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Oh and a quick (somewhat TMI) question for all you cervix checkers: if you can poke the baby's head through the walls of your vagina, does that mean it's engaged? I couldn't feel it a few days ago.

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Josie, I agree with you, it would be so nice to be able to meet up and just chat, all of us mammas! Lucky we have the internet!  We are also having a baby girl, and we picked Kay as her middle name, DH's mom's name, actually. You're welcome to use it too!  For her first name, I was inspired by a suggestion of Jenni's, Eleanor, since I want to call her Ella for short, but I have this weird thing where my girls' first names need to end in "A", so I tweaked Eleanor and turned it into Elanora. So we will have an Elanora Kay.


Smokering, I have to admit, I've always pronounced your moniker "smoke-er-ing." Not quite sure why, except it always makes me think of a tuxedo "le smoking"...hehehe...yeah...I am a dork whistling.gif As far as fitted diapers go, I know we have Kissaluvs here which are quite inexpensive, about 8$ a diaper I think. Don't know if they carry them in NZ, though.


I am feeling kinda off today too...I'm really worried about the possibility of being induced this week, but kinda excited, in a guilty and ashamed way, at the thought of having a baby to hold soon. I managed to put the thought out of my head all last week and just live in the moment, but today I woke up convinced that I'm going to be induced this week. Annnd, I'm thinking "ok, so if they're gonna induce, maybe I should go nuts gardening or something to bring on labour" and then I tell myself that's a stupid thing to do, but I think "yeah, but a natural labour's better than Pitocin" and the conversation keeps on going...It's really making the whole end-of-pregnancy time not very enjoyable, although this time I'm 36w and 99% prepared for baby to come, no crazy nesting feelings, no cx, don't know how to check my cervix/not keen to try, so not sure if I'm dialeted/effaced at all.  All in all, I should be just kicking back and relaxing and enjoying DD's last few days/weeks as Supreme Commander of the Universe.  But noooo...anyway, that's my vent for this week.


PS, I'm really excited for all you moms getting showers, especially those who already have kids. With DD1 I planned a get-together with some close friends, but they brought gifts anyway, even though I didn't make it a shower per se. Otherwise, not sure that I would have gotten one at all. This time nada, though. But that's ok, I don't mind :)

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Josie-- I love the idea of either May/Mae or June. I think it's so sweet when they name references the wonderful time when they were born :) My daughter's middle name is Bell and I think it's cute and goes well with anything. 



Sitting on the couch having contractions. After a day of relaxing too... AND I had a great meal, slept in, took a shower and a bath, massage from hubby, and a glass of wine. 

Sometimes I wish my water would break or something so this baby would just come out... and then I realize I am NOT ready yet and sit, gritting my teeth through these lovely "practice" contractions. 

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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

For her first name, I was inspired by a suggestion of Jenni's, Eleanor, since I want to call her Ella for short, but I have this weird thing where my girls' first names need to end in "A", so I tweaked Eleanor and turned it into Elanora. So we will have an Elanora Kay.

I'm so glad I could help with a name! I love Elanora Kay, it's so sweet and girly. :)


The shower today was fun! There were way less people there than we were planning, but it turned out good anyway. I got a few more things that I needed, and a few things that I don't need at all. I'm going to have to go through all the clothes I have and pass some on to another baseball mama who is due with a very unexpected baby around the same time as me. She didn't even find out she was pregnant until she was around 28 weeks along!! Totally crazy to me, but I guess it does happen.


I'll be 36w on Wednesday and I'm to the point where I have everything I need for baby and I'm now just waiting for him to arrive. I am doing a training class to regain my certification as a Child Passenger Safety Technician this week, so hopefully he'll wait until after that at the very least. Honestly if he could wait until after June 12th that would be even better since the kids have camp the first week in June and I don't want them to have to decide if the want to leave camp or wait to meet their brother.


Although when I think about a full 5 more weeks of pregnancy I feel a little ill. I'm not sleeping well at all and for the last week I've been waking up for no reason at 4 am and not being able to fall back to sleep for an hour or more. There's something about waking up at that specific time that throws off the entire day for me. And baby boy is way lower than any of my other babies were at this point. It's great because I can breathe and I can still actually eat a lot in one sitting, but it's murder on my bladder! I'm wondering if that means he'll come a little earlier since he's already down there so far and I've been having random contractions that are breath-taking. Not many and not regularly, but one of them woke me up last night. It didn't feel like any BH that I've ever felt before, it felt like one of those really looooong deep hard transition contractions. But I still can't reach my cervix so nothing seems to be actually happening in that department that I can tell.


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Jenni, i am in love with your kitchen. It is beautiful and so spacious! I think a soft yellow or dark cream color would be gorgeous.

BHappy, I read your comments this morning about your feeling regarding homebirth. I would love to jump up and down and tell you to go for it and how awesome it will be!!! But I know how personal birth decisions are and what I truly hope for you is peace and joy as you figure out your intended path. Homebirth is amazing, but just know in your heart that wherever you end up is exactly where you are meant to be.

Josie, I say get the fishy pool. I had no intentions of a water birth last time, but that fishy pool was divine during labor and worth every bit of setup and cost. I just don't think that a bath tub- no matter how big- could be as comfortable as a pool. Especially if your labor is on the long side.

As for me, just trying to get through the days. DH and I are having issues, and I am feeling rather depressed. I am hoping that I can find some joy in these last few weeks of pregnancy and not dwell on the negatives. I tend to wallow and I know its not healthy, but sometimes it is so hard to stop myself.

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Jenni- Yay for the baby shower. Sometimes it is nice to have just a few people so that you can relax and enjoy the company. I hope that baby stays in for you---or just comes out so you can be comfy again :) We are due the same day, so it's a toss up to see who gets to stop waddling to the bathroom 15 times a night first! ROTFLMAO.gif


Tracy- I'm sorry that you are having bad times with DH. I know that I couldn't handle having emotional problems along with being 9 months pregnant. It's hard enough dealing with the physical 24 hours a day, but to have issues with your partner while you're trying to make it through this hard time--- it takes a big girl, with some serious big girl panties on!  I wish I had great advice, but all I can say is hang in there.... hug2.gif

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Thanks for all the name ideas!  I love them.  They are so sweet and pretty.  Now we just have to pick the "right one"!  It feels like such a big responsibility to give someone else the title that will follow them for the rest of their life.  But I guess it happens every day and I shouldn't stress over it! : )


Thanks for the encouragement to just get the pool.  It really is not that expensive in the realm of things.  I think I will get it and go from there.  My last labor was several days long, so yeah, I would say the insurance is worth it!


DH made me go out today (I stayed home from church with a sick DD).  I was feeling puffy and unmotivated and having uncomfortable BH actually shed a few tears in frustration, but going out to pick up a prescription (and a few birth items and some chocolate :) really picked my mood up, and I'm back to puttering around and hanging some pictures and such.  Whew.  I don't want to desentigrate into a pile of hormonal maternity nerves YET!


I wish you all as much comfort and peace as these last few weeks of pregnancy can offer!  I am rooting for each baby to have the best gestation possible!

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