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JosieAK's Avatar JosieAK 07:00 PM 10-08-2010
So, are you craving anything or avoiding anything?

At only 5 weeks, I started feeling queasy on an empty stomach. That's how I felt with the last pregnancy, and I put on 10 lbs trying to avoid tossing my cookies. But now, not only do I feel queasy when I have an empty stomach, but food gives me an icky feeling and little stomach cramps when I do eat. So when I eat, it makes me sick and when I don't eat, it makes me sick. I am already doing a lot of praying for strength! I HOPE this doesn't last through 14 weeks like quesiness did with my last pregnancy or progress into not being able to keep things down or, heaven forbid, last ALL pregnancy! I'll just try to take it one meal at a time.

Currently, I am on a gluten and dairy free diet, so it's not like I'm eating Saltines and dry toast or anything. But don't let that stop you if you have a good nausea killer to share.

So far so good:
- Steak (I'm craving it and it works most of the time)
- Scrambled eggs (cooked with no spice)
- Rice (good mixed with beans)
- Apples (not super filling)
- Nuts or Nut Butter

No no:
- Garlic
- Everything (on the top list) when I'm feeling icky!

What about you?

Mommy2Austin's Avatar Mommy2Austin 07:22 PM 10-08-2010
Spicy...anything spicy. Most everything makes me nauseas at the moment if I eat more than a small amount. But I've been eaing spicy chicken wings like they are going out of style...
Mamatoabunch's Avatar Mamatoabunch 07:44 PM 10-08-2010
I want to eat sweets and eat out, LOL. I am baking a chocolate raspberry cake today. I have had a wee bit of nausea the past few days. I am really dreading the full on MS, I had to eat all the time to prevent even more severe nausea w/ my last and gained a bunch of weight. I have lost so much weight the last year, I do not want to gain a bunch now. I just reached my prepreg weight that I was when expecting my twins, first pregnancy. I worked so hard, but when you are sick a lot goes right out the window.
Kelilah's Avatar Kelilah 08:42 PM 10-08-2010
I have very little appetite, and usually I love to eat. My appetite has been returning over the past day or two (which terrifies me; I hope that's not a bad sign)... still, I mostly want cucumbers with vinegar and crushed red pepper. Tomatoes are good too, and apples. I really like anything cool, wet, and crunchy.

The other day I was dying for a pumpkin milkshake, absolutely obsessed, and then when I got it, I felt awful. Sigh. Missed the signal there. So even though I'd really love some pizza and/or hot wings right now, I'm hesitant to eat them. I've been leaning more toward "light and spicy," like the aforementioned veg or thin brothy soup.

I do notice that I'm eating more meat than I typically do. I don't normally eat meat every day but I am now, sometimes twice a day. Guess I need the protein. It's all healthy, grassfed, etc. so whatever my body asks for (within reason), I'll give it!
slseiswirth's Avatar slseiswirth 10:00 PM 10-08-2010
Nothing. Every time I put food in my mouth I get that awful metallic taste.
raindaisie's Avatar raindaisie 10:50 PM 10-08-2010
I'm not very far along yet, just shy of 5 weeks. I don't have much M/S yet-- just a general queasiness if my stomach is empty.

Right now I'm craving steak, steamed broccoli, fresh crunchy salads and apples. I usually don't eat much red meat but right now steak is so delicious. It was like this with my first pregnancy also -- I started the first trimester eating tons of red meat, and then one day M/S hit hard and even the smell of meat cooking made me sick. Hoping that doesn't happen this time.
kawa kamuri's Avatar kawa kamuri 10:51 PM 10-08-2010
Originally Posted by slseiswirth View Post
Nothing. Every time I put food in my mouth I get that awful metallic taste.
Oh man, me too. I have it all the time.

