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lismcc's Avatar lismcc 08:33 PM 07-05-2011

Any May baby mama's EC'n?  I know there is an EC forum, but it looks like noone has been into it for a couple years.  I am new to posting, so i may just be missing something.  Anyways, I am curious if anyone else is trying elimination communication.

I read a lot about it before baby was born and new i wanted to try, just made common sense to me.  My first son was born on May 27, and the first 2 weeks i didnt make much of an attempt.  But since about 3 weeks we have really been doing it full on, diaper free every morning for a good 4-5 hours.  then off and on in the afternoon depending on whats going on.  most afternoons he is just in a prefold but no cover, so i can cue him right when he goes and change him quickly too.  at night i dont worry about it just yet, have him in cloth diapers and thats all.  

i would love to share/trade experiences and insights with anyone else who is doing this or just wants to try it.  it is really an incredibly satisfying experience right now for both me and baby.  anyone else?

Fluga's Avatar Fluga 03:58 PM 07-08-2011

I really want to EC, I started this week and had about 1 catch per day until the last two.  I'm planning some diaper free time for her tomorrow so I can better observe her cues.