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I wasn't as active in this DDC as I was with my first babe, but figured I'd put in the story since it was so nicely different from my first! (as in WAY shorter and easier smile.gif

my first - labored at home for 24 hours, went into hospital when throwing up water / ctx less then 5min apart; but was only 2cm! labored for another 30 or so hours in the hospital with no progress, got pitocin, still very little progress until my water was broken during a check, then 3.5 hours later, Z was here smile.gif 90min of pushing though or thereabouts. Exhausting, basically. According to my doc, if I had gotten an epi I would have ended up w/ a c-section - Z towards the end was showing bits of distress, and pushing with an epi would have been even longer. Z was also 11 days late - went INTO labor only 8 days late though, the day of my NST.

anyway, needless to say I was a bit nervous about this labor. I carry super high, which means lovely easy pregnancies, but the labors seems to be where I pay for it smile.gif So yeah, at 36 weeks, new babe was at -3, no dilation, etc. And I am pretty sure I stayed that way up until 40 weeks.

At my 40 week appt I was guessing I'd have another week for sure - but I did notice light cramping the night before, and a bit of mucous/stringy blood that morning, so I was hoping maybe something would at least start making the labor the next week easier. At my appt, my doc had great news - I was at -1 station, and 2-3cm already, and 80% effaced! With Z it took 24 hours of rather painful ctx to get to that point smile.gif and lots of throwing up. So that was awesome to hear.

that night, I started getting ctx, super irregular and 7-10min apart or so. I could sleep through them, so I did. The first night of labor w/ Z was similar, so I figured I had a ways to go, this wasn't going to be a 'water breaking rush to the hopsital' type second babe smile.gif

next morning, woke up early since Z woke early and was feeling super needy, so he nursed for a while - which did bring ctx to 5min apart. But when he stopped, slower again. Ah well. Rather than tell work I was in labor (since last time, they all worried terribly when I was gone for three days w/ no news) I called in 'sick'. I aimed for a day of quilting/knitting and figured if I was *lucky* I'd deliver the next day. My biggest fear was not being able to sleep at all the coming night through contractions, figuring I really was going to have a long labor again and might get tired, etc.

one thing I learned from Z's labor was that my super-active positioning at the start didn't *really* help (I'm not really sure though) but just wore me out. He turned to fully anterior eventually, but it didn't seem my squatting really had anything to do with it. Hands and knees, probaby, but that was harder to do (less comfy) at the hospital. Z was coming down with his back on my left side, and new babe was doing the exact same thing. So I figured this time, Ill try and be a bit more passive with it.

so spent the day quilting/knitting, noticing when I was up and moving they were certainly more intense and regular, but not when I was relaxed/distracted. I struggled with trying to figure out whether I should be encouraging them w/ more activity or not - not knowing whether by that night I'd be tired but not near the end as a result, etc. So I aimed for more taking it easy. In the AM they were fine and I could talk through them / walked Z to school, etc. By noon, I had to breathe through them, but not all of them, and when distracted they seemed much less intense. My mom was over at noon and she also figured I had another day of prelabor. (she's been at 100's of births!) but she didn't tell me by the end of her visit she actually thought I seemed further along than she thought, but didn't want to give me false hope of a quick labor, so didn't say anything.

I had a prescription for zofran ready in case the weird throwing up thing happened again, so I wouldn't get dehydrated. I was happy that even though labor seemed slow again, I had kept down the bagel I had that morning. Well, right after my mom left at 1pm, I threw it up, right after a ctx. So the mr, went out to get my prescription filled. At 2pm I had the zofran, 3pm I tried a bit of popsicle, but at 4pm threw that up! so the zofran wasn't even working.

Discouraged, I climbed upstairs and was laboring in bed - on my belly (supported) everything felt much more manageable, and even though it made it less intense (and figuring I wasn't making progress if it wasn't) didn't care and wanted a bit of rest. Was in hands and knees position, so possibly marina turned here as well.

The mr. came in and I asked him to track my ctx. Its around 5pm. At this point, I am having to moan a bit through them, just breathing isn't quite enough. So, this is the way they went for about 30min - 4min, 3min, 2.5min, 1.5min, repeat. (or so) And I swear - the 4min delay is the super weird one - where 2min into it, instead of a ctx (and I sort of am *expecting* one, so its an odd hiccup that I notice) I get this crazy endorphin release. So I'm all 'oh here it comes, lets get ready to breathe here' and then nothing, and then I feel all, ahhh, that's nice . . . . I remember it happening w/ Z too - and the whole room then would also be noticing the delay, my mom, the nurses, etc. It was weird.

anyway, this discouraged me even further, since I figured this was the same as Z's - dysfunctional ctx - not regular, the 1.5min one is also a weird 'light' ctx (aftershock) and the one after the endorphin one is super strong, so all different levels, etc. I figured damn it, this is probably not dilating me well, like it didn't w/ Z. And now I'm throwing up. I'm going to be doing this for days, AGAIN. Ugh.