Today I really wanted rice pudding. It was great for a few bites but now the thought of it is complete barforama. I know I'm not feeling anything yet in regard to morning sickness but blech to it all
BarefootScientist's Avatar BarefootScientist 01:40 PM 10-09-2010
I've been having a little bit of queasyness here and there but it doesn't seem to be related to any particular food or type of food. I want nothing to do with sweets or chocolate, which is very strange for me, but it's not like it makes me nauseous, I just don't want it.

I've been craving anything salty or cheesy, and picnic food like potato salad. My favorite thing to eat right now is a Kashi 7-grain cracker with feta cheese and a slice of onion on top. Mmmmm. But I can't really stand the way my breath smells afterwards.
SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 04:40 PM 10-09-2010

Lately i've had rice with soy sauce for lunch 3 days in a row.
and chili cheese fries best if from del taco and a bad addiction to sweet tea from mcdonalds.

Tumble Bumbles's Avatar Tumble Bumbles 06:58 PM 10-09-2010
I'm in the salty/cheesy crowd. I haven't had m/s yet but I'm in this cycle of feeling nauseated when I get too hungry, then when I eat, same thing. Not too badly, but just an underlying queasiness.

I've been carbs, carbs, carbs the last few days.
sara125's Avatar sara125 01:05 AM 10-10-2010
Originally Posted by Tumble Bumbles View Post
I'm in the salty/cheesy crowd. I haven't had m/s yet but I'm in this cycle of feeling nauseated when I get too hungry, then when I eat, same thing. Not too badly, but just an underlying queasiness.

I've been carbs, carbs, carbs the last few days.
I'm right there with you! I can't decide if I'm starving or slightly nauseous. I'm minutes away from ordering TONS of deli food...i.e. lox and bagels and cheese blintzes that will cost a fortune and probably sit here uneaten since I probably won't want them after a couple of bites and DH hates that stuff

I know I need fresh produce, but it just doesn't appeal right now. annoying!
Buddhamom's Avatar Buddhamom 07:04 AM 10-10-2010
Sweets are not doing it for me. I want spicy or garlicky. Indian food has been a big craving. But sometimes I just don't want to eat at all. Not nauseous, just that nothing seems palatable.
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 07:39 PM 10-10-2010
Carbs. CAAAAAARRRRRBBBS! Last time, with DD, I ended up eating two-minute noodles and little else for several weeks. Now I feel really guilty about that, so this time, so far, I've managed to keep to somewhat healthier stodge - homemade sourdough part-wholemeal bread, hotpot chock-full of potatoes, allegedly wholegrain crackers. It's not great, but it's an improvement.

I don't think they're doing much for me, though - I feel kinda bloated and overfull a lot. I was doing low-carb before this, so it's a bit of a shock to the system. But protein just seems way too flavoursome and overpowering right now. I struggled through some scrambled eggs yesterday, but they felt WAY too rich and heavy. I have been nibbling on cheese a lot, so that's something...
heathenmom's Avatar heathenmom 07:52 PM 10-10-2010
Nothing sounds great here, either. I eat pretty low-carb due to t2 diabetes: lots of salads, steamed veggies and lean meats, but none of it tastes good right now. I WANT carbs, but can't have 'em.
GolfAddict's Avatar GolfAddict 03:48 PM 10-11-2010
I haven't really had many cravings/aversions for particular items yet. But when I do get something in my head then I gotta have it. I have been thinking of soups quite a bit though. Maybe because I have been cold so much lately or I think it will calm down my naseated stomach. I have had nausea pretty much every day since early 5wks. It comes and goes but it's not isolated to just morning or afternoon.

My problem is that I am starving and I sit down to eat, and can only eat about 1/3 of what I used to be able to eat. It's not like the baby is pressing on my stomach or anything. So I don't know what's going on.
Max'sMama's Avatar Max'sMama 05:12 PM 10-11-2010
The nausea is generally overwhelming. I have found that a preggie pop right away helps as long as I get a bit of protein in right after it. During my second pregnancy the midwife suggested crackers and cheese whenever I felt sick. That really helped for me.

