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I am a homeschooling mom, I direct a youth choir but that's an unpaid position also.

DS: 18 DD: 15 DD: 8  angel1.gif 11/10  angel1.gif 4/11
  adoptionheart-1.gifDD: 3  angel1.gif 8/11

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i'm a sahm plan to unschool son when old enough for him to be considered school age. guess unschooling preschool now?

i also ride my bike when i have the free time. i like to o on 30 - 40 mile rides. wondering how long i will be able to keep it up? some women on the ladies bike forum i hang out at say they managed to ride the whole pregnancy others not so much. time will tell i guess.

my husband/partner works at home but every few months he is gone for a week. him being around so much gives me a bit more free time for bike rides and running ect. i just started an aikido class that is a much milder gentler low key aikido than a traditional class so i may be able to keep going for quiet a while. i am younger than everyone else in that class by at least a few decades which is odd and fun.

and i dabble around with art projects and some crafty stuff. do block printing. day dream of making some money through art stuff at some point mostly lacking in confidence to do it.

mama to two amazing children son 10/27/07 and daughter 07/07/11

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I'm a stay at home Army wife! I'm also going to school for nursing (CNM here I come!) and watch a 12 week old baby during the week. LOVE being at home with my DD and watching her every quirk and move

Army Wife & SAHM hang.gif  to energy.gifDD 06/09 & belly.gif DS 06/11    cd.gifnovaxnocirc.gif
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Hi Everyone
I'm super excited for this pregnancy. I have two wonderful children and am excited to add a third. I work as a Registered Nurse in an Emergency Department at a Trauma Hospital. I work six 12 hour shifts every two weeks. My job is hard, heartbreaking at times but very rewarding. I am constantly learning new skills and interacting with patients of all ages. I love my job as a nurse and a mommy!
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I am a SAHM. I'd love to start a home business of some kind somewhere in here, but not for a while!

Borobaby, with my last baby, I was working at a school too. I got pregnant in May, but really started feeling it in June. The end of my queasiness came around the third week in August. I thought I timed that one perfectly. I took long naps, ate when and what I wanted, and dealt with my quesiness at home. By the time I made it back to school, I was a happy, glowing 2nd trimester mama. As for timing a baby in early February, not so perfect. But I took the rest of the semester off (without pay), and signed quitting papers in May.

Happy Wife  partners.gif since 12/31/05 ~ Blessed Mama to stillheart.gif 2/8/09 and stillheart.gif 6/11/11, with stillheart.gif on the way due 2/24/14


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I am a wannabe SAHM, but I work casually as a mat/child nurse and own my own business. We homeschool and I can have the kids at the business location with me. (It's a baby business, so the fit is good.) I only work as a nurse when my hubby can be with the kids, so I do lots of evenings. Although I am in Canada, I will not qualify for mat leave because my hours are split between employment and self employment. I am trying to figure out exactly how I will manage when #4 arrives in June!

Cristi mom to DDs ages 4, 7 & 10 + expecting a new little blessing June 2011
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Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch View Post
I am a SAHM, who homeschools the oldest 7. My kids also have a baking business that I help them w/.
If you're still around on MDC when I get ready to homeschool, I want to massively pick your brain. You must have really figured out how to manage it all with so many different ages! (and I mean that in a good way, not in a negative way)

Crystal (34) married to LPN DH (38) , mama to (7/07), (1/09), and (7/11) and (12/28)
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I am a special education teacher that works with the moderate to severe disabled at a high school. My job is a high demand job (both mentally and physically). Being a teacher though, the timing works out well. Due June 4th and school is over end of May. Hoping I get to take some of my maternity leave though! Maybe a little early time off???

Married to DH (1/07) Failed IVF with ICSI (11/08) Weight Loss surgery (06/10) 1st BFP EVER!! (9/10) Due (6/11)
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I'm an attorney. I used to be a prosecutor it was full time+ (tons of hours). Then I had DS and it was too much. So, I begged my DH to hire me at his firm. So now I practice Criminal Defense and family law and do it part time. I do want to go back to work after this new bean, but DH says he doesn't think it will happen.

Am I being unrealistic? I'd only go back part time (which right now is averaging 30 hours a week) but I'd do less. Still a lot of time to think about it...maybe I will SAH for awhile?

Kristin , married to DH , mama to DS 8/4/09 and EDD 6/24/11
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Good thread. The work situation is the thing that has me most stressed out.

I teach 8th grade English and am due right around the last day of school. Pretty good timing, but my maternity leave is my summer break--they won't let you postpone your maternity leave until school starts if you have a summer baby.

I get up at 4:30 in the morning to start my hour-plus commute by 5:30 am. Not sure I can continue at this school next year without moving closer... I'm away from home for at least 12 hours most days.

