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Gismobabe's Avatar Gismobabe 01:02 AM 07-13-2011

Matteo Emerson is here! He arrived on July 9th at 6 pm.

Maybe some of you can remember that his growth was suddenly way behind while he was right on track until 34 weeks. He had grown a bit during the last week but during my acupuncture appointment I asked for an u/s to see and he had not made much progress. Even though my doctor was not that worried as his blood flow was just fine, I will never be able to shake the feeling that something can go terribly wrong as it did with Jake. So I cried.

On Saturday we met the doctor and mw for a check up and when the doctor told me I was 90% effaced, 1cm, very soft and the baby's head was engaged and offered to start labor with a prostaglandin suppository I was more than happy.


I had contractions pretty much right away and after 5 hours everything stopped at 3cm.

We discussed the option to just go back to the room and wait but I was so nervous already and blaming myself for the induction I should not have agreed upon and I felt like a failure. My doc asked me several time what to do but I could not make up my mind. 

So after about 2 hours they put me on the Pit drip I had been so against. My contractions immediately picked up and with in 30 min I was 5 cm and in PAIN.

At this point I got lots of homeopathic remedies via IV and vaginally but the Pit pains are just a lot to take.

Finally I asked for an epidural for the first time in 4 births. I got a walking epidural placed and got to relax although I felt every contraction peek and the bearing down.

Within 50 minutes I went from 5 cm to pushing. My water broke at 10 cm and I asked for more epidural (I had no IV drip just the epi in place). My mw laughed and asked me what I was talking about all I needed to do was give it one push and he would be out. I did not believe her but tried anyways and there he was.

Small but beautiful with his cord wrapped around his neck three times. Although my doc does not believe that this was the reason he stopped growing, I think it was as the placenta and the cord were beautiful.

Matteo, we will call him Teo, looks like my first and I finally got the black haired baby I had waited for all along (as my DH has black hair) and I now have a dark blond, a red haired child and a black haired baby!


Here are some pics:







artekah's Avatar artekah 04:13 AM 07-13-2011
He is seriously handsome! love.gif

Rach's Avatar Rach 04:17 AM 07-13-2011


SuburbanHippie's Avatar SuburbanHippie 04:48 AM 07-13-2011

Matteo is so handsome!  All of your children are adorable.  I can't believe they all have different colored hair.  How unique!


I'm sorry your birth experience wasn't as crunchy as you would have liked, but all that matters is Matteo is here safely.  A cord wrapped around 3 times is quite scary to say the least!  I didn't have the birth experience I dreamed of either so I can totally sympathize with you.  hug.gif

1fitmom's Avatar 1fitmom 04:58 AM 07-13-2011

He is beautiful , safe and healthy. Congratulations you did great!

mugglesmom's Avatar mugglesmom 05:32 AM 07-13-2011

Congratulations!  You have beautiful children!

Nightswimming's Avatar Nightswimming 05:32 AM 07-13-2011

Congratulations!  Tough choices for you for your birth but you were empowered and called the shots which is a great thing.  Enjoy getting to know your new baby.  I love his hair!

MarineWife's Avatar MarineWife 06:15 AM 07-13-2011
Congratulations! joy.gif
awallrising's Avatar awallrising 07:12 AM 07-13-2011

Congrats!  Such sweet sibling pics!


Don't think twice about it being a "non-crunchy" birth.  Every birth is different & IMO all that matters is that Mama & baby are healthy in the end. I had an Emer C/S with DS & we were both fine even though I really wanted a water birth.

tourist.'s Avatar tourist. 07:42 AM 07-13-2011
Congratulations! He's very handsome, and your older children are adorable as well.

Thank you for sharing your story. Crunchy or not, it was the right path for you travel to meet your little guy. :-)
greenmama66's Avatar greenmama66 08:07 AM 07-13-2011

He's simply beautiful! A big congratulations to you and your family!

lovelylisa's Avatar lovelylisa 08:45 AM 07-13-2011

Ohhh you have a beautiful family. Congratulations!

HawaiianBlesing's Avatar HawaiianBlesing 09:25 AM 07-13-2011

Congratulation on the birth of your son.  Your family is gorgeous, a rainbow of love.

mamasmith's Avatar mamasmith 09:51 AM 07-13-2011

Wow!  Look at that hair!  So cute!  Congrats mama  :)

leeannm's Avatar leeannm 10:44 AM 07-13-2011

Wow, gorgeous! Great name choice, too! (My 4-yr-old is a Mateo)

stellabluz's Avatar stellabluz 11:49 AM 07-13-2011

He is so beautiful and your birth sounds just like it needed to be~Happy Days to your family!

yell's Avatar yell 12:03 PM 07-13-2011

What a handsome guy!  Congrats!

NuzzleNudge's Avatar NuzzleNudge 01:48 PM 07-13-2011

He is gorgeous and I am so glad he is okay! Love your Neapolitan kiddos! Vanilla, Strawberry and now Chocolate! Fun!!

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 02:49 PM 07-13-2011
Beautiful baby! Sorry you didn't have the birth you hoped for, but so glad your baby is safe and healthy and here with you now!
JoEngland's Avatar JoEngland 06:17 PM 07-13-2011

He's so beautiful! I'm glad he's OK and you made it through! 

azzeps's Avatar azzeps 03:43 PM 07-14-2011

Congratulations!  He's lovely! 


You did what needed to be done to get him here safely and you endured pitocin! That stuff is really, really hard to take!!!  You're a hero!