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Oh and I've heard that alfalfa and nettles are supposed to be really good for iron levels.  Alfalfa can also make a strong amniotic sac.   And, Smokering, my DD LOVES my pregnancy ice tea!  We sweeten it with stevia drops or honey.  I am going to start adding honey while the water is hot and cut back on the Stevia.  I believe it's really good for both of us!

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Oh, man, Smokering, fish for breakfast just makes me want to hurl. Well, fish is one of my big aversions this pregnancy - such a shame cuz usually I eat it at least 2-3 times a week and I am sure my body is missing the nutrients from it. The only time I had fish for breakfast is when we were in Thailand and it was in a soup. That was pretty tasty, but probably not something I could replicate at home. Oh, yeah, and lox on bagels, of course!

TB, I do have a cast iron skillet that I often cook in - I will have to remember to use it more. I can't eat tomatoes right now because of my reflux, but I will start sauteing my veggies in there - maybe that will help a little.

I have been thinking of adding some meat back into my diet. I am not craving it, but I am not repulsed by it like I usually am. I don't know where I would start, though. I haven't had red meat in 23 years and poultry in about 10. I might try making chicken soup or something light like that.

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Originally Posted by mad4mady View Post

I made a pitcher of RRL/Nettle ice tea using the peach tea bags to flavor it up. Tastes Great!! Thanks for the suggestion! love.gif

Glad I could help! :)


Originally Posted by Tumble Bumbles View Post

For the people who have issues getting enough iron, have you tried cooking in cast iron? It leeches a lot of elemental iron into food and although it's not as potent and easily absorbed as heme iron (from meat sources), it does help. That's likely why my iron levels were good all last pregnancy (we don't eat meat). You can even boil water in your cast iron pan/pot and use it in your tea mixtures and stuff. Cooking tomato sauce in cast iron REALLY gets you a lot of iron too because it's acidic and has vitamin C which helps absorption. Just thought I'd toss that out there...

We cook just about everything in cast iron and it's just not enough iron. I'm usually borderline anemic when I'm not pregnant so when I am it's really a struggle to get enough iron through my diet. A big part of that is because I just don't eat as much because my appetite is decreased during pregnancy, and the thought of meat makes me ill most of the time. When not preggo I'll eat meat like there's no tomorrow.




Originally Posted by JosieAK View Post

Oh and I've heard that alfalfa and nettles are supposed to be really good for iron levels.  Alfalfa can also make a strong amniotic sac.  

Yep, alfalfa is good for iron too! The bonus is that I think it tastes great! I have alfalfa capsules that I take and there's an aftertaste that tastes like grass. It makes me happy. Thanks for the reminder to find these and start taking them!


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Well, I ate an entire bag of raw spinach for lunch yesterday and I practically inhaled it so I must be needing something in there (maybe building my vitamin K?). I am a big believer that cravings point us to valuable nutritional needs or deficiencies. I've also been craving (thus eating) tons of beans lately, maybe for the iron and protein? I mean I like beans and all but the degree with which I've been eating them lately seems my body is preparing me for building up some stores :)

I've heard raw spinach is actually bad iron-wise... it blocks absorption or something? Course, there are probably plenty of other good reasons to eat it! I wish I were craving beans... I've felt pretty bleh about them lately.


tracymom1: Yeah, I couldn't stomach fish for several weeks either. I buy gurnard usually - it's not cheap, but it's much milder and less fishy-tasting than some other kinds. I've really gone off salmon, sadly....


DH and our flatmate are starting the Atkins diet on Monday (DH just realised that in 10 weeks' time, he might have to hop into the birthing pool with me and the midwife will see his squish!). I'll be keeping some carbs in my diet and DD's, but we'll probably be eating pretty meat- and fat-intensively for a bit; which, being a TFer, I think is great. :p We may even save money - meat isn't cheap, but DH won't be able to have coffee or chocolate or cider for a few weeks, which makes me do a very unwifely dance of joy!

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I drink so much RRL tea it is ridiculous, but it is the only thing that helped with cramping throughout my pregnancy. Apparently I have a cranky overactive uterus? Anyway, it has been a staple since early second trimester.

You've all convinced me to do the cal/mag thing! I forgot that could help with restless legs and mine have been bad the past few weeks.

Anyone have good ideas for bioavailable vitamin K? We're skipping the shot so I feel like I should be pigging out on it in the last few weeks before the birth and the first few PP.
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Great thread everyone!  I have kicked up my intake of RRL/nettle tea.  Since it started to warm up, I've been doing like a lot of people and making a pitcher of iced.  I've been sweetening with honey and throwing in some mint leaves from my herb garden.  Nettle is a good source of iron; so, that could help some of y'all who are low on that end.


moppet, you mentioned vitamin K.  Kale is a good source of vitamin K, and I have lately been drinking this kale smoothie.  You would think you could taste the kale, but I swear you can't.  It is so yummy.  Basically, you prep by taking ripe bananas, cutting them in chunks and freezing them.  I normally grab the last banana before it goes bad, chunk it up and throw it in the freezer.   Prep your kale by washing it and then ripping the leafy part off the hard stem and freezing the raw kale.  When you're ready for a smoothie throw the following in the blender:


1/2 cup of soy milk - I like the vanilla kind

1/2 cup pineapple juice

1 frozen banana

handful of frozen kale

handful of ice.


It is bright green, but tastes really yummy!!  I'm going to try adding some strawberries to the mix tonight.


How does vitamin C help with GBS?  I tested positive for GBS with my last pregnancy and am kind of concerned about it this go around.

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