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Keeping positive thoughts...and the excitement that my first baby will be here in July of 2011..


How soon will you start buying baby stuff?  I know there are going to be some great after-Christmas that too soon to begin shopping?


Mrs B

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i'm waiting until i feel really confident that this baby is sticking before i buy stuff. but if i didn't have any worries i would possibly be keeping an eye out for a good deal on a car seat after Christmas since that will probably be the most expensive thing we purchase. really we don't need to buy much for this baby other than a car seat. with my first we ended up needing and using so few things the first 3 months. he slept in bed with us. was skin to skin as much as possible in a carrier. we hardly had him in clothes even and he was a fall baby. with a summer baby i am thinking we will need even less.

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it depends on the stuff.  i may sound like a downer here, but i like to buy something small right away (a hat, booties, etc.) so that i have something to commemorate the baby by if i *do* lose them.  it also helps to make the baby feel more real, especially if you've been TTC for a long time.


bigger stuff, i didn't buy or even look at until at least 6 months pregnant.  partly because i didn't feel well enough to shop until then and partly because there's no need to have a bunch of big items around for months not being used.

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Well, there is a Jewish tradition that says you don't bring anything over the threshold until the baby is born ....


But there is no way I could do that! lol I have ads on craigslist looking for the big items that I am needing, and I have already sent out an email to the Mothers of Multiples Club.  I would prefer to buy more things used this time around, and I figure if I start early then I might be able to find them!

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We do a lot of secondhand and clearance shopping. So because of that, we do buy things for baby before baby comes. 


With Finley (who we lost at 16 weeks) we had bought a few things, and due to the loss experience, I've found that I'm okay using some of the things we bought (blankets and stuff) but not others (a certain outfit and pair of pants, but Finley was due in the winter and this baby is due in the summer, so the outfit and pants likely wouldn't get used this time anyway). 


We did buy 2 Halloween outfits for this baby, right after Halloween, and paid less than a dollar for each (the onesie was 30 cents, I figure if we lose this baby, we're not out much for that! lol). 


Anyway, I think it's okay to start buying whenever you feel ready! :)

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I think it totally depends on how you feel about it.  I remember with my first, I didn't want to buy anything for a good long while, having just had an early miscarriage the cycle before.  I was even slightly upset by the gifts people sent early on when they found out we were pregnant, and I put them away in a closet.


Just today I was in a shop that has diapers on consignment, and I want to have a newborn stash (we used a diaper service for #1 so all we have is covers and no insides).  So even though I'm only 10 weeks, I bought 3 Kissaluvs diapers in size 0 and 3 prefolds.  I figured since they're consignment, they might not be there if I went back for them, say, a month later.  And they were gender neutral colors.  But we don't need a whole lot since this is baby #2, besides some newborn diapers to go in the covers we already have.  Unless it's a boy.  Then we'd need boy clothes.  But in my family they tend to do a shower/party even for #2, so I'd probably be gifted a lot of the boy stuff we'd need.  And I figure with a summer babe, they won't need much clothing!


Happy shopping (whenever you feel it's right!)

Mama to a daughter (3/2008) and a son (7/2011)
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We never bought much before I was 24 weeks, a time where I thought the baby would have a chance to survive if born. But I think even 12 weeks is fine if you feel confident and we can never plan for every eventuality anyways.

You can always sell the new clearance items on ebay in case you do not need them (which is what I did after the loss of my sin because I could not see another baby in his clothes).

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I don't buy much in the beginning due to my history of miscarriage. But after I see a good heartbeat and as long as there are no other problems I'll usually buy a neutral thing here and there until we know gender. However, this time we're not finding out gender, so I guess I won't be buying much of anything.

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We have everything really, but I did buy a cute shirt and pants for a boy (just in case!)


I've had 3 m/c before where the first one was my first pregnancy and at about 8 weeks we bought a crib at a yard sale, then lost the baby at 12 weeks:( that was hard, we put the crib in the basement, but I did get to use it eventually:)


I think usually 2nd trimester is a good time to buy... but if I see something cute and cheap, I'll pick it up pregnant or, I have lots of babymakin' family and friends.:)

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With DS, our "tradition" was that after each Dr's appointment, we'd buy one thing/set of things, starting with the early u/s appointment at about 9 weeks.  At first, we bought smaller, gender-neutral things, with the thought that even if I miscarried, we'd use the things for future children (ie-board books, baby carriers, etc).  This time, we don't really need anything other than a carseat & clothes if it's a girl, so we won't be doing as much shopping ahead of time.

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With my 1st, I bought things (small things, random GN outfits, hats, blankets, etc.) before I even got a positive test.  We were TTC for 4 months and I was so anxious for a baby.  I guess I wasn't worried about miscarrying, if I had, I would have just held onto the things for the next pregnancy/baby.  We didn't get bigger things until more than half way through, mostly in the 3rd tri.  Again, with my 4th, once I found out I was having a boy (my 1st boy after 3 girls) at 20 weeks, I began buying boy things.  I haven't bought anything this time and won't buy anything at all except perhaps one new first outfit for this baby, but I won't buy that until the last few weeks.  But I just don't have a need to buy anything for this baby (physically or emotionally).

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I bought a new wrap today, ill probably get my almost 2 year old to break it in a bit before this little baby is here...


I say that if you see something you love, buy it. I don't think its ok to live in fear of something bad happening (this is something I struggle with), so enjoy being pregnant and shopping and all the little stuff. If something happens down the road, deal with it then and don't plan for it now.. know what I mean?

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I am lurking on both diaperswappers and thebabywearer... we have almost everything still since DS just turned 1 but hey, I deserve a new wrap!!  My SIL is due in March so we will be getting her hand-me-downs also. Woot!

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I have started knitting a baby blanket out of soft sea green yarn that I had a bunch of.  We haven't bought anything yet, but I have lurked on CD sites and looking at wraps.  I tend to give wraps away before the need really goes away (who knows why), so I do need another one.

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Don't buy too much stuff too soon, you have plenty of time.  As your pregnancy progresses, you will get offers of stuff & plus there are wish lists & baby showers.  Keep receipts for everything you buy too just in case you get duplicates.


Making a blanket sounds like a great idea!  ..If you see something you absolutely love, buy it, but wait for everything else!  I bought way too much stuff with DS & then regretted it.  Honestly, all you really need are some diapers, a few onesies & some receiving blankets to get started.    Other than that one thing I loved were gowns, easy access to diapers & keeps them warm...even summer babies need to be covered b/c they don't have much brown fat to insulate them.  Also loved Swaddle Me, so easy to swaddle a baby without having to mess around with a receiving blanket all the time.

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