DH is a freelancer and will likely be a SAHD since daycare here (Chicago area) is not an option for us because it's so costly. I hope he's up for the challenge! He can be a little self-centered (just clueless, maybe, is a better way to put it) and I am a little worried he won't be able to handle the emotional and physical demands of being the primary caregiver of a newborn (our first).

Also, not looking forward to frantic pumping in the nurse's office during my single planning period when I go back to work in the fall...

Laura (33) and DH (39) due in June with our first!
"...Living just enough, just enough, for the city"
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i love this thread, good company. i'm an attorney too, but perhaps closer to the cps social workers- i represent kids in abuse and neglect cases. it is full time but very flexible hours for the most part, so i do get to spend time with ds during weekdays too. am a bit stressed about child care with #2, we have kind of a patchwork and i'm not sure it will hold up with 2. at what point is working no longer feasible? but my dh's salary would not pay our mortgage, so i feel stuck. lately ds has been kind of sad about daycare though he seems to love the babysitters.... but i can tell it stresses him out to be away from home. wish i was a sahm.
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I work as a nurse anesthetist. I understand that there is a situation where medical intervention is deemed necessary (like causing trauma to the body ie. surgery) but at home I use 100% natural intervention. Herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractor. etc. Anyway, I love my job and the fact that I can be there for a patient and put them at ease during such a traumatic event in their lives. I also like the fact that I can help them with a pain free process.

My real passion would be to be a master herbalist and holistic practitioner but I am currently working on that

Otherwise~ I am a wife, mother and first and foremost servant of God which are my most important jobs!!!

Jennifer Wife to my wonderful Husband, Jeremy, mama to my two amazing children DD B (04/14/2006), DS I (10/27/2007) and a precious little one due in June
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Oh I forgot to put how much I work at the hospital. I work one day a week now, since I have been doing it for over 6 years now and want to be home more with my family. Which I am so, so happy about!!!

I just cut it down at the end of the summer. When we have the baby I think I am going to take off 6+ months after. With all my babies it was at least 6 months (2 other children) and then I will only go back the 1 day a week (HOPING)!!!

Jennifer Wife to my wonderful Husband, Jeremy, mama to my two amazing children DD B (04/14/2006), DS I (10/27/2007) and a precious little one due in June
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I am a massage therapist, and work in the evenings/on the weekends when DH is home from his office job to watch DS. I also teach at a massage school one day a week. We are now in the process of enclosing our carport and adding a bathroom, so I will soon have a massage studio at the house! So excited! I'll work until my belly puts me too far from the table to be effective

lover of K partners.gif mom to S superhero.gifb.12/07  and C joy.gifb.6/11

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I work full-time as an RN on a cardiac floor. I work overnights, and I plan on working as long as I possibly can. Planning on 2-3mos of mat leave then back at it for a year and a half until my contract is up, then only working 2 days a month. Wishing I could be a sahm but things just aren't panning out for that right now.

Beloved of Chris since 12/31/08. Missing our sweet Persephone Grace 5/24/11 - 5/26/11 angel3.gif So much love baby girl, so much love.

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I work FT doing payroll/accounting for a manufacturing company...not quite sure what I'll be doing once #3 arrives...we have 2 in daycare right now, and there is NO WAY we can afford 3...that's about the only thing I'm *really* worried about with this pregnancy, and I'm trying to have faith that somehow we will figure it out!

Wife to my lobster, mama to Dude (6/07), Monkey (3/09), 3 puppers and unexpectedly expecting #3 (edd late June/early July '11)!
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There are so many RNs in this DDC! I am an L&D RN, right now working full-time nights as a travel nurse. Have some ideas, have an interview at a birth center next week for .70 which would be an amazing position, but open to anything. Sometimes am panicked thinking about all the changes, especially since this LO was a surprise, but have a feeling that it was meant to be. Trying to let go and let it be.


Other RNs ... how is your work/life balance as a new mom? Have you worked while pregnant? Worked nights while pregnant? How soon did you go back? Were you able to pump at work? I am terrified of working close to FT, having crazy shifts and having my milk dry up postpartum. But I do love nursing and feel it will be very good for our family. Any tips?

treehugger.gifIn love with dh and mama to dd, born at home 6/3/2011 stillheart.gif

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I'm a Correctional Officer with the state. I work 40 hrs a week (sometimes more.) It's high stress and obviously not the most safe profession, but it is what it is. Part of me really wants to be a SAHM again. Part of me knows I'll probably go crazy if I do. And of course the logical part of me knows its not feasible for me to lose my income (I make more money than DH by almost $600 a month) Right now I'm just taking it one day at a time.


The hardest part is not getting enough time with my husband and kids all together. DH works Th-M 6am-2pm I work Sat-Wed 4pm-12a. We haven't had any time together since he started the job. Hopefully my paperwork for a days off change will go through and we'll both at least get two days a week together.

-:¦:-♥Sarah Lynne♥-:¦:-Wife to Michael and Mommy to Austin(5), Steven(3), Tristyn(1), and Laurelyn (6/3/2011)

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