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so many options: sleep, go for a walk, eat, shower, clean, bake a cake, etc. i guess it depends on many factors (i.e. what time of day it is, what day of the week, etc.). what have you done on your previous birthing days? or what are you planning to do?


i was induced at a birth center (labor began) and instructed to go to the hospital (i was no longer qualifying for home birth like we had planned) with ds so i showered, packed, stopped at a restaurant and had dinner all while timing contractions before heading to the hospital. while there i moved around tried the tub, but found it was too hot. this time i am looking forward to being in my own home and maybe taking a walk outside. 

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Most of my labors have been short, under 4 hours. Usually I have an hour or two and then hit transition and baby comes. I just do whatever. Here is my post copied from a thread in Birth and Beyond. W/ my twins my water broke and I dutifully went to the hospital right away. 



W/ my first HB, it was 24 hours. I took a bath, laid in bed, walked in my neighborhood, ate ice cream, watched tv, got in the birth pool and out, got on my hands and knees on my bed, and finally settled into the birth pool to catch baby.


W/ my fourth baby it was a much quicker labor. I sat on my bed w/ my 3y/o while dh slept, then I shooed her away, got into the birth tub and gave birth to the baby.


W/ my fifth I finished watching a movie and then got into the birth pool and gave birth an hour later.


W/ my sixth I got in the pool pretty early on of my under 4 hour labor. I nursed my toddler in the pool. 


W/ my seventh I had a longer labor. I vacuumed, tidied up, ate a sandwich for lunch, laid down to rest, had a friend over for a few minutes, walked around my house, watched the Grammy's or something like that, got in and out of pool and finally settled in an hour before she was born.


W/ my eighth I called dh home from on his way into work, I boiled the scissors, washed out the birth pool, and filled it. I got in and dh arrived home and had baby under an hour later.


W/ my ninth dh were in bed in the morning, my water broke. I walked around the house, took a picture, drank Sprite, read the Sunday newspaper. Around 11am I got into the pool and she was born around an hour later.


W/ my tenth, I thought maybe it was it around 1am w/ painless contraxs. I laid in bed while dh slept. Around 5am I sent him to do things, I got up and boiled scissors, got out pool. I laid back down by myself and contraxs started hurting, did that for an hour. Then I got into the pool, directed dd taking pictures, baby born an hour plus later.


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I plan on it being like with my last.  Laboring at home with not painful but noticeable and sometimes uncomfortable contractions, music, bath and DH, and getting to the birth center just in time to birth her.  I hope it isn't like my first who was sunny side up.  That was a bit more uncomfortable in back and took a little more effort to get her out. With my second I was VERY nesty all day and rewashed all her clothes and cleaned the whole house a couple of times *LOL*

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Four hours?!  That sounds like the way to go.  :)


From the experiences of the other women in my family, I will probably have a bit of time to fill, so I've told DH that he's taking me out for a decent meal before we head to the birth center.  We'll either go to our favorite breakfast place if it's early enough, or maybe the Olive Garden or something like that if it's later.  I've also scoped out the area around the birth center, and there's a really great jogging trail that we can walk if it's not too hot.


I've put DH in charge of the packing.  I won't need much - the bc will kick me out after 6 hours, so I won't really need pillows or pjs or anything like that.  :)  But he's in charge of remembering to grab the receiving blanket and hat I made, snacks for both of us, and the camera.  

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With my first, I labored at home until the contractions got painful and then went to the hospital.  Long story, but ugh.


With my second, I showered, bathed my daughter, got her dressed, and labored with dd rubbing my back until they were painful.  Went to the birth center, jumped in the tub, birthed my second daughter 20 minutes after arrival.  I was so sad I only got about 10 minutes in the tub!!  Total labor was only 3 hours 20 minutes.


This I am planning on showering and focusing on relaxing (having homebirth).  Will have the birth pool at home so I can get in and out freely.  My main goal is to avoid stress and keep as calm and 'normal' of an atmosphere as possible.

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I hope to do things just about the same as last time.  Once daybreak hit, (contractions started around 2am but were pretty far apart and very tolerable) I made a 'birthday cake' for DD (okay - really it was for me - a special treat after labor!!), hung out with my son for a while, had my SIL cook me a huge breakfast, (water broke while eating), and then went for a walk around the neighborhood. Labor really kicked in by the time we got back home, so DH set up the birth pool and that was that...


I will most definitely try to make the birthday cake again - and at the first sign of labor I will eat a big meal and drink plenty of water.  If it is the middle of the night, I will just try and enjoy the nighttime peace.  If it is during the day, I guess I will just go about whatever it is I would usually be doing until I couldn't do that anymore.  I'm actually kind of hoping for a night birth, purely for the experience of it.  

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My kids make the baby birthday cake, to keep them busy, LOL.

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I'm glad you posted this. I've been reading "Birthing From Within" and one of the sections talked about having a project for early labor. So I'm all ears as to what others have done. It sounds like it's a good idea - something to distract for awhile. But i want to be careful to not make it something that has to be done, just in case I get to that point and can't get anything accomplished.