So for this one I am trying the same thing, even though it failed for baby #3. With the second and third babies I lost 15 lbs in the first tri. Hopefully that will not be on the agenda again

I crave Club crackers and Shullsburg Colby Jack cheese. Yummo.

Tonight for dinner it's Gyros. That sounds plenty protein rich. Like it may actually be palatable.
littleteapot's Avatar littleteapot 05:38 PM 10-11-2010
The nausea is AWFUL for me right now. Not a lot sounds appealing.
Pastries and sugary stuff is a no for me, but I crave a lot of candy. When I give in, I try to limit myself to stuff from the organic bulk store, which tends to sit much better and is overall a little better for me than a chocolate bar.

Organic halva FTW!!

One thing I've found that always makes my tummy happy is pure grapefruit juice. I LOVE it. I can't get enough of it!
amaayeh's Avatar amaayeh 10:16 PM 10-11-2010
I'm in the nothing sounds good group. When I do feel hungry, spicy is the way to go. Also, I've been vegetarian for 5 years and the smell of steaks cooking is just wonderful. That's a first!!! I had Indian last night and it was good. I was doing all carbs last week and haven't had one this week. Who knows. I don't feel nauseous yet, but I usually don't start that until 6 weeks. Dinner? Who knows. I'm mostly just missing my espresso and glass of wine...I really wasn't mentally prepared this time around!
OrangeMoon's Avatar OrangeMoon 11:51 PM 10-11-2010
I think I just ate like 10 vegetarian spring rolls, and beer
Kelilah's Avatar Kelilah 02:49 AM 10-14-2010
Anyone else's food preferences completely changed over night? Normally, I love veggies - lots and lots of veggies, especially greens, with a little red meat or cheese. Now all I want is junk. Mac and cheese, pizza, and fried chicken especially. I think of chicken all day long. (Normally I don't really care about chicken.) My favorite veggies just look so unappealing. I have lemon cucumbers and turnip greens, my absolute favorites, wilting in the fridge while I daydream about fried chicken with mac and cheese.

I went to friggin' Pizza Hut today. PIZZA HUT! I'm 100% organic and crunchy, I do not eat that kind of garbage. But I walked past a Pizza Hut around lunch time and I just HAD to go in there and get a personal pan.

This is really weird!
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 03:01 AM 10-14-2010
I had pizza the other day too... very rare for us, although it was made by a semi-fancy place that uses semi-real ingredients, at least. I walked past the shop and started drooling, and DH humoured me.

It's very common not to want veggies in the first trimester - there was a thread somewhere recently on MDC in which someone speculated morning sickness developed to prevent pregnant women eating toxins, and fruits and veggies are prone to having 'em (and were, more so, back before a lot of those toxins had been bred out). It also makes sense not to want fats, as people who are sick tend to have a harder time digesting them - I'm not off fats entirely, but I don't want them as much as usual. I mostly crave refined carbs, which makes sense from an easy-digestion point of view - white pasta isn't as good for you as wholegrain bread, but if you can keep the former down and not the latter, at least it's calories of some description! I'm finding protein in small quantities throughout the day makes me feel less gross than the carbs, though. And protein's actually handy for baby-growing. So, yay.
Kelilah's Avatar Kelilah 03:42 AM 10-14-2010
Oh, I have NO problem with fats, LOL! That's all I want. Not just the mac and cheese, and pizza, and fried chicken, but the other day it was hot wings and fried pickles, and before that it was cheese fries, and every morning I have a glass of whole, unhomogenized milk. I don't usually eat fats in such quantity but I guess I need them right now.

That makes a lot of sense about the veggies, actually. Trippy!

