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I had my baby just over a month ago and thought it was about time to share the birth story.  I'm really pleased about how things went.



I had a prenatal appointment. I told the nurse that this was the last time I'd be coming there. She thought I was really losing it but I clarified that I just knew that it was my last appointment. I had been feeling pissed/irritated the entire day so I figured something was up. Also when I was there, it just felt like I was completing a journey.

I had asked the baby not to be born before this day since I wanted to attend the last music/dance class with my daughter. Baby complied and stayed inside and I had a lovely mother-daughter day with my girl.

Nothing out of the ordinary, was baffling me a bit since I had thought on Thurs that something was about to start.

Mother's day. I went to an amusement park with my daughter. We were there for several hours and by the time we got back I was hobbling. This was the first time I had had that much trouble with walking.

41 weeks. Still hobbling, suppose that baby really did drop low. Saw the smallest speck of mucous plug on the toilet paper. Just before going to bed I noticed I was having some BH, timed them to be 13 minutes apart.

Woken up by DD at 6am wanting to nurse as per usual. This time it brought on contractions pretty much instantly. They were infrequent so surely they'll fade away in few hours. Sent DP to work.

Contractions continued to be 10 mins apart. I tried to sleep a bit and managed to fall asleep between them while listening to my favorite hypnobabies track. It was funny how they'd pull me out of sleep/hypnosis once they started but then I'd just use my HB techniques afterwards and fall asleep again.

At noon I had another nap, contractions slowed down a bit and only had them every half an hour. This was going to be taking a while since it had been going 6 hours by then. After my nap they picked up again to being about 10 mins apart.

I asked DP to come home from work just before 4pm. There wasnt much change but I was starting to want his company. I thought we'd go for a walk and see how that felt. Well we went on a very slow walk which seemed to speed up the contractions to 5-7 minutes (more the latter than the former though). At this point I finally told my doula to come, figured that it'd be nice to have a level headed person around.

6pm, had been in labor for 12 hours but didnt feel like it was too bad yet. For most of the day the contractions had been slow so I had plenty of time to rest between. I had been sitting on an exercise ball browsing the internet and timing the contractions. The contractions, unpleasant as they were didnt feel that bad still. When my doula showed up she started mentioning the hospital so we got in touch and got ourselves ready to drive off. With the contractions still at only 5-7mins apart and only being about a minute if even that I thought I was still hours away from birth and was hoping that I wouldnt show up too early at the hospital.

We set off at around 7pm. The car ride wasnt too bad. I was listening to hypnobabies on the way and vocalizing through the worst of the contractions. I also had TENS machine although it kept turning itself off so not sure how much it was doing. The drive took an hour.

We pulled into the wrong parking lot, I was thinking of just walking to the right entrance but DP called me to the car so I didnt give it another thought. We got in and started the long walk to L&D (had to walk through like half the hospital to get there). I had 3 contractions on the way.

Once we got through the L&D doors we were greeted by a midwife. I took 3 steps felt a weird plop and a splash. My water had broken. It was so unexpected that I couldnt do anything but howl, it also hurt a lot. I could barely walk but thankfully it was just few more steps to the labor room.

The midwife said I was completely dialated. My silent reaction to this was "you have to be f-in kidding me". She asked in what position I wanted to push and I said on all 4s since that is how I had visualized it before. During the pushing stage I tried to relax as much as I could and just see if my body would push the baby out. It did indeed work. I was still sweating plenty and pushing too when the urge hit me. It didnt take many pushes before lil girl was out.

I got her straight to my chest and she was screaming. I thought she'd calm down with me but nope, she screamed for half an hour until I got her latched onto a boob. She then proceeded to nurse for the next 2 hours. It was only when they came to weight her that her marathon nursing session was ended. I had had all these ideas of having her do the breast crawl but she was too busy screaming and being upset to focus on such things.

Baby girl was 3215gr and 49cm. At the ripe old age of 1 month she is still nameless .

Some thoughts I had after the birth:
I had had fear of a surprise fast birth during the pregnancy, I think this qualifies. After having had such a slow earlly labor I was sure I wouldnt be birthing for hours to come. Mother's instinct? Good thing I didnt walk to the right door and that we didnt have a longer drive.

My birth plan was pretty adhered too even though it never even got out of my bag. I wanted to birth in my own clothes, barely had time to remove my pants. I didnt want too many internal exams, they only ever did one. I didnt want frequent fetal heartrate monitoring (the idea of it made me feel like a dog on a leash) and they only ever slapped those on for about 10 mins and by then I didnt really care. I also didnt want to have any talk of pain, pain relief, AROM and there just wasnt time enough to even think of that. All in a all pretty awesome birth

ETA: I think hypnobabies definatly helped my birth. I used the techniques to relax myself which may have had an effect on why the contractions were slow but effective. Listening to the positive affirmations (even though I'm not much into affirmations few stuck with me) for 3 months before the birth about how my body can birth and how the contractions are effective etc probably helped too.

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Great birth story! Congratulations on your baby girl!

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Beautiful story!  Congratulations!

Mom to 5 amazing kids! (DS10, DS8, DD5, DD3 and DS1)
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