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Mizyellow's Avatar Mizyellow 08:07 AM 06-22-2011

So I don't remember feeling like my pelvic was breaking with my first pregnancy. It hurts so bad that walking is nearly impossible. Any of you ladies feeling this way? 35 1/2 weeks and I don't know how I am going to make it another month! I am supposed to be able to walk this baby out but walking to the bathroom is hard right now. Does this mean he is engaged? Lennon never engaged and if this is what it feels like.....

Narleegates's Avatar Narleegates 08:14 AM 06-22-2011

I was feeling like that around 20-25 weeks, but the intensity let up, and it's come back in recent days but much milder

SuburbanHippie's Avatar SuburbanHippie 08:46 AM 06-22-2011

Is it sharp, shooting pains in the inner part of your pelvis (vaginal area)?  Does it hurt to roll over in bed?  I'm just wondering if you may have SPD.  If so, a maternity belt helps immensely.  I had it with both of my girls and ended up sleeping in a recliner from 36-40 weeks with one of them because it got so bad.


I'm having some pelvic issues this time, mostly at night when I get up to pee.  I have a really hard time walking to the bathroom.  It feels like my pelvis is not connected to the rest of my surrounding bones.  When I get up off the toilet, my pelvis pops loudly and then I can actually make it back into the bed without using the walls for support.  Three times a night I do this.  It is no fun.

sarahmck's Avatar sarahmck 09:56 AM 06-22-2011

DDCC.  That sounds a lot like pelvic instability from too much relaxin.  I haven't had it personally but I have several friends who did.  Here's a wikipedia page:  Do you get chiropractic care?  I think that can help.

guatemama1's Avatar guatemama1 10:16 AM 06-22-2011

Hmmm I think I hear ya... I'm not too uncomfortable I guess but I can FEEL my pelvis trying really hard to keep my body together :) When I put on pants standing up I gotta go slow because I feel my whole body wobbling on onside of my pelvis. Plus turning at night feels like moving a Lego castle without letting it fall apart. Good times. I'm 38w1d now and figure I can deal with this for another 2-3 weeks :) Or 4.

sarahmck's Avatar sarahmck 10:21 AM 06-22-2011

The problem is that, for some people, the problem isn't solved by giving birth.  I have some friends who didn't have it too badly who were mostly cured by the birth.  But I have a couple of other friends who have continued to be affected for 2-6 months after the birth.  That's why I think it makes sense to do what you can now not to aggravate it and to help it, if possible.  I'm just not personally sure what one would do to help it because I haven't experienced it myself.  I just know that being incapacitated with a newborn isn't a ton of fun.

HeliMom's Avatar HeliMom 10:30 AM 06-22-2011

I am totally right there with you. It hurts to lift my one leg up to get into pants, it hurts to roll over. It's plain freaking evil.  I'm also at 35 1/2 weeks, so we can be pelvic pain buddies.  Chiropractic really helps. I go 1x a week.



Can anyone more knowledgeable debunk my totally lay person hope that this pain is a good thing and will make my labor easier?

singin_angel's Avatar singin_angel 11:03 AM 06-22-2011

I've been having this for a few weeks...I hate putting on clothes or rolling over in bed...or getting in/out of the car. I am going for chiropractic but I am also making it better by tying my rebozo around my pelvis tightly to bind it all together. It helps a lot!

HidaShara's Avatar HidaShara 11:19 AM 06-22-2011

I've had this since 2nd trimester. :(  There are good days and bad days, but on the whole I feel like a cripple.  My midwife suggested chiropractors or a massage, but when I asked if it actually solves anything she pretty much said no, it's just temporary relief.  So I didn't bother.


Warm baths/showers and Tylenol.  That also provides temporary relief. :)


I find the higher I can prop my leg while I sleep (on my side), the better I feel when I wake up in the morning, if that helps at all.

Mizyellow's Avatar Mizyellow 02:29 PM 06-22-2011

I do find a hot bath helps and several glasses of wine..........joking of course


What sort of things is your chiro doing because mine has nothing to do with my pelvis but I will try anything.

Helimom- I keep thinking all this pain is going to make my labor go fast too but I am probably wrong.

