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Mamatoabunch's Avatar Mamatoabunch 05:09 PM 06-14-2011

The morning of June 2nd, I awoke around 8ish. I had a couple of stronger, but painless contraxs. Dh woke and we lay together in bed. Dh touched me in the way for intimacy and I thought afternoon would be more fun, more time. Then I thought why not, LOL, maybe it start the contraxs stronger, maybe this is baby day. So we made love, I finished, got up to go to the restroom and my water spilled out. I looked at the bed and saw a huge wet spot so my water broke as I climaxed. Dh had yet to finish so I offered, but he said he couldn't now. I felt alot of adreneline and excited, but scared. I went to take a shower, it was around 9am. I announced the the kids that my water had broken. The contractions in the shower were relatively mild and I wondered w/ a few if they were a contractions or what.


I came back up to my room and dh had set up the pool, started filling up. He had put the old sheets on and chux on as well. I then took calcium and vit C, for contraxs pain and broken waters. I was leaking all over and lined my bedroom w/ chux pads. I noticed that the waters were stained w/ meconium. It was light and w/o pieces thankfully. I looked up in Heart and Hands about mecomium to refresh my memory since I had never dealt w/ the issue before. I knew from reading that the new reccomendation was no suctioning for light mecomium. I prayed off and on and walked around my room. I had a commode upstairs and used that. I had loose stools often. I told dh as he sat on the bed and I on the toilet this was the ultimate in surrender and letting go, to have no control at all as to some basic functions of your body. The contractions were relatively mild so far, but were increasing lightly in intensity. At some point I checked my cervix and could feel some thickness left along w/ the baby's head and some soft down of hair. After a bit I laid on the bed as the contractions got more intense. Dh asked what I wanted, if I wanted him to touch me and I said just hold my hand. After a time I called to the kids to pray the rosary and I got into the pool. It felt too hot at first and I asked dh to put more cold water in, but then said no, it feels fine. So he turned off the water. The contractions were getting very intense and I could hear the kids praying which brought much comfort. At this point I start to lose track of anyting and all I fear is intense pain as I ride the contractions. Soon I started to feel pushy and pushed a wee bit. I felt so overwhelmed and at timesmy breathing was ragged. I felt close to total panic. I reminded myself as dh did to breathe deeply. For the first time dh doesn't question if I should be pushing yet, LOL. It was planned that Arden would take birth pics, as she had last time, and dh kept asking if I wanted her to come now, but I kept saying no. I didn't want her to see the raw intensity of this birth. I regret it now though, I wish I had those pics. I have usually felt the need to push when baby meets the perinium, but this time I felt the urge earlier. I swayed, got on my knees and begged God to help me. I felt almost crazy, I could hear dh tell me it will be ok and could feel him holding my hand. I know I must have looked wild, I could myself on a totally different plane of life, like I knew there was people here, but it was only me. And in a way it is b/c no one could fix this pain or intensity, only me, by pushing out the baby. It is such and odd feeling in that spot. As I had another contraction on my knees I felt a pop as he passed my bones and his head filled my vagina. I pushed w/ every bit and had my hand there as his head crowned. On my knees I pushed his head out and then sat back to push the rest of him out. I puhed w/ more might and out he came thank the Lord. As I lifted him out he had the cord wrapped once over his neck, in the back. I lifted my torso out of the water to unlooped as I told dh he had a short cord. After I unlooped it he gave a lusty cry and continued to cry. I then looked and of course he was a boy! There was no consoling him, as he must have had just as much of an intense birth as I had laboring w/ him. Dh called all the kids and they came right after. I felt slightly stunned, as I often do right after birth. W/in minutes some blood came. Finnian, my toddler looked very confused about the baby. Then they all went downstairs and put Finnian to bed. I got out of the pool as dh helped me, by carrying Esca w/ the cord still attached and pulsating.


I laid back on our bed w/ Esca. I felt his cord was now cool, limp and no longer pulsating so dh clamped it and cut. I wanted the placemnta out and sked dh to bring the bowl. I pulled a bit on the cord and could feel the placenta right there so I asked dh to cup the bowl around so I could push it ino the bowl. It slipped out easliy. It was the first time I had not squatted to birth the placenta. I then sat down w/ him on bed and looked him over. He was so squishy and adorable. I then dressed him, nursed and we rested.

amaayeh's Avatar amaayeh 05:24 PM 06-14-2011

Wow, Annabelle.  That does sound like a very intense birth!  You did so well keeping your cool, though.  I completely remember that panicky feeling.  Congratulations to all of you!  Great job Mama!!!

jshannyn519's Avatar jshannyn519 05:40 PM 06-14-2011

This is so true! And I know what you mean when you say that you know there are people around you, but you're in a different plane and all alone. Esca's birth sounds very intense, but amazing! Congrats again!

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I told dh as he sat on the bed and I on the toilet this was the ultimate in surrender and letting go, to have no control at all as to some basic functions of your body.


Lidamama84's Avatar Lidamama84 05:46 PM 06-14-2011

Congrats, mama!!!flowersforyou.gif

swimming-duck's Avatar swimming-duck 05:49 PM 06-14-2011

Wow. Amazing birth story!

tracymom1's Avatar tracymom1 06:43 PM 06-14-2011
Beautiful mama! Beautiful baby!
LLtheTinkerbell's Avatar LLtheTinkerbell 07:29 PM 06-14-2011

Such a great story - stream of consciousness style - feels like a birth in itself! Congratulations :)

Jaspersmommy's Avatar Jaspersmommy 06:05 AM 06-15-2011

What a lovely birth story!  I love that you described what you were feeling and thinking.  It must have been lovely being surrounded by your children and husband.