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Is everybody gone?  Haven't been here myself in a while.  Just wondering how everyone is doing and how life with your new babe is.


I can't believe how fast Zoe is growing and changing (even though she's my fourth and I should know this by now!)  Her newborn looks are long gone and someone mistook her for a 6 month old today.  She is big and strong!  She can do a little army crawl when we place her on her belly--which she really likes.  She's in love with our ceiling fan;  she always gives it a sly smile and coos at it.  She's quite a "talker."  Her siblings gather around to listen to her coo at them.  (My five year old says she "cutes" at him.)  When I put my finger to her lips and move it up and down while she makes noises, it cracks her up and her siblings too.  It's my favorite pass time lately. 


I just finished my first week back to work.  (Zoe was 3 months old last Friday.)  We all did well.  DH homeschooled the kids (6, 5, and 2) and took great care of Zoe.  I work 3 days per week and he brings the kids to visit (and the baby to nurse) at lunch on those days.  My 2 oldest enjoy feeding Zoe her bottle while I'm away.  I'm really proud of us and feel like we're great parents (this week!) 


I have 3 more pounds to lose before I'm back to my pre-preg weight.  (Although 20 more pounds after that until I'm back to the weight I was before I had any kids!)  I feel like I'll get there though.


I was pretty sure we were done having babies with this one, but now as I see her leaving that newborn stage, I'm not so sure.  If we decide to have another, I think we'd try to do it really close to this one.  Like my first two--18 months apart--assuming I'm fertile again around 9 months like I have been in the past. 


Wow!  That was a lot and I'm probably talking to myself!


If any of you are around please post your updates too!

Mom to 5 amazing kids! (DS10, DS8, DD5, DD3 and DS1)
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Doing well here! DD is soooo easy and has slept through the night since 4 weeks old. She's starting to cut her first tooth already! Crazy, I know. I also hate how fast she's growing, and that in and of itself makes me want to have another baby, but DH is totally not on board. I then look at the other side and realize I have 2 amazing kids and should be grateful for what I have and enjoy them, especially throughout each phase of their life. I am torn on what to do about birth control. DH wants to get a vasectomy, but I would really hate to take the possibility of more children off of the table for good when DD is only 3 months old. But, DH has a demanding job where he works alot and is not home much to help with the kids. I feel like I can handle 2, but 3 might just put me over the edge. I don't want to use hormonal birth control, and the non-hormone IUD has serious risks, including causing miscarriages(I couldn't live with myself if that happened), and I can never seriously rely on NFP..DH wouldn't be okay with that either, in the case we accidently get pregnant. I would really hate to get pregnant on accident, seeing as though DH is sure he's done. What would you all do!? My BIL and his wife were sure they were both done with kids after 2, and she was on the pill, and he hadn't made an appt. to get a vasectomy yet, and lo and behold they got pregnant, on accident. I'm sure they'll do fine, but I really don't want to get pregnant on accident, I want it to be a decision we both agree on if it were to happen again some day. Part of me wants DH to just go get a vasectomy so I don't have to worry about it and just take the option off the table, but then my heart breaks a little inside thinking like that! Thoughts?


DS is still adjusting to having a sister I think. Either that or he's hitting, pushing and pressing on her because he thinks she's just like his 4 year old boy cousin that he can wrestle and hit(when they both want to). I've tried explaining to him that he has to be gentle with babies, but he's 2 1/2 and doesn't get it, or is chosing not to, I don't know! lol  

DH(9/04) DS(12/08) and DD(5/11)

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Hi! We're doing really well, too. I went back to work when E was 8 weeks old and finally feel like I'm back in the groove. Dp is a SAHD so the transition there was easy - it was reinserting myself at work that took some time.

The girls adore their baby brother, and dp is loving having a little boy.

E is sweet, and cheerful, and pretty easy - he smiles and laughs a lot and is scared of snoring noises (which prompts the girls to do it just to see his eyes go wide).

I'm 7 lbs under prepreg weight and hoping to lose 10 or 15 more.

I, too, am unexpectedly struggling with E being my last...

 DD1 (8yrs) + DD2 (6yrs) + DS1 (4/25/11) = one crazy adventure!
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I just came to check for the first time in a month. My little girl is so great. I'm very grateful for an easy baby since I have 3 little ones to take care of in total. She only needs to wake up once at night. I typically can manage 6-7 hours of sleep every night, so that's not too bad. And she keeps to a schedule for eating and sleeping. Praise the Lord!


My girl is big too. At 2 and a quarter months old she was staying in her (stand alone) jumperoo. She is 2 and 3/4 months now and is get even better at it. She's as big as my last baby was at 3 and a half months old. I'm thinking she took that extra few weeks in the womb to grow nice and big(compared to her brothers) and is all caught up with her 3 month counterparts in many ways. Kinda funny. She's just so wonderful. I'm really glad that we had her.


I too really don't plan to have more. I would like to be done though hubby would be happy with more. He's from a family of 8 kids though. Not really willing to go that far personally. :) I don't believe in doing anything permanent. And I've also heard there are some bad side effects to permanent stuff. Something about higher risk of cancer if the man gets a vasectomy and increased risk of tubal pregnancies if the woman gets her tubes tied. Also, I just think if God really wants to go around the condom; so be it. That's pretty much the only form of birth control I feel comfortable with and I've had perfect success with them so far. Only ever got pregnant when I wanted to. If something does happen by accident though, I just see it as God's will or what was meant to be.


