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erigeron 07:42 PM 07-31-2011

So who does your kidling take after? You, their dad, some other relative, can't tell?

Everyone keeps telling us that Amelia looks like my husband. I've also seen flashes where she reminds me of my sister and of his brother. As a brand-new infant she looked a whole lot like my brand-new infant pictures, but I really do not see where she looks anything like I do now. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing a bit of myself in her at some point, maybe not for a while yet.

BHappy's Avatar BHappy 10:35 PM 07-31-2011
Our littlest boy looks like his daddy right now. I also see our other two sons in him. Others have commented in certain photos he looks like his sister. I am hoping he has my eyes...
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 11:34 PM 07-31-2011

Opinions vary. A lot of people think he looks like DD, and a lot of people think he doesn't. A few family members have agreed that he looks like baby pictures of my next-oldest sister, especially when he smiles. DH insists he has his (DH's) head shape, and while I don't really see it myself, I agreed sweetly because DH was all excited that something about the baby resembled him, my side of the family apparently having persistent genes. And he looks like my dad, of course... but all babies do. Dad has that sort of face. :p MIL says she sees SIL in him a bit from time to time, but I can't comment on that (should really look through DH's and SIL's baby photos, I guess!)


Mostly I think he looks recognisably like "one of ours", meaning my side of the family, but not any one person too specifically.

Snowflake777's Avatar Snowflake777 08:25 PM 08-01-2011

I think this one looks slightly more like me than DH, though I might be biased. No one else has really commented on it yet. Ask me after the next family get-together. winky.gif


She's a lot like her sister too - very strong sibling resemble there! As for other family members, the person I see in her most is my father.


erigeron - I'm sure you'll see more of yourself as time passes. Supposedly we've evolved so that babies tend to come out looking more like their father, as a sort of natural paternity test. The effect lessens as they get older. That was definitely the case with our first daughter, who was born looking like DH's clone. She still favours him now, but nowhere near as much as she did in the beginning.

erigeron 08:32 PM 08-01-2011

I've read that too. Pretty cool. When we were in the hospital, my mother kept looking at her and saying stuff like "Oh, she has your nose, but this is definitely Alec's baby", as if there was some sort of doubt otherwise. (I don't think she intended it that way though.)

LLtheTinkerbell's Avatar LLtheTinkerbell 12:23 AM 08-02-2011

Yep, when she first came out I was told "boy, does she look like your husband!" 


I can't help but hope she looks a little like me soon...

MaryElizabeth's Avatar MaryElizabeth 07:16 PM 08-02-2011

Finn is almost an exact replica of his Daddy. His has his bone structure, hair line, skin, eyes, toes, everything. I kinda love it :) DD is me.... but a prettier, softer version. It's nice to have little mini-me's running around!


Although... people do think that DH and I are brother and maybe they look like both of us!

swell_mel's Avatar swell_mel 01:08 AM 08-03-2011

I'm not so sure yet. We all seem to agree that her eyes look like dd2's eyes. Sometimes she reminds me of my dad or well, pictures of him as a baby/toddler- something about her face shape and eyes. I think she favors my side more than dh's. But she's also a chameleon baby right now- it seems like no 2 pictures of her look alike. DD1 is all dh's side- mostly MIL- which is not a bad thing at all- she's a beautiful woman! DD2 is the spitting image of me as a little girl. I hadn't heard that about "nature's paternity test". Very interesting! I remember after all 3 girls were born thinking they looked just like dh.

Buddhamom's Avatar Buddhamom 07:03 AM 08-03-2011

Everyone says Lotus looks like me except for her blue eyes which is weird since all my other children as well as DH and I have brown eyes *LOL*  ANd the ped. says they most likely will not be changing color.

erigeron 09:30 PM 08-04-2011

My husband has blue eyes while the whole rest of his family has brown eyes. Some recessive gene snuck in there, sounds like.