1fitmom's Avatar 1fitmom 11:41 AM 06-23-2011
  • I have this same problem and have since the 7 month, I'm now 36 weeks and didn't have this for my first two pregnancies. It has gotten worse in the last month so I start chiropractic care 1-2 times a week, which has helped a bit I've also just started wearing a support belt around my hips. As far as I know its just your body preparing for what to come by producing relaxin, which causes movement in the joints, ligaments and muscles of the pelvis. It can also be caused by the baby moving down and engaging. Most women are good after baby is born. For myself I just keep reminding myself that this little one is worth it and will be here soon.
  • Here are some tips to help alleviate some of the pain. Good luck
  • If you find turning over in bed very painful, try sitting up directly from lying on your back, after pulling up your knees as far towards your chest as your bump will allow. This moves your pelvis from an unstable to a locked position. Tighten your pelvic floor and lower tummy muscles before moving.
  • Avoid lying on your back or sitting slumped, particularly with your legs straight. Lying on the sofa or in the bath are particular temptations to sink into this position. If you do have to lie on your back, place a rolled towel under your back, at waist level to support your back and bend your knees.
  • Avoid pushing through any pain. If something hurts, if possible, don't do it. If this type of pain is allowed to flare up, it can take a long time to settle down again.
  • When you are walking, arch your back and swing your arms as though you are marching. This locks your pelvis in a stable position and activates the muscles that stiffen your joints.
  • Doing regular pelvic floor exercises may help to strengthen your pelvic joints.
  • Avoid heavy lifting or pushing. Supermarket carts can be particularly painful. Shop online or ask a friend to shop for you.
  • Rest regularly, preferably by sitting on a large exercise or birthing ball or by resting on your hands and knees.
  • Move little and often. You may not feel the effects of what you are doing until later in the day.
  • Sometimes sleeping on a softer surface can help. Try placing a duvet under your sheet.
  • When dressing, sit down to pull on your pants or underwear.

samhope's Avatar samhope 08:45 PM 06-26-2011

I got spd at 30 weeks (now 35 weeks) and went to a physical therapist this past week and am feeling better then I have in over a month!  I have also been going to a chiro weekly and she sets it back, but it keeps popping back out.  I am doing the exercises from the pt 5x each 3x a day.  Here are the pelvic floor exercises she is having me do:

1) Tighten all holes (hold 5 seconds- breathe while holding)

2) Tighten gluts like you are going to hold a crad in your butt (hold 5 seconds- breathe while holding)

3) Lift and tighten lower abs  (hold 5 seconds- breathe while holding)

4) Put your fist between your knees and push in (hold 5 seconds- breathe while holding)- this one sometimes pops me back in a bit

5) Extend arms and push down on a table (hold 5 seconds- breathe while holding)

My symphasis pubis has separated and my right side has moved higher then my left, so I have been told to keep my legs together.  This was the best advice I got b/c I was told at first to keep doing squats and that just irritated the *** out of my pelvis.  I do all yoga postures now with my legs very close together (so triangle and warrior with my legs spread maybe a foot and a focus on bringing my shoulder blades together opening my chest and strengthening my legs.  Do what feels okay and know it will all be over soon:)


Dom&O's Avatar Dom&O 04:53 AM 06-27-2011

The one single thing that has helped me with my SPD is staying off of my feet as much as possible.  Which is nearly impossible with other children, but now I just do things that I can do sitting down (crafts, bubbles, etc). I even have a chair to sit in to cook dinner.  I've been suffering from about 20 weeks, and although I've had this with my other two pregnancies, this pregnancy is by far the worst. Maybe I'm all stretched out from the other two..and I'm sure sometimes lifting/carrying my 32lb toddler doesn't help matters. 


From about 30 or so weeks I had to stop grocery shopping, and I only do light things or go to stores with the handicap carts (yes, i use them!).  I literally cannot be on my feet more than 10 minutes without being in agony..and now I get charlie horses in my groin (I think because my muscles are so stressed out that they are the only ones trying to hold it all together down there).

For me, the chiro didnt' help as the adjustment never held, so I stopped going.  I went to the osteo and they gave me a brace, which actually hurt more.  He gave me a script for a wheelchair, which I would have loved to use but it was a huge copay that I couldnt' afford.  So I just really limit my activities and that helps me get through it. 


Good luck, I know its so painful and debilitating and I'm sorry anyone else has to go through this. 

mia's mama's Avatar mia's mama 06:49 PM 06-30-2011

Me too, me too!!! Oh, and it hurts SO much. Getting into bed, rolling over, getting up, walking! And, just had my 36 week check and my cervix is long and closed, baby is still high and *not* engaged. My doc said that the transitionary area of the pelvis, where my baby's head currently rests, contains loads of nerves that are constantly being pulsed. I'm just so discouraged by that because I swore it meant baby was at least engaged. Hoping it eases when the baby moves further down??


Anyhow, wanted to commiserate. It sucks!