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June 2011 > Bodhi was born on his due date and sweet as can be!
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I had a fairly quick labor (about 3 hours of active labor and only an hour of strong surges that I had to focus on). Arrived to the hospital birth center at 5cm with 90 second long and 5 minute apart contractions. My OB wasn’t available (it was his birthday!! And he was gone) so at about 11:30 pm, I met the doctor who delivered me for about 5 mins. She’d read my chart and was a little concerned about my severe hemorrhage after my last birth. We negotiated a little, and I agreed to a saline IV port placed for access, 20 min monitor strip for baby and then intermittent monitoring from there on out. That she’d not do anything to me or babe without asking first, and that I didn’t want to be checked again until I felt the urge to push. Then she said she’d be back in a few hours to check on me. I assured her, she’d be back to deliver a baby before then ;) She was a great OB and I felt my wishes were respected 100%. My whole stay was lovely and they were very hands off and gentle and just so wonderful!


I labored mostly in the tub which was great and felt wonderful and I delivered in my bikini top and hair in a towel turban! I was channeling a wonderful beach vacation I guess :D 




So Bohden Wilder aka “Bodhi” arrived on his due date June 25 at 12:56 a.m. He weighed 9 lbs 4 oz and 19.5” long which is almost a full pound heavier than any of my other 5 babies! He also had a 15” inch head!!! 99% percentile they said and more like a 2 mo old head size. It was no WONDER it felt so awful to deliver the head and so unlike my other deliveries pain/pushing wise. However, I didn’t tear and not a skid mark! I believe this is because I listened when my body said do NOT push just let it move him down at it’s pace. So even though that last 30 mins was sooo incredibly painful, my body was doing the right thing keeping me from pushing and moved his head down and out slower than my ‘usual’. Because, I am usually a powerful pusher that has the babe out in one contraction, and had I done that with him, I am sure I would have torn badly! The OB just sat quietly and let me do my thing. No forced counting pushes. She only encouraged me at the end when his head was about half crowned that I could probably get him out in one active push and it did feel good to do that and head/shoudlers/body came out all at once. I had my hands cupping his head while still inside and then pulled him up onto my chest. She just said "Oooh that's a big boy!" Delayed cord clamping and he nursed right away and never left my sight.


We came home the day after he was born, and he’s almost 72 hrs old now and just a love. Very, very mellow. Actively nursing 30-45 mins at a time from the get go! He had at least 8 meconium diapers in his first 12 hours, and my milk is finally coming in tonight. I had a little yesterday, but just wasn’t quite enough groceries for this big boy! At one point yesterday he was nursing pretty much non-stop and I could hear his poor tummy gurgling and growling. So, with all that, I still haven’t had any engorgement, but feeling let down and he’s swallowing, so the milk is there. I fear a pretty big over supply in the coming days, but I do plan to pump for donation as well as a little stash for me as I usually have a good supply. My boys were both NICU babies (a week and almost a month) and then my surrogate babies of course went home with their parents, so I’ve never brought home a baby! So these first few days home are so much fun!!! But, this is my first time having a baby bring in my supply fully and not a pump, so even though it’s my fifth time, I feel like it’s a first LOL! I noticed also that my afterpains have been SO minimal this time!  Very nice!!


I’m also feeling wonderful! I had been meaning to sit down and write the birth story, but I’ve been busy goofing around and visiting. And even went to ‘work’ tonight for 2 hours (I am on the town council and we had our monthly meeting tonight. Just took the baby along and he did great for 2+ hr meeting and I even NIP at the head table for a good 30 mins LOL). The mayor said he forgot the baby was even there he was so quiet.


I wonder if the personality of your wee babes has been similar to their early newborn days? Or will my nice mellow man be a screamy bundle soon? My boys came home at a week and almost a month old and their sleeping/waking/personality that I’d observed in the NICU was pretty much  how they were at home.


My 11 yo (with pink mohawk :D ) checking out his new brother at about 12 hrs old.


Max'sMama's Avatar Max'sMama 12:03 AM 06-28-2011

Congratulations!   Love the name.  It was on my short list but not on DH's unfortunately!

tracymom1's Avatar tracymom1 04:46 AM 06-28-2011
Oh welcome little Bodhi!!! Congrats mama! Thank you for sharing!! joy.gif
swimming-duck's Avatar swimming-duck 05:32 AM 06-28-2011

Congratulations! Very sweet pictures - I love his little knit outfit! I think it's so amazing that you were able to get an OB on call who was respectful of your wishes - sounds like a very peaceful hospital birth!

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Congrats! He's sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! biggrinbounce.gif

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Yes, I count myself very lucky! I had heard great things about this hospital-based birth center (like people come here from out of state for it) and it didn't disappoint. The nurses were all also really knowledgable. Asking about how nursing was going and then specific questions about latch, any nipple pain, did I need the LC to come in, etc. Much more support offered than my other births. I didn't need to take them up on any of it, but it was good to hear they were offering and asking 'good' questions and not just assuming because this was my 6th baby I didn't need any support.

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Congrats on your totally adorable new boy! I love the picture of your older son (and love his mohawk!) with the baby. Too cute!


My kids personalities were pretty much the same from birth on. They were all mellow, good nursers, good sleepers (when they slept) and not screamers. Ezrah is in line with that as well, he's still mellow, still nurses great, and he sleeps great too. He does 2 chunks during the day that are 3-4 hours each, well, one during the day and another at night. I've never had any of my babies go from mellow and happy to screaming and crying constantly. I suppose it could happen, it just doesn't seem likely...

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Congratulations!!!  Sounds like a wonderful birth!  joy.gif

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Congrats joy.gif

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Congrats ! joy.gif
Janae's Avatar Janae 10:22 AM 06-28-2011

He's beautiful!!! Great job!thumbsup.gif

NuzzleNudge's Avatar NuzzleNudge 10:50 AM 06-28-2011

AWesome Name, and sounds like you've been blessed with a Mellow man! My Gosh He was big. That head makes me Shiver! Great JOB!!

Mamatoabunch's Avatar Mamatoabunch 12:23 PM 06-28-2011

What wonderful news!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name!  He is so cute!!!  Congrats!

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Beautiful name and beautiful story!