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presslermom's Avatar presslermom 08:09 PM 06-03-2011

Well, we had our beautiful baby girl at 9:32 this morning, right on time! Her name is Zoie Michelle. She weighed in at 7lbs 4oz and is 19 in long. Labor start to finish was a little less than 6 hours, and she slid out into the water and Mommy's hands. She is perfect! I will update later with more birth story an pictures:joy







jshannyn519's Avatar jshannyn519 08:25 PM 06-03-2011

What a lovely birth! Congrats on your new baby girl! I can't wait to see what your little bunny girl looks like. :)

sharita's Avatar sharita 08:27 PM 06-03-2011

Awww Congrats!!!!  I had one come right on the due date as well.  Also a 6 hour smooth labor.  Thats a Beautiful name! Can't wait for the pictures and detailed story!!!!!

JosieAK's Avatar JosieAK 08:49 PM 06-03-2011

Congratulations!  How exciting. So glad everything went so smoothly. Enjoy that sweet little one!

mad4mady's Avatar mad4mady 08:53 PM 06-03-2011

Congratulations!! And think we were just talking about water breaking the other day and hoping that it would happen soon!  I hope mine comes on time!

amaayeh's Avatar amaayeh 10:00 PM 06-03-2011

joy.gifCongratulations!!!  Welcome baby Zoie!!

Max'sMama's Avatar Max'sMama 12:10 AM 06-04-2011

Congrats!  Yeah for upcoming pictures!

Momsteader's Avatar Momsteader 01:44 AM 06-04-2011

Congrats! Love it that she came on her due date :)

redeyedvireo's Avatar redeyedvireo 04:01 AM 06-04-2011


calynde's Avatar calynde 05:36 AM 06-04-2011
Yay! Congrats, mama!joy.gif
Jaspersmommy's Avatar Jaspersmommy 06:33 AM 06-04-2011

Congrats!  Your birth sounds lovely.  Enjoy your little one :)

OrangeMoon's Avatar OrangeMoon 06:40 AM 06-04-2011

Congratulations, enjoy your babymoon!!! :-) <3

swimming-duck's Avatar swimming-duck 07:10 AM 06-04-2011

Congrats! Right on the due date - wow - how often does that happen? Enjoy your little baby girl!

BHappy's Avatar BHappy 12:05 PM 06-04-2011


tashantx's Avatar tashantx 09:37 PM 06-04-2011

wow those pics just melted me....CONGRATS!

jshannyn519's Avatar jshannyn519 09:44 PM 06-04-2011

Oh my goodness is she ever sweet! I want to smoosh her cheeks! This is not helping my desire to hold my own baby at all. All of these lovely little new people.

Smokering's Avatar Smokering 11:28 PM 06-04-2011

Congratulations! What a cutie. :)

sharita's Avatar sharita 12:08 AM 06-05-2011

Oh my goodness what a sweetheart!  You have such a beautiful family!!!!!!

Jaspersmommy's Avatar Jaspersmommy 06:52 AM 06-06-2011



It's so lovely that she was born into your hands luxlove.gif

cuddlemama0507's Avatar cuddlemama0507 10:19 AM 06-06-2011

Yay!!!  joy.gifShe looks just perfect!  Hope you are enjoying this time!!

tracymom1's Avatar tracymom1 10:27 AM 06-06-2011
How beautiful!! Congrats mama! Enjoy your new little one!
LAWoman's Avatar LAWoman 09:11 PM 06-10-2011

Absolutely precious photos. What a gorgeous family. Congratulations!

LLtheTinkerbell's Avatar LLtheTinkerbell 12:26 PM 06-14-2011

WOW!!! Incredible pictures. Congratulations!!!