I stand up, and feel the waters bulge a bit and release. Not a huge amount though, which is weird. At that moment, I realized I hadn't felt new babe move in the last 10-20min either. I all of a sudden panic a bit, and think, wait, what if the babe is distressed with these dysfunctional ctx? I know I'm not supposed to go to the hospital 'early' ( less than 4cm, like last time) but what if I am going in too late and there's an issue?! I realize at that moment I really have no idea where I am in this labor at all, I'm just assuming I'm less than 4cm since it hasn't quite been 24 hours yet, etc. Plus the pain is so manageable.

I tell the mr. we should head to the hospital, he's surprised since he also is figuring there's another day of labor at least, and we wanted to minimize our time away from Z. I tell him my worry and I haven't felt marina in the last few ctx and that I just want to make sure everything's alright and he starts gathering our things, etc. Luckily his mom was already here to distract Z a bit so our departure was quick. We left around 6:15, and in the car the ctx really start to get strong and change and I'm realizing I'm breathing through them so that I'm avoiding the urge to push. I figure its still so early, that my urge is wrong, and that I really could still be not dilated, etc. So I am huffing and puffing in the front seat, scaring pedestrians at stop lights as we make our way through tons of rush hour traffic to the hospital.

We get there at 6:35 or so - the mr. gets a wheelchair and as we check in, my ctx stop for a good 5-7min while we talk to the nurse and doc. The doc there is the one that was at the majority of my labor with Z last time (in the middle) the one who sadly had to tell me 'hmmm, only 4cm' literally at LEAST 4x in that 24 hours shift he had.

so when they get me into the room, they are noticing that I am breathing through the urge to push and quickly he goes to check me. I am SO expecting him to say '4cm!!!' and am bracing myself for it !! and instead he says 'oh my, rim!!! get me a table!' and I say back, "what?! what does rim mean?!' since I was expecting a number. The nurse says that I am fully dilated, (w/ a bit of rim) but that I should still try and breathe through them for a bit since they need to set up! and they want to make sure where I'm at during a ctx.

when they get all set up (5min tops, they are quick! so only 1-2ctx I think) he checks me during one and says I am at 0 station and can push, etc. I push with one ctx, and can feel the head almost crown. Its SO much pressure that I keep pushing even when the ctx is over, the nurse has to guide me through stopping and waiting for the next one - it was the weirdest feeling having the head kind of shoonk back up! Next ctx and head is out! then shoulders. I remember this all vaguely with Z but I was SO tired and delirious that its so much fuzzier. This was much more vivid an experience! Finally Marina is all out and lovely girl pees on me right away smile.gif

she is born at 6:56pm - so about 20min after we get to the hospital smile.gif We texted my mom when we left our house, and she didn't get there in time! she was pretty shocked.

Amazingly I didn't tear at all (w/ Z, I had a small one, no stitches needed, which was amazing also) and the labor was so easy I could pee right away without using a peri bottle and didn't need the ice-pack undies smile.gif it was crazy !

amusingly, my ob/gyn at my 40wk appt (and she ended up delivering Z since her shift started an hour and half before) said 'this time, watch, you are totally going to worry so much about getting there too early, that you instead are going to get to the hospital at 9cm!!

heh, I laughed at her saying I'd totally know when I hit >4cm or so or 'active' labor and would be fine. She was so right!

anyway. Marina is nursing great, 7lbs 3oz, 19in, a bit smaller than her older brother but so similar looking at this age smile.gif


its very nice not being so tired for her first few days smile.gif

mom to z (June 2009) and m (may 2011)

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Reluctant 'Sconie, chassid and mama to sweet toughie Ada Bluma 9/9/09 and loving pittie-mix ("Judge the deed, not the breed!")
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awesome birth story. She is gorgeous!! YOu handled everything so well.

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joy.gif congrats, mama! Welcome Marina! What a great story...

~Karenchicken3.gifso happy to be mothering my four... DS ('94), DS ('94), DD ('00), and DS -- June 8, 2011, our UC baby!

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Congrats on her arrival!

Evergreen- Loving my girls Dylan dust.gifage8, Ava energy.gifage 4 and baby Georgia baby.gif (6/3/11).

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What a great birth story! What a wonderfully different experience this time around - and I'm so amazed you had a 7+ pound baby girl in that tiny belly! ;)

It's such a relief to finally trust yourself.
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Congratulations! She is beautiful!

SAHM  to 6run.gif

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Photo finish on that one! She's adorable.

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How wonderful! I also showed up ready to push, but not on purpose.

Mother to R- 2/09, & C- 5/11

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simply beautiful.  congrats to you and welcome to marina. 


i'd like to add you to the birth announcements (what day was she born)?

mother is a verb
I GOT MY vbac.gif!!!

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congrats!  i'm so happy marina's birth was easier for you :)  


happily married mama to DD1 4/08, angel2.gif angel2.gif12/31/09, and DD2 5/11

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Beautiful name! Congrats.

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Originally Posted by samstress View Post

simply beautiful.  congrats to you and welcome to marina. 


i'd like to add you to the birth announcements (what day was she born)?

May 25th! one day after my due date.

and thanks everyone - marina is my middle name, and I kind of always wanted it to be my first name (it was supposed to be, but my parents were talked out of it!) its nice to hear so many like it smile.gif

mom to z (June 2009) and m (may 2011)

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