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CarrieCo's Avatar CarrieCo 07:55 AM 02-21-2011

Please ask your home birth supply questions here!  How are you ladies coming along with gathering up your supplies?


I just got my home birth supply list and I'm really excited to start gathering things up!


I just researched why garden hoses are toxic and was totally shocked .... it's because they are made with PVC and lead!!! Ahh ... I can't believe was letting my little babies swim in lead water last summer!  And then a drinking water hose that is lead and PVC free ... is the same price as one that's toxic! Even wal-mart sells drinking water hoses.  Why isn't this a well known fact?! That's crazy!


So, needless to say I bought the safe, lead free/pvc, drinking water hose! I don't want my baby born into lead water!


Have you ladies heard about this faucet pump that hooks up to your sink and syphon's water out? My doula was telling me about it, but I don't know if I need the rest of the fish aquarium pump to go with it?!  She's supposed to ask her last client where she got it and how it works. Anything to make the cleanup easier!

faucet pump.jpg

TexasMum's Avatar TexasMum 12:51 PM 02-21-2011

The place I am getting my tub, yourwaterbirth.com has a bunch of faucet adapters, so you can hook your drinking water hose up to your kitchen sink. I am not familiar with a pump though. Let me know when you find out!

I am not gathering anything yet. My midwife has a small list of things to collect and also a birth kit to purchase but I think I'll wait a little bit longer till it's closer to time. 

noahs.mom06's Avatar noahs.mom06 12:19 AM 02-22-2011

My midwife supplies the pool and the pump to empty it. I'm actually excited because our bedroom window is right by our garden, so we can empty the pool right out the window and our garden should do really well this year :) My midwife hasn't given me a list, and I haven't started collecting supplies, but I'm a procrastinator anyway, and I'm really not that worried about it... Since DD has digestive issues, we have a bunch of nice cloth chux pads from the hospital that I know will come in handy, and I have most of what I'll need for after the birth already... the rest will happen when it's time. Having gone from planning a homebirth to having to have a hospital birth at 28 weeks in my last pregnancy, I'm a little hesitant to really PLAN for a homebirth this time until we know for sure it can actually happen.

~Katie~'s Avatar ~Katie~ 06:39 AM 02-22-2011

I haven't taken a look at the supply list yet. I don't plan on buying anything until sometime after 30 weeks. I have the RV hose already, I found a hose adapter at home depot last time and will probably get it there again. I can buy the actual birth kit online and the rest of the odds and ends at the dollar store. I still have lots of chux pads. I have to buy a pool liner as well. I'm still debating buying my own tub.

MarineWife's Avatar MarineWife 08:02 AM 02-22-2011
Not really a birth supply question but along the same lines. If you use cloth pads, how many PP pads do you need and what size should they be?
~Katie~'s Avatar ~Katie~ 08:17 AM 02-22-2011

I used a combination of disposable and cloth last time and I made my own, but I used an overnight/heavy pattern and extended it slightly for more coverage. I think you can buy post-partum pads, though. I had 6 or 7 pads and I'd wash them every night. I'm planning to use Depends for the first few days after birth because I don't want to mess with trying to get underwear on, I ruined so many pads and underwear that way because I'm so clumsy after birth. The mesh underwear have never worked well for me.


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Not really a birth supply question but along the same lines. If you use cloth pads, how many PP pads do you need and what size should they be?

mumofmak's Avatar mumofmak 11:25 AM 02-22-2011

I can highly recommend lunapads - the heavy flow version with the added 'heavy liner inserts'. I LOVE them! I use them for postpartum, overnight and on really heavy days. one or two pads plus several liners will do for a day so it depends on how often you want to wash and dry....

MarineWife's Avatar MarineWife 02:24 PM 02-22-2011
Thanks. I rechecked my MW's birth kit. It includes 10 disposable PP pads so maybe I won't bother spending money on cloth if it's already spent on sposies.

Her water birth kit also includes the safe hose and faucet adapter. You shouldn't need anything other than that for filling and draining the tub. There's quite a bit of stuff in the kits that I don't need, like another mattress cover and thermometer and baby hats. I'm going to check if I can put together my own and maybe it will cost a little less. I probably won't bother to order anything until I'm in the third trimester.