list keeps getting shorter and shorter, and DH's is...well...staying the same. eyesroll.gif I'm hoping he can get a lot done in the next week, as he's taking work off.

Is it sad that it's my spring break, and my major plans are cleaning? nut.gif

Mama to learning.gifJulian Matthew, born 5/10/2011 nocirc.gif  

Hopeful vbac.gif for the next!


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Nesting can't begin until I get caught up on laundry from the move. Yes, I still have laundry piled up in my bedroom from the move in Feb. I've got an appointment today, then getting my van back, then headed home to clean. It's freaking me out at all I have to do before he gets here. Sorting his laundry, getting the crib set up (where all the laundry is piled up), and still make sure everything else gets done. It's kind of difficult when I'm the only one cleaning/doing anything. I may talk with DH and beg him to start helping with the housework. He's gonna have to help after baby gets here!!

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I've only bought clothes/socks/hat and a car carrier for bebe, and that's pretty much all we will need except diapers, but my nesting has been coming out in strange ways. It's as if my energy is being redirected and these past few days I can't stop knitting! I am knitting clothes for Blythe dolls (and I do not own a blythe doll!), was knitting a blanket for bebe but my attention span went kaput, and now I am more than halfway done with a sock (the first sock was completed over two years ago and I pretty much haven't knit since then!).


I really need to get back on the blanket, because at least the blanket is for the baby who should be the center of my nesting instincts!

Momma to DS 1, age 8 and rainbow baby DS2 4-21-11.
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is it bad that I don't have any clothes or diapers yet? blush.gif


I've got SUCH well-researched lists of stuff to get and things to do and mental plots, but it seems I still haven't gotten around to getting ANYthing for the baby yet, other than books and homebirth supplies (okay, a few blankets and some breastfeeding supplies have come my way...)

Someone told me I should wait until my non-shower brunch is done to do any shopping myself... I'll be at 37w2d by then... oh well, I guess there are definitely worse things than starting off life with a pack of disposable diapers (we're planning on cloth) and blankets for clothes. lol.gif


I cleaned out craft drawers over the weekend - and now we have new things to buy from IKEA so we can get rid of the old plastic drawers that are housing the current craft stuff... oy... 3 steps forward, 1 more thing added to the "to do" list.  Every project we seem to "complete" means something new that we now have to do. oy!

I guess I still don't feel quite like I'm nesting... just TCB around the house, but not in a frantic-nesty kind of way.

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I don't know if 'nesting' in the hormonal sense has hit me, but I'm just a planner/organizer by nature. So we've got the baby room done up, had my shower and I'm planning on doing the baby laundry this week after work. I'm 35 weeks on Thursday. We've got pretty much everything he'll need up until he's 2 at this point aside from a high chair, but I started collecting stuff in my first pregnancy that didn't work out, so it's been an ongoing process. I just didn't want to have to buy everything when I'll be out of work because I thought that would be stressful. My strategy was to get it all while I had income over a long period so my savings would last me.

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The past few weekends and some weekdays I and DH have been getting stuff done. I still feel like there is so much more to do but at least now my room is completely clean and ready with birth supplies set up in the bassinet. I have a transfer hospital bag packed a bag packed for my boys for DH to have if I need to transfer as well. 


The dishes are done, the kitchen table is clean. The main living area and boys' room is clean. So, at least I feel all the necessities are out of the way. Except I think the bathroom needs a good cleaning. I really want to get everything done but there's only so much I can do and so much time that hubby has to help me during the week so, I'll try to be happy with whatever state the house is in from here on. 


In my perfect world, everything would be cleaned and organized before baby comes, but I kind of doubt it. I have also sent a few boxes off to goodwill. I can't let hubby know exactly what I'm putting in those boxes cuz he is a serious pack rat. He grew up poor (me too) but he thinks even the stuff we never use will eventually be useful and that can cause quite a mess. 