I still haven't had any morning sickness though. I get nauseated when I ride the bus, but I haven't thrown up at all, and outside of my constipation and indigestion I have no other tummy trouble. I'm waiting to see if the vomiting and general nausea will kick in or not.
Michaels-Mommy's Avatar Michaels-Mommy 11:39 AM 10-14-2010
I'm acually having a hard time with everything. I am the type of person that usually has to force myself to eat good foods and I crave the junk. Well most of the junk is grossing me out and I still don't want the good foods. Right now I want some brown rice and black beans with sweet and sour sauce. I'm sure by the time I could make it I wouldn't want it any more. I have made two different kinds of cookies and some blueberry muffins in the last week and they are just sitting on my counter because they do not sound good anymore.
english-mummy's Avatar english-mummy 03:28 PM 10-14-2010
Nothing is appealing to me either really. It is so hard....hungry tummy = nausea, but food = nausea too.
Oh well, two weeks ago I was worrying I had no symptoms, then the real morning sickness kicked in. I keep telling myself that it is a good sickness, but I still want to moan sometimes. Last time it lasted until 14 weeks, so maybe only another 7 weeks to go, blah!!!!!
I am having the absolutely desperate desire for something (last Friday it was the morningstar 'chikn' patties). I eat it and it tastes sooooooo good. But then, after that, the smell of it, or even the thought of it is enough to make me throw up
Yesterday it was snickers bars. I hate things like that usually. I don;t think I have actually ever finished one before. It is also the only sweet thing I have craved so far this time. I gave in and drove to the grocery store to get one last night......but the driving made me nauseaus and I couldn't face it by the time I got home My husband enjoyed it though
Today it is baked potato with baked beans......yum
gwerydd's Avatar gwerydd 04:23 PM 10-14-2010
Originally Posted by slseiswirth View Post
Nothing. Every time I put food in my mouth I get that awful metallic taste.
except for the metallic taste, i get that with a few things, but really any thought of food turns my stomach. I have to force my self to remember to feed my kids. I was able to make blueberry coffee cake, homemade yoghurt and to blanche and freeze brussels sprouts yesterday, but it remains to be seen whether I will be able to eat any of it.
Max'sMama's Avatar Max'sMama 04:33 PM 10-14-2010
Sticking with the crackers and cheese and adding a bit of red-pepper hummus and pita chips. Speaking of mom has said that when she was pregnant with me she ate a 3 musketeer bar everyday. To this day almost 35 years later she gets urpy just looking at one.
KindRedSpirit's Avatar KindRedSpirit 11:24 PM 10-14-2010
CURRY!!!!!!!!!! I am having a love affair with curry smothered beef chunks and random veggies over rice.SO worth the heartburn.
Kelilah's Avatar Kelilah 03:25 PM 10-23-2010
Is anyone else addicted to peanut butter right now? I normally never eat it, but this week I'm having it every day, often two or three times a day! I have PB & banana sandwiches, or apple slices spread with PB, or melty PB on toast, or even peanut butter sauce on stir-fried chicken. My friend says this is the time when the brain is forming so I need extra protein and lots of fat. I wonder if that's why.

Anyone else on a peanut butter bender? What else are you craving?
Bald_Bull's_Mama's Avatar Bald_Bull's_Mama 04:03 PM 10-23-2010
I want acidic things, like pickles, vinegar and oil dressing. What really super duper sounds good is a sandwich from Pickerman's. I don't know if they were a national chain or not. There were several stores locally a few years back, but they've all closed down. I think because I used to love those sandwiches when I was hungover/queasy, it seems like it might help the preggie queasies.

I'll feel yuck-o, then have a window of feeling fine and be able to eat and really enjoy it. If I eat too much, then I feel yucky again.

I eat vegan, but I'm trying to eliminate peanuts (after this jar is gone) and go easy on citrus as DS had issues with both of those, as well as dairy. He's since outgrown all that, but it would be nice to not have to do food eliminating this time around. I maxed dairy, peanut butter and orange juice while pregnant with him and all 3 bothered him after he was born. I do wonder if it's related.
JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 05:53 PM 10-23-2010
Nothing greasy, even thinking about greasy food makes my tummy hurt.

I have been eating lots of fruit.
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