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camprunner's Avatar camprunner 05:00 PM 06-14-2011

A good friend of mine is getting married soon and she wants us to come and bring the kids. I checked the whether for that day and the high is 95 degrees. The wedding is outdoors at 3:00 pm. It sounds miserable but I can't imagine but baby who will be just under 3 weeks old through that.  I've never been to the location to know if there is shade since it is a backyard. 


My original plan was to wear the baby so as to keep and of the curious away from him but that just seems like it might overheat him and I don't want to be the one with a baby that cries that whole time or put him through that kind of discomfort.


I would love to go and will be sad if I miss it but I'm thinking of sending dh with our older kids and staying home with the baby.  What do you think?


btw, this is probably going to be a humid hot if that makes a difference.

newyorkmommy's Avatar newyorkmommy 06:48 PM 06-14-2011

Hm. I probably would feel the same way you do (not to mention, not much like going to a wedding so early postpartum in the first place, but that's another story), but I think I would find a way to try to make an appearance. If you can find something suitable and comfortable to wear yourself, and a very light sling for the baby, who certainly could just wear a diaper and perhaps a little sun hat, then I might try it and see how it goes. Especially if it's not somewhere to which you have to travel far. Go, check it out, look for shade, and basically just be flexible. If it's as unbearable as you think it will be, particularly if there's no shade, then you can graciously beg off and just say the baby is going crazy in the heat, you're so sorry to have to dash early and you'll be thinking of them all the rest of the day, etc., etc. Then get the heck out of there. On the other hand, you may find shade, a tent, or even air conditioning somewhere, and a place to sit and rest while the others do the dance floor. Good luck!!!

camprunner's Avatar camprunner 06:56 PM 06-14-2011

Thanks. I really think it will be a quick wedding with very little reception. I do have something to wear that fits..a nursing dress that I ordered specifically to wear and it does fit fairly well to be so soon.   I may try it I guess. The lightest sling that I have is a maya wrap so maybe I will use that...

samstress's Avatar samstress 10:19 PM 06-14-2011

i would try to make an appearance as well.  a wedding is such a horrible thing to miss.


i'm guessing the ceremony will be quick.  we had an outdoor wedding in july in southern california and made sure to keep the ceremony short (when the day ended being the hottest day in recorded history, we abbreviated the ceremony even more so we could quickly get our guests inside to the air conditioned reception).


is the reception outdoors as well?  is there anyway you could leave with the baby (and leave dh there with the older kids) if it became a problem. 

Narleegates's Avatar Narleegates 08:57 AM 06-15-2011

DDCC here, if it's in someones back yard and it does get to hot would you possibly be able to take the baby inside the house and maybe trade off with DH staying inside with him so you can greet your friend, attend part of the reception, and at least see the wedding from the back door or something?

camprunner's Avatar camprunner 09:37 AM 06-15-2011

Thanks for the suggestions. I could probably put the baby in the car and drive around or go to walmart or something if he gets fussy. I'm fairly familiar with the area which is about 20 minutes from our house.  I think we'll give it a try.  It's a third wedding so that's why I'm thinking it might be quick.

samstress's Avatar samstress 11:13 AM 06-15-2011

Originally Posted by camprunner View Post

It's a third wedding so that's why I'm thinking it might be quick.

oh, then don't bother, there will probably be a fourth. winky.gif