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staryla's Avatar staryla 09:05 AM 12-06-2010

I had a wonderful appt with my midwife last week.  I've been charting my cycles for months now, but due to a pesky cold and fever I had around the time of conception I wasn't 100% on my dates.  However, I got a negative pregnancy test and then two days later got a positive one, so I thought that pretty much pinpointed the date, and that's why I've been placing myself solidly in the July DDC.  Now its looking like I might have had a bad test that first time.


She pulled up my little baby on the ultrasound and we got to see him pedal his legs and roll around!  She initially said he was measuring as 12 weeks!  That is flatly impossible because even though I don't know for sure when I ovulated, I know it wasn't early enough for that.  She did some more measurements and was only able to get it down to 11w4d.  Looking back at my charts the earliest possible conception date should have only put me at 10w6d.


I'm really hoping this doesn't come back to bite me next summer by going overdue.  I have no idea how this group of hospital-practice midwives handles such situations.  She offered to schedule me for a dating ultrasound at the official clinic (we were using a roll-up machine in the exam room), but we declined. She also said that at this stage the measurements should be accurate to within 3 days. (Really?)


Now I'm a little confused and almost wishing we had scheduled the official ultrasound.  I'm perfectly fine with knowing that my baby is due the last week or two of June, but I am starting to get worried about the hospital timeline.  The random thought has also crossed my mind that I'm going to have the most enormous baby everfaint.gif, and my 8lb5oz first-born was PLENTY big enough for me.


On the other hand, being a PAL mom I feel like I feel like I've been given a get out of jail free card by essentially skipping two weeks and getting almost all the way to the second trimester!  I'll be introducing myself in June soon, but I'm sure I'll still hang around here a bunch too.  Good luck to everyone!

scheelimama's Avatar scheelimama 11:50 AM 12-06-2010

Why won't she look at your charts and go by the date that is the earliest possible ovulation date?  Midwives should be more understanding of that.  I haven't had my first appt. yet, but mine will be similar.  I missed charting for 4 days because of a camping trip and came hoome to high temps.  U/S put my baby at 4 days smaller that it could have been based on my chart.  There's just no way I could have ovulated later than the spike in temps and got a positive test a mere 6 days later.  So, I know my u/s is off by at least 4 days.  And I will be giving them the due date I think it should be and explaining why.  I do hope they listen to me.  You know your body and your midwives should be listening to you and looking at reason, i.e., your chart.  

staryla's Avatar staryla 02:22 PM 12-06-2010

At my next appt I'm going to ask to discuss the dates some more.  I was so in shock over being told I was measuring 12 weeks that I couldn't formulate a very coherent response.

Mama Metis's Avatar Mama Metis 02:51 PM 12-06-2010

Wow - congrats on being so close to the second trimester! orngbiggrin.gif

fertilemyrtle's Avatar fertilemyrtle 08:40 AM 12-07-2010

Argh,that's so hard for me to read, even though it's wonderful that your baby is healthy and robust!   EVERYONE who works at hospitals is so induction happy, it seems.   I would consider fighting tooth and nail to not have an earlier due date.   Stick to your guns b/c the ultrasound is inaccurate it sounds like.  It's so much better to have a later due date written down, and then if your babe comes "early", no big deal.   But if your date is earlier, and your babe is therefore "late,"  you're up against an even bigger fight than the due date one now. Sorry to couch it in fighting terms but that's what it feels like sometimes, kwim?



Nightswimming's Avatar Nightswimming 07:47 AM 12-09-2010

I agree with the FertileMyrtle.  It is in your best interest to have the most accurate due date especially since the more accurate due date is later and since you were charting you have evidence to back you up! 

aet.tea's Avatar aet.tea 11:33 AM 12-09-2010

I had a 4-day discrepancy in dating last time. . . went with the later date (to avoid induction) and that almost came back to haunt me when the baby arrived at 36 wks 3 days! The midwife had said we needed to be at 37 weeks for a homebirth. . . according to the earlier date (which I knew was more accurate) it would have been 37 weeks exactly. She let us do the homebirth anyway. Probably not as much of a concern if you're going to be at a hospital anyway, but something to think about.