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Ms. Mom's Avatar Ms. Mom 10:40 PM 12-16-2001
I have to be breif because my heart is absolutely aching and I can't stop crying.

Friday night my friends 4 yr. son Jaccob died in his sleep. They think he had a seziure, but do not know for sure yet.

My friend has type 1 diabeties and can not have another biological child. She and her husband adopted a son Noah in November because her love for children and Jaccob was so deep that she needed to share that love.

I cannot even imagine what she and her husband are going through right now.

The viewing is tomorrow evening. Though I know I must go, I'm terrified of seeing the tiny casket. I know I'll have to see his thick colicky hair and chubby cheeks one more time.

Instead of sending flowers, myself and some of our fiends are going to have a stone put in the Memorial Path at the Detroit Zoo. I had one for my dad and my daughter. My hope is that one day she can take Noah and they can sit in the gardens and remember Jake.

Thank you for letting me talk. This has been a terrible, terrible day.

lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 11:44 PM 12-16-2001
Ms. Mom~

Thank you for sharing about this beautiful little boy. Please know that I am sending you hugs and know that I will be with you in thought over the next few days.

I will be praying and thinking of Jake's dear parents and brother, Noah over the next few days and months. Their loss is so traumatic and quite unimaginable. I wish I could do something for her and her family. Please keep us posted and let us know if their is ANYTHING we can do. I wish we could bring this dear child, Jake, back.

My heart aches for Jake's family and for everyon whose lives, he touched.

Warmly & With Many Hugs~

JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 06:28 AM 12-17-2001
My heart stopped when I saw the subject of your post....

I can't really find words right now...I am just stunned...
pie's Avatar pie 07:19 AM 12-17-2001
I wish for you and the baby's family all the love and healing the world has to offer. I am tremendously sorry. And what a lovely idea for remembrance. I am sure anyone would prefer the zoo over flowers!
Ms. Mom's Avatar Ms. Mom 02:56 PM 12-17-2001
Thank you everyone. I'm sure Wendy and Mark can feel your love and prayers as they travel through their grief.

So many people in the group we all belong to have responded to the stone at the zoo, we think we have enough to donate a bench and garden in the path!

It's been overwhelming how many people are sending their love.
marymary's Avatar marymary 08:58 PM 12-17-2001
I'm so so sorry, I wish you lots of love. mm
madison's Avatar madison 10:51 PM 12-17-2001
Oh, Ms Mom, what a sad post. I'm very sorry to hear. Wendy & Mark & Noah will be in my thoughts! What a horrible tragedy... my thoughts are with you, too.
Sierra's Avatar Sierra 11:20 PM 12-17-2001
I'm so sorry for Wendy and Mark and their friends and family and you and your family. I'm so so sorry. You know that this story touches me very deeply, especially as I too have type 1. I can't believe it. I am just sorry. Love and hugs, Sierra
lunarmomma's Avatar lunarmomma 11:33 PM 12-17-2001
Dear Jacque,
I am so, so sorry. Please send my love and healing prayers their way )and yours too).
I cannot imagine how one heals from such a thing. It is like having your heart slashed open, such pain I cannot imagine.
I will send my thoughts that they find a way to make it through.
peacemama's Avatar peacemama 02:07 AM 12-18-2001
How terribly sad. My heart goes out to your friends Wendy and Mark. I hope they are able to find the strength they will need to get through this.

flowerpower's Avatar flowerpower 08:57 PM 12-18-2001
oh Ms Mom, that is heartbreaking. Why do things like that happen? I just can't believe it, I just can't.

lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 01:45 AM 12-19-2001
Ms. Mom~

just checking in to see how you are doing. Sending more hugs and prayers.


asherah's Avatar asherah 06:17 PM 12-29-2001
I am so sorry.
I cannot imagine the kind of pain your friends must be in.
Just thinking about it makes me weep.
Just wanted to say how sorry I am.
lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 07:04 PM 12-29-2001
Ms. Mom~

How are you and your friends doing? I hate that question, because I know the answer, but I guess what I'm saying is that I'm thinking of you and them still.


yogamama's Avatar yogamama 07:15 PM 12-29-2001
My prayers are with your friends.
Ms. Mom's Avatar Ms. Mom 07:30 PM 12-29-2001
I'll see her Tuesday Evening - I'll let you all know then...
simonee's Avatar simonee 02:25 AM 12-30-2001
I am soooo sorry. I'm crying as I type this.

Wishing you and his family much strength and love. And thanks for sharing your pain -- It makes me realize how very lucky and happy I am.

Snickerdoodle's Avatar Snickerdoodle 04:18 AM 12-30-2001
If I'm getting choked up about this, I can't even imagine what Jake's parents are going through. Your post made me scoop up my little girl and give her a big hug. Many warm thoughts to the family.
Julie's Avatar Julie 02:51 AM 01-27-2002
Oh wow i dont have words to say to help with this at all. I do think you and your friends getting the memorial stone put in at the zoo is great, what a fitting way to remember a child.
Jeanne's Avatar Jeanne 02:56 AM 02-06-2002
My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. I wish you strength during this time of great sorrow. My heart aches for little Jaccob...
Greaseball's Avatar Greaseball 05:13 AM 02-07-2002
That's so scary...

...when you realize it's not just one of those things that happens to 'other people'.