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Around 6 am on May 18, 2011 I woke up to pee just like I did every morning. Only this time was a little different because I had finally lost my mucous plug! I was so excited because at this point, I was 41 weeks, 1 day pregnant and sooo ready to be done. I had an induction scheduled for May 19th, I was stressed out about it and was hoping my body would go into labor before then.


I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I went and layed back down in bed. I started to get some slight contractions, and got a bit excited. After 3 of them, I got up to see if they would progress. I went downstairs and made myself breakfast. Contractions were still coming, every 3-4 minuets and were around 35-45 seconds long. I was skeptical, but wanted to be prepared so I got in the shower & got ready. I woke up my SO and let him know what was going on. We called the midwife and told her what was happening, and she decided she wanted me to come in to get checked.
I got there expecting to maybe be a 3 or a 4...and I was already 6 centimeters dilated!!!! It was go time! My midwife was in shock, she said I was not acting like I was 6 cm at all and I told her I wasn't in that much pain, so I was just as shocked.

We got to the hospital around 11:00am. I had to get an IV because of Strep B, but after that they took the IV off and I was able to walk around. After 3 hours of walking around I got checked again and was at 7 cm. My MW asked me if I wanted to have my water broken, as it would speed things up, so I agreed. She warned it would make my contractions harder, but I wasn't worried since they weren't very strong as it is. After my water broke I definitely noticed the contractions were stronger. I decided to try the jacuzzi tub, and it was pretty nice but that's when things started to get very painful. I got out of the tub and the walk back to the hospital room was horrible. I had to stop a bunch and lean on my SO.

We got back to the room and I was in sooo much pain. I felt a lot of pressure in my pelvis, but I didn't want to push because I thought it was way too soon, so I was fighting the urge through the contractions, which made it excruciatingly painful. I felt like I could NOT do this anymore and the nurse offered me a narcotic to take the edge off, but my SO was wonderful and reminded me that I was strong and that I didn't need it. I decided to try to get in the shower instead, which helped a bit but I was in so much pain I was crying through every contraction. My MW wanted to check me, so I got in bed and she said I was around 8-9 cm. I was upset that I was in that much pain and not complete. I asked her when I was supposed to push, and she told me to just do whatever my body told me to do.

So, then instead of fighting the urge to bear down with the contractions, I completely gave into what my body was trying to do and the contractions were soooooo much more tolerable. I didn't feel like I was going to die anymore, lol. With every contraction I would relax and bear down and it felt so releaving. After a while of that, my MW said she could see his head and I couldn't believe it!! They brought me a mirror so I could see what was happening. I started bearing down even harder with each contraction, and soon felt 'the ring of fire' everyone talks about. It was a really incredible feeling, but it was also so painful because my body would only push with a contraction, so in between contractions I was just sitting there with a baby's head halfway out of my vagina. I felt like I couldn't do it, but everyone was so calm and really helped me cope. My MW kept telling me what a goddess I was. With a couple more contractions I pushed as hard as I could and he slid right on out. They put him on my chest and I was just in such shock and so very happy.

Silas Jameson was born at 5:26 pm, after about 11 hours of labor and 1 hour of pushing. He was 7 pounds 7 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. I have never felt more complete in my life. He is my everything. I feel so blessed to have him, and that he got to come on his own without being induced, so I got the natural birth I  always wanted!248368_1986929762634_1525005531_2112937_590402_n.jpg

heartbeat.gif Expecting a baby boy May 10th!
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Congratulations! partytime.gifWelcome, Silas! partytime.gif


Love the name - Jameson is my son's middle name too! :) Wonderful birth story! :D

It's such a relief to finally trust yourself.
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he is adorable! good for you, mama! 

mama to 9 year old h  3 year old z and brand spanking new baby m
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Congratulations!!! He's so cute!!! joy.gif

 treehugger.giftrekkie.gif married to Mikestillheart.gif Mama to my furry babies cat.gifjust gave birth to our first babyf.gif DS.



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oh my goodness, that picture of you two in the bed just melted my heart!



~Karenchicken3.gifso happy to be mothering my four... DS ('94), DS ('94), DD ('00), and DS -- June 8, 2011, our UC baby!

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oh he is precious!  Enjoy your babymoon with him!

Kristen, Loving my family heartbeat.gif Sweet DH, C 11, A 9, B 7, G 4, H 1, C newbie!
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Congratulations. I love the precious pictures.

Evergreen- Loving my girls Dylan dust.gifage8, Ava energy.gifage 4 and baby Georgia baby.gif (6/3/11).

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happily married mama to DD1 4/08, angel2.gif angel2.gif12/31/09, and DD2 5/11

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What a gorgeous baby! Congratulations!

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 DD1 (8yrs) + DD2 (6yrs) + DS1 (4/25/11) = one crazy adventure!
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DD#1 dust.gif (May '08); new sweet baby girl (May '11) vbac.gif
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congrats mama and welcome baby silas.  so glad you got the birth you wanted.

mother is a verb
I GOT MY vbac.gif!!!

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Congratulations!  What a wonderful birth story.  You handled labor/delivery beautifully.  Enjoy your babymoon with sweet Silas.

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Happily married, busy mom to a houseful :-)

Expecting again early Oct 2014!

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Congrats, he's lovely!

Wife to DH, mommy to DS(4/23/08) and 3rdtri.gifdue in May!selectivevax.gifcd.gif
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