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July 2011 > The birth of Jace Isaac. POOOOSTED!
Momofplenty's Avatar Momofplenty 09:26 PM 07-08-2011

amayhew's Avatar amayhew 07:15 AM 07-09-2011

What a cutie!


mamasmith's Avatar mamasmith 08:16 AM 07-09-2011


artekah's Avatar artekah 10:48 AM 07-09-2011
Awesome that he came out so quickly and easily after you were so worried about that part! Congrats! He is absolutely adorable! smile.gif
tourist.'s Avatar tourist. 04:16 PM 07-09-2011
Great story! Congratulations, gorgeous baby! Sorry they threw out your placenta, totally lame.
greenmama66's Avatar greenmama66 06:34 PM 07-09-2011

He's gorgeous! Beautiful story- congrats!

Momofplenty's Avatar Momofplenty 12:40 PM 07-11-2011

Thanks everyone :)   And especially thanks for not being all "wow, you had drugs! burnm on the crosss!"  I debated a LONG time on going natural again and this time, my mind and and spirit just weren't able to agree that I had the strength. But yay for the epidural taking forever to get there! :)



awallrising's Avatar awallrising 12:47 PM 07-11-2011

Congrats!  What a little cutie!


IMO There's nothing wrong with using drugs, esp. when it's your informed choice.  My MWs will use epidurals & tiny amts of pitocin when they feel it's warranted & they are some of the crunchiest midwives around