And the kids have been really cranky lately. It's been tough trying to watch over them and get things accomplished. I'm on the computer a lot because it's near them and if they get into something or do something bad, I can correct them right away. If I were to let them follow me around cleaning, they'd mess everything up and that just drives me crazy. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking getting pregnant with 2 other little kids already but oh well, I know this will pass and my sanity should eventually return. lol.gif

Happily married Christian SAHM of 2 boys, DD1 uc.jpg, and DD2 July 2013 homebirth.jpg 

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I'm an organizer by nature too. I've had the nb diapers and clothing ready to go for awhile, neatly put where it belongs. I just need to wash it all soon to freshen it up. I had been waiting to get another box of Country Save, and I got that the other day so now I don't have an excuse not to get it done. I've had a lot more tired days lately than energetic ones, but yesterday I was a busy little bee and with dh & the kids help we got the whole house deep cleaned and laundry completely caught up. I just wish it would stay that way!

Happily married, busy mom to a houseful :-)

Expecting again early Oct 2014!

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not a huge burst of nesting yet. With DS, it didn't hit me until 39 weeks, but it was also the week after my last week at work, so I was certainly needing something to do after working 35 hours a week for the whole pregnancy. This time, it's like, there's always something that has to be done around the house so the nesting urge isn't as strong. Luckily, thanks to the hail storm and no power for over 24 hours, I was forced to take inventory of the fridge and freezer contents for insurance purposes, and got it good and cleaned out! lol. There are so many other things that have to get done, but non of which I can personally do, DH has to do them(lifting heavy things, taking to the attic, and other projects I just don't know how to do) and has been putting them all off, and has little time to do anything outside of work, sleep and church, ha ha. I'm trying not to stress about them, since they're minor things, but they're things that are bothering me! Put all the house damage from the storm on top of it all, and there's just too much to think about! I know contractors are going to take care of all the storm damage repairs, I'm just hoping there's not someone outside banging hammers and making lots of noise doing repairs when I have a newborn and a toddler in the house. I hope all the repairs are done before this babe arrives:)

DH(9/04) DS(12/08) and DD(5/11)

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I hope all your repairs are done quickly too, Mrs. B! That would be pretty annoying.


I had a minor brainstorm with a very simple and obvious solution to how to handle what baby stuff I have now, and I just want to go get what I need and wash and put everything away and be happy with it now. Not sure why I didn't think of it sooner.


And I need to go get the diapers out of storage. FIND and get the diapers out of storage. I have plenty of time to do this, but I *need* to now, so I'm assuming it's a nesting deal. :)


I know dh wants to move before the baby is here. I will be stunned if that happens. That would have to be HIS fit of nesting energy - not mine.

It's such a relief to finally trust yourself.
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Originally Posted by lizzie View Post

I know dh wants to move before the baby is here. I will be stunned if that happens. That would have to be HIS fit of nesting energy - not mine.

My hubby wanted to put our house up for sale before baby is here. LOL - not likely.


Happily married Christian SAHM of 2 boys, DD1 uc.jpg, and DD2 July 2013 homebirth.jpg 

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I'm well into my 37th week and I still haven't had any strong nesting urges. I think my large amounts of pubic pain might have something to do with that. I have plenty of things I want to get done but then I end up sitting on the couch with my nook and not doing a darned one of them. I know DH is just dying for me to catch the nesting bug, so if you have extra cleaning energy send it my way, for his sake. :)

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I get pretty strong nesting urges. With Z, I made a baby quilt for a friend, and then a whole quilt for Z as well (that ended up being a tad too big, and is a wall hanging, whups!) I bought cloth diapers (all used but stalked FSOT sites for them) and made sure we had a good place for changing, etc. We didn't have a 'baby's room' or anything like that, but a changing area I guess, and a cosleeper, etc. I got almost everything we needed on diaperswappers, TBW, and craigslist, which took some time!

this time, I stupidly did need to rebuy some smaller prefolds, since I sold Z's thinking we were only going to have one kid. I stalked craigslist forever since its cheaper there (no shipping) with no luck, finally broke down and bought some on diaperswappers, but got unbleached (I didn't think I'd care) but hormonally, I guess I do care! and then right afterwards a whole stash on craigslist for like half the price. So now we have too many, Ill have to resell some, etc. but whatever.

and I am making another quilt for Z (a smaller one) and have plans for one for the new babe, I've made Z a few sweaters in anticipation of being too busy knitting for the new babe next fall, and am about to start a few soakers for the new babe.

so yeah, I kind of want to take a week off from work just to quilt, arrange things, etc. smile.gif oh well!

mom to z (June 2009) and m (may 2011)

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