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Here in Spain they told me there's nothing I can take so I'm trying to tough it out. Problem is I'm on day 3 of a hardcore cough that wracks my whole body and hurts my ribs and ab muscles and I'm worried about the effect on the baby. Not to mention that the pitiful amount of sleep I was getting before is all but gone.


Did anyone take anything for a cough (approved by your doc in your country) in the eighth month? If you can recommend something perhaps I can try to find an equivalent here in Spain. I really don't like taking meds while pregnant and have avoided it for 8 months, but I'm at the point where I feel the cough is getting worse and surely that's not good for mother or baby?



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Ugh, I hate having a cold while pregnant. I'm sorry you're sick.


I had the cold from hell last pregnancy and I took Robitussin. It didn't do much but it helped somewhat.


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I am so sorry you are sick! I had a nasty flu a few weeks ago.. coughed for three weeks! My ribs and back ached with all that coughing. And I was wetting myself whenever I coughed (so.. pretty much all the time) eyesroll.gif Not fun!!

I drank a lot of hot lemon and honey water, sometimes with ginger in it. Hot oregano tea helped too. I ended up taking a couple of Tylenol for the pounding headache (felt like my head was going to explode when I would cough) and I did use cough drops on the nights when I could not get any sleep otherwise. Running a hot shower in a closed up bathroom to breathe the steam helped (I stayed out of the really hot water) and having a humidifier to keep the air moist helped too.

I hope you can kick this bug soon! It's so miserable to be sick while pregnant. greensad.gif

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Lemon water worked WONDERS for me. I know it sounds way too simple, but it really pulled my sore throat through! That and cell salts. I think I took an enormous amount of calc sulph, and rotated it with sodium ascorbate (very absorbent vitamin C) and I was better in a couple of days. Good luck mama:) Feel better soon

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