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JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 05:32 PM 12-12-2010

I don't think I could get more tired and am wondering if anyone is in the same boat. With my 2 previous pregnancies I was tired in the first trimester, but nothing like this. I would usually be ok until afternoon and need a rest then. Now, I sleep 9 hours at night and wake up tired. I really don't get anything done unless it is completely nessasary. I am taking 2 hour naps everyday and it doesn't seem to help.

I literally feel handicapped in some way. Its hard to descibe because it sounds so lame to just say I am tired.


littleteapot's Avatar littleteapot 06:08 PM 12-12-2010

Me, me! It's AWFUL.

I have terrible insomnia, so I'm up until 2-4am every night. Then I sleep until 8-9 and get up with my kids, nap on the couch until 11-12 while they eat breakfast and watch a movie, then often have ANOTHER nap later in the evening. Lather, rinse, repeat. I've tried taking Gravol to help induce sleep earlier (yes, it's safe) and it's not working. :( Even when I do miraculously get to sleep at midnight or so, I still need two naps to keep going. And this is with all my supplements and lots of water every day.

JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 06:20 PM 12-12-2010

Melatonin helps to get to sleep (its safe too). Getting to sleep is so not my problem, I sleep so much and still am barely functioning. I am almost a safety risk for driving.

littleteapot's Avatar littleteapot 06:47 PM 12-12-2010

Ooh I forgot about melatonin. One thing I just learned about it is that less is more! A smaller dose actually works far better than a larger one. :)

citymagnolia's Avatar citymagnolia 06:55 PM 12-12-2010

I was like this for my first 12 weeks. I fell asleep as soon as I sat down, practically nodded off at the table while I ate sometimes and never felt rested. I agree, it's like a disability. The biggest help for me was switching to New Chapter vitamins. I felt a a difference in my energy the first day, and by the 2nd day it was undeniable. I recently started drinking coffee in the morning and that's helpful too, of course!

amaayeh's Avatar amaayeh 08:30 PM 12-12-2010

ME!  I am so exhausted and it is not letting up.  And I have insomnia like pp said...except mine is 4-5 a.m. every.single.night.  I absolutely hate it.  On top of all that I'm still nursing my toddler who uses me as a pacifier and I'm too tired to fight it at night.  I would give anything to feel normal again.  I have no idea how I'm going to get through the next six months!

Buddhamom's Avatar Buddhamom 08:41 AM 12-13-2010

I had the insomnia at first and it has left now that I am in the second trimester.  But am still more tired than with my first two.  I just attribute it to being 40 y.o. and 20 years later *LOL*  I do have restless legs though since being pregnant which disturbs my sleep which probably contributes a bit too.

JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 10:14 AM 12-15-2010

So just a heads up for all you tired mamas. I started taking 1000 I.U. of Vit D twice a day and feel like a new woman. It has really helped.