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I just got back from my 38 week midwife appointment.


She's pretty sure baby is breech. =(


She's had perfect position up until this point, I'm so frustrated.  I'm going for an ultrasound on Wednesday to confirm, but she found the heartbeat closer to my chest than my pelvis, so she's strongly suspecting that baby has flipped.  I kind of figured something was wrong with how long she was taking finding the heartbeat.  And then "Would you mind if I sent you for an ultrasound?"  Yeah, not what you want to hear at 38 weeks...


So what are my options here?


C-section, obviously, is one of them.


They said there are methods for turning the baby, but they come with their own risks (I'll be googling this today but if anyone has any tips or suggestions or thoughts on this, please pipe in).


Or I could attempt a vaginal breech delivery.  But at my old hospital, where I'd get pushed into a c-section anyway because that's how they roll.  And my midwives would have to transfer care as it's outside of their jurisdiction.  So I'd be with an OB.  No, actually, a nurse for all of labour, and then an OB for the last few minutes where they'd say "WTF lets do a c-section, yay!"


My first birth was a c-section, my second was vaginal.  But because of that first c-section, the midwives won't entertain the idea of a home birth for me.


So yeah, 38 weeks and just totally bummed.  I'm praying that Wednesday's ultrasound will show a properly positioned baby.  I am so sad. =(  I hate hate hate c-sections.

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I'm so sorry.  hug2.gif  In much the same boat, except I'm pushing 41 weeks and my baby keeps flipping from head-down (yay!) to transverse (boo...).  Fingers crossed for y'all that baby flips back where she belongs.

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My suggestions are SpinningBabies, chiro care, inversions, and if all else fails, the external version. I am a big believer that breech is just one variation of normal and there is no reason why you shouldn't attempt a trial of labor, but I know how hard it can be when you are faced with switching hospitals and care providers this late in the game. If the babe is indeed breech, I would start with these things and see what happens. Baby may just go ahead and flip back before your ultrasound - you just never know! My friend who had her baby 3 weeks ago flipped breech at 37 1/2 weeks and then back to vertex just before 39 weeks. So, it does indeed happen!!

Oh, swimming is supposed to be good, too. Get in a pool and do some handstands!

Big hugs mama!

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I'm sorry.  I do have two friends recently who had this situation remedied for them.  One had her crunchy-ish doctor freak out because he heard the heartbeat too high also.  They immediately did a quick scan, and the baby is as head down as they ever could be.  No sweat.  The other had a successful version and the baby is head down and good to go.  So, that is some encouragement!


I don't know how long of a window you have, but I think If I were you, I would not worry about turning the baby or doing anything until you see where the baby is.  THEN you can do spinning babies moves, schedule a version, or whatever.  If you see that your baby is in a "good" breech position, maybe there is a doctor SOMEWHERE who would be willing to attempt a vaginal breech birth.  They DO exist.


Hang in there!  I know this is not good news at all.  The last thing I want right now is a complication or scare of some sort.  hug2.gif I hope everything turns out for the best.

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I agree that high heart tones doesn't always mean breech.  It's reason to suspicion but doesn't always mean it.  With my friend's 3rd baby they kept hearing hers up there and at 36 weeks they made her have an ultrasound to confirm breech since they were so sure.  Sure enough though she wasn't, she was good and head down.  Even after that they still kept getting the tones up there better than down low but who knows why.  She was birthed vaginally, head first, lol.


My little one this time was indeed breech at 36-37 weeks though.  We heard heart tones high but also midwife palpitated and found a high head even though just the week before we know for a fact she was head down and all her strong kicks were up high.  I went for ultrasound 2 days later and she had turned back head down.  Been that way every since.  Mine is a real active babe and she was always switching from vertex, transverse, breech, every day.  She is now deep in the pelvis so pretty sure at this point she is staying.  Its never too late for them to turn.


Also, Id suggest finding a chiro that does webster technique.  Do some inversions, heating pad on low belly, icepack on high belly, stuff like that. 



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Get yourself to a chiropractor that does the Webster Tech.  Go swimming and do handstands.  Go to spinningbabies and do the off the couch inversions.  My baby turned almost immediately.  I did inversions one day and chiro the next.

Also, there is no reason to schedule c-section.  They can schedule for you, but you don't have to show up. ;)  Breech is a variation of normal and babies turn in labor...literally 5 minutes before they make their way out.  hug2.gif

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This is exactly what happened to me ... and I totally panicked. Then we made a plan . . . acupuncture as often as we could, and we scheduled a version in the hospital. I know everyone has different experiences/beliefs about versions, but we had a good experience. Baby T turned easily, and I had a beautiful birth at home two weeks later.



Good luck! There is still time to turn! let us know how it goes.

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I just got back from my appointment with the midwife and we have just now learned, in a total surprise "turn" of events, that the baby is breech. And I'm 39+5. guilty.gif

I'm so scared!! The good things: I am lucky to have a very experienced midwife who is one of the few who still does breech vaginal home births. Also baby has a strong heartbeat, I have good BP, and I am full term. The scary things: this is my first baby, we've had no interventions, ultrasounds, pelvic exams, etc. and so I have already been taking this whole thing on faith - that is trusting my body and just hoping everything is fine. And now this. 

Now we have to decide whether to do an ultrasound tomorrow to check position (after the whole pregnancy without). We did do a pelvic exam tonight (first one!) to check for a head or bottom and apparently I'm effaced and 1cm dilated already, and there was a tiny bit of pink on the midwife's glove. I guess these are good signs? Midwife felt what she was pretty sure was a bum but didn't dig around too much to keep the bag intact. 


Guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that this is not the end of the world and I can still feel confident and safe doing my homebirth (I do NOT want hospital/c-section). I remembered reading this thread earlier and it has provided some reassurance. 

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Hopefully baby turns for you.  The night I wrote this post, I did every single "internet" trick I could find.  Laying upside down against an ironing board, ipod headphones down the pants playing music to lure the baby down, also shining a flashlight down there to attract the baby to flip, along with a hot pad/cold pad combo (cold on top of the belly, hot near the pelvis).  I did the same the next night, and could feel some pretty heavy moving in there, and by Wednesday's ultrasound, she was head down.


So it's not too late.  I was leary of an external version just from things I'd heard from others (basically that it was a waste of time/worry, baby flipped right back or didn't flip at all).  I've also been told that they can flip into the proper position during labour, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.  I opted to do the gentlest things possible and just hope for the best, and it seemed to work.  Now I'm keeping myself busy on an exercise ball hoping to keep her in that position by the time she decides to come!

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Crashing from July...


I had a manual version last week @36 wks - a few people who posted above mentioned "being leary" of a manual version & external version "if all else fails" - I'm just curious about the "cons" to a manual version.. I had no background on the procedure before it was done. It was successful after about 30-40 mins and left me pretty sore. My MW was working hard! But I am curious about other folks' thoughts & experiences since I went into it blindly!

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Guatemama, from what my midwife explained, there are some risks involved.  Mainly the possibility of the placenta being pulled away, cord accidents, or the version triggering labour.  I know a couple of people "in real life" who have had them, and didn't have anything dangerous happen.  But in both cases they were unsuccessful (one couldn't be flipped, one flipped back a couple days later..stubborn baby!) 

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