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aleatha5's Avatar aleatha5 03:30 PM 11-01-2010
I was hoping I wouldn't get sick at all this time....haha, yeah right. But, I have noticed that my sickness is different this time. It's really happening in the morning. Last pregnancy was just the evening. So, I expected to be fine in the a.m. and then sick around 5 p.m. again like last time. So far this time, I've been sick right as soon as I wake up, then it gets a little better to pretty good during the day, and then sick at night.

Has any experienced this? Changes to the morning sickness routine with different pregnancies? I'm thinking maybe it's a girl this time? Would that make a difference? Or is it just a thing that is quirky about pregnancy.

kawa kamuri's Avatar kawa kamuri 05:06 PM 11-01-2010
Symptoms can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy regardless of the sex. I've had boys and girls all with very similar symptoms. Hope you feel better soon!
Evergreen's Avatar Evergreen 06:36 PM 11-01-2010
I've been pg with 3 girls.

#1- Hardly any sickness. Sometimes stomach discomfort and I only threw up once when I took my prenatal on an empty stomach.

#2- Hyperemesis that caused hospitalization. But everytime I threw up it seemed a bit better. And it went away.

#3- nausea that lasted forever into the pregnancy but was never as dangerous as the last time. When I threw up I still felt like crap though.

#4 (this time, 10 weeks)-Nausea that is made worse when I DON"T eat instead of when I do like the other times. Throw up every day. Mainly at night but sometimes during the day and lots of dry heaving 1st thing in the morning.
amaayeh's Avatar amaayeh 06:54 PM 11-01-2010
Mine have varied every time. The first time it was mild and every other day mostly in the evenings (dd1). The second time I had some nausea maybe two or three times (dd2). This time...nausea starting at 5 weeks and it has been constant from when I wake up until about 8 pm. I eat and I feel nauseous and I don't eat and it's the same. Yuck. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Mamatoabunch's Avatar Mamatoabunch 07:49 PM 11-01-2010
Different every time.
weliveintheforest's Avatar weliveintheforest 12:19 AM 11-07-2010
with both of my first two I had lots of sickness, but it was a much shorter duration with my second (only 4 weeks.) I'm about 8-9 weeks and am not sick right now. I only feel slight nausea when I am hungry, so this is a nice change and I hope it doesn't get worse.
amyhulen's Avatar amyhulen 12:48 AM 11-07-2010
3 girls and 3 different morning sickness stories.

DD 1, Super sick and vomitted constantly, eventually I started seeing blood too. Cleared up at around 3 months

DD 2, Moderatly sick until I was able to quick working and get more rest. None the less I puked up until 35 weeks when DD was born. I learned to drink kool-aid first thing in the am so it didn't taste so bad.

DD 3, Didn't even know I was pregnant until 8 weeks when the morning sickness hit me HARD. I was debilitated because of morning sickness/motion sickness/vomitting until my 14th week. I should have gone to the hospital but was too sick to drive myself there (hubby was gone, we are military) I couldn't even breathe without feeling sick and was completely unable to care for our daughters. Thankfully DD #1 is 13 and took care of her 5 year old sister for me until I was able to get out of bed.

Other than feeling like I was on my death bed for 6 weeks this has been by far my best pregnancy. Like childbirth the memories of how horrible you feel at the time do tend to fade. Thankfully.