I had lost 40 lbs or so before getting pregnant last time but unfortunately, I lost my battle with food and exercise toward the end of my pregnancy and dug myself a nice weighty hole. I'll have to lose 60 lbs to get where I want to be now. It sucks but I'm determined to be healthy for me and my family, so I will work hard to do it. I'm already down a few lbs and I'm getting my eating and exercise habits back under control. Gotta stay away from that evil sugar. :)


Glad to see everyone is enjoying life with their young babies. The first year is the most exciting.

Happily married Christian SAHM of 2 boys, DD1 uc.jpg, and DD2 July 2013 homebirth.jpg 

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Hi Mommas,


This is my first baby so I am having the time of my life with my baby boy. I live in Canada so I get a full year off of work which is amazing because I get to be around all of his 'firsts". I had a hard labour and delivery but only 2 months after having Stefano, my motherly instincts kicked in and I was already ready to try for baby number 2. However, I want to give my body a year off before trying to give Stefano a sibling.


Time is passing by so fast, I can`t believe my baby is going to 3 months old next week. I think he is even teething because the last few days he has started drooling and always wants to put his whole hand in his mouth. He will drop his pacifier to put his hand in his mouth.


Sleeping wise, hes not too bad. Some nights he`s wonderful. We can put him down around 10-10:30 and he will wake up anywhere between 4-5am. But if I put him down any earlier, even as early as 9am, he will wake up a couple of times through out the night. So we try to keep him awake until then. It can get alittle tough as he is cranky but its all worth in the end.


As for myself, I pretty much feel like myself again. I am down 7lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight..but want to lose more before I get pregnant with baby number 2. I love being a mom and I can`t wait for my family to grow even more.

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we are doing well. I went back to work today (Marina is almost 3 months, I had 12 weeks leave) I am going to do 4 day work weeks (I have lots of vacation saved) until xmas, so that'll be nice. Honestly, I am more worried about going back to work affecting my son than Marina! since she is SO EASY its ridiculous. It is night and day compared to how my son was at this age.

a) she rarely cries, if she does, its always 'fixable' - a burp, nursing, etc.
b) she didn't seem to have an issue with my oversupply/letdown - can suck w/ the best of them
c) falls asleep BY HERSELF (what is that all about?!!!) I wouldn't have even discovered this if I hadn't put her down drowsy once (I had to pee) to discover she fell asleep a few weeks ago - now I do it way more often smile.gif
d) doesn't need constant movement - i can wear her and stand around some, I can put her in a bouncer and play w/ my son, etc.
e) wakes up once a night
f) has a 3-4 hour nap midday (what?!!!)

I had heard of babies like this, I never though I could have one smile.gif I guess I was evidently like this as a babe, my older brother though, and my husband, were like Z (never sleeping more than 45min a row for months; colicky/high needs, take an act of congress to go to sleep, needing constant movement, etc)

its awesome, since my high needs son is still, well, high needs, even at 2. he takes longer to go to sleep than she does for sure, and needs a parent there smile.gif And he is adjusting okay, I guess, but 2 hit him like a ton of bricks. He's defiant, tantrum-y, etc. So he takes so much energy, its nice that she is so easy. Though I am always afraid I am taking advantage of it smile.gif luckily, I get lots of one on one time with her so I don't feel like I am not attached/bonded to HER, but I do sometimes feel like she might not be as attached to ME, since I could be the ceiling fan and she'd be as content, but that's okay I suppose!

of course, now I'm worried I'm counting on all this behavior to function, and that she'll regress terribly when teeth/milestones/etc come in. But still, its nice that Z has this mellow time to adjust a bit, and then if she does require more later on it'll be easier, hopefully. We'll see.

she is SO cute and smiley right now smile.gif I do wonder if she'll do things at a very different rate given her easygoing personality (Z was SO cranky about being a baby I think, that it got him crawling by 5 months and walking by 9, which greatly improved his happiness, etc) but she's already rolling from belly to back, just not the other way around, and is always trying to push forward, and has been standing (needs balance, but can hold her weight) since 6 weeks, way earlier than Z did. So we'll see, it'll be interesting to watch smile.gif

I am still nursing him, which is going okay. I thought tandeming would be harder, but it helps that he is in school 3 days a week (this summer was two half-days and one full day) so that its not a constant 'drain' on me smile.gif I thought he'd lose interest after the 'restock' but no, still going strong. He asks to nurse *really* often, when we are home. And I am incapable of doing bedtime or naptime if nursing doesn't get him asleep, since its all he wants to do with me. I keep pushing other 'closeness' (cuddling, reading) to no avail. But it is nice that we still have that connection, so I am letting him guide me right now and usually say okay to his nursing requests, as long as Marina is fine. (he'll say 'Z turn!' smile.gif ) Now that I am back at work he'll be nursing less also. It was definitely nice to have him help w/ my oversupply as well, and it might be why unlike Z, Marina is so easy to breastfeed (Z and I had huge issues due to letdown/etc until 4mos old or so, he was pretty boob-averse, until then) that and I knew to stop eating dairy ahead of time.

my mom still implies though that Marina is easy because she's not my first, but I know better - its so obvious how different she is! Basically, being tired doesn't make her cranky, and she's able to burp SO much better, plus the letdown thing - its so much easier when boobs *work* to calm a baby down rather than make a baby more cranky! I had to bounce Z to calm him enough to nurse for *months* it was so frustrating.

anyway. So yeah, enjoying this new arrival - I was so worried I couldn't love another babe as much as I love Z - but she really has captured my heart. Its nice to have the enjoyment of babyhood as well - Z was so rewarding, since every smile/happy moment seemed like it took SO much work - so it was just a different kind of joy I had with him at this age - this is so unsolicited, but so peaceful - Its nice to have such a different experience smile.gif

mom to z (June 2009) and m (may 2011)

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