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my labours are quick though i do tend toward lots or prodromal labour. so, it will most likely be business as usual, get in the tub and have a baby, back to business as usual. 

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I'm doing Hypnobabies, so I'll probably spend a fair bit of time listening to the CDs and implementing the techniques. We're planning a birth centre birth, but before we go there, I like the idea of watching a funny movie (laughing helps speed labour along!), or baking, or something. I have a fantasy in which I walk to the birth centre (it's close), but I'd only do that if it were at a quiet time of day or night; I wouldn't want people staring as I had a contraction while crossing the road! Yeah, it probably won't happen. :p But it's a nice thought.


With DD I was in hospital, so there wasn't really much to do except suffer. Nasty experience. Hopefully it'll be better this go-round.

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I've heard a few people mentioning the cake thing and I like it, esp since I've been craving sweets lately! I'm also going to get a few silly movies and plan to take walks around my block, meditate, try my best to stay calm, possibly do Hypnobabies if I ever get around to buying the CDs, maybe bake something yummy, relax with my husband, and call my midwives when the pain gets too intense. I have "Birthing From Within" as well and plan on reading that after I finish Ina May's book which has really put any apprehensions I've had about birthing at home aside.

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First thing: put duct tape over the clocks so I'm not tempted to micromanage or "time" my contractions!! A watched pot never boils. ;) It just adds unnecessary stress, and micromanagement totally ruined a good portion of my first labour.


After that? Dick about; go on the computer, take a walk, bake a cake until I can't maintain mundane activity anymore... at that point I'd blow up the pool and take a shower while I wait and get into the water. Aaaahhh. :)

I told DH when baby comes out I want champagne or a nice wine spritzer at the ready. I don't care if it's 9am - we're celebrating!

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I'm totally with you on the champagne littleteapot! With our first I feel like DH and I were too "nervous first time parents" ish to pop open a botle of bubbly and celebrate so I'd love to have a bit more of that vibe this go round. And I adore the cake thing, I had no idea people did that! Let's see, in terms of non alcoholic and dessert things to do, lol, my first labor was 45 hours so I still did a lot of normal day to day things, but I hope we've moved by the time I have this one so I can walk around outside more. It's too crowded where we are now, messes with my vibe, so I was inside the whole time. I'd like to be a little more organized with meals this go round. We ordered take out when I was in labor last time which was fun, but after I had DS I was famished and we didn't have anything good on hand. So yeah, I'd like to have a really yummy meal for right after I have this little bug. I so hope we're in a place with a nice big bath tub. Ours got the job done but definitely felt too small at times. I'm really curious to see how long this labor will be. I'm really hoping it's not longer than 45 hours as that was kind of tough sleep wise, but we shall see.

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Ahhh - time to start thinking about this!


I'm doing it completely different this time!  I'll get the champagne in the fridge, make sure the house is presentable (nothing major), pick up some groceries if need be, might start a big pot of spaghetti sauce (I LOVE spaghetti sauce, but had such horrid heartburn last time around that I couldn't eat it - after DD was born, I craved either that or lasagna, and spaghetti sauce is easier!), and I really want to make a groaning cake while in early labour.  And then just relax ... not sure what I'll do, but it will be quiet and relaxing and whatever I feel like at the time!  I'll call the midwife early, just to warn her (my active labour was really fast last time - about as fast as the time it will take her to get to my house, so she'll need an early warning).  I will also call a friend who will look after DD.  


Last time, I had my first contraction while having dinner.  By 8, realized I should probably try to sleep, in 8 minute increments between contractions (I would never have thought that possible!).  By 5am, worried about rush hour traffic, contractions now requiring much movement and sound and 5 min apart, called the midwife and decided to go to the hospital to negotiate.  Got there around 7.  Stayed until 12, trying to negotiate a vaginal birth and waiting for the ethics committee to determine my fate.  They all agreed that I had to be permitted a vaginal birth, so we went home.  Still not dilated at all.  I had a quick bath (didn't like it - but I think it's just that that tub was too small!), tried to rest, contractions got unbearable, we headed back to the hospital (opposite end of the city, rush hour and now a snow storm).  Got there about 4 hours later.  Were denied entry until I signed the consent papers for surgery.  Went from 5 to 10cm in minutes in triage, was "rushed" into surgery without seeing a Dr. (ok, they took 35 minutes while I was trying desperately not to push - silly me).  End of story (ok, not really).  So, no car, and no hospital this time.  A nice relaxing few hours at home :)  With champagne on the ready!  And a cake!


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My last two births were both 2hrs. so I expect this one to go fast too, but I'm prepared for whatever baby needs time for. It really depends on the time of day for what I'll be doing. If it's in the middle of the night then I'll try and sleep as much as possible and get in the tub when it's too uncomfortable unless I feel like walking that late. During the day, then I would probably clean and get last minute things together in one spot, play with the kids/tell them about baby coming, and get into tub when ready. All my 3 births were at a hospital, so I anticipate this being VERY different.

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