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guestmama9908's Avatar guestmama9908 11:40 AM 08-14-2007
Today is the 5 year anniversary since my sweet little sister passed away.

5 years ago today I was sitting in the Emergency Room with my parents and Abby Anne. The Doctors were doing tests and trying to find out what was wrong and why she was so sick Three hours or so from now and she was gone.

That day was the beginning of the end of our family. We had always been close and had a good life until that day. My Parents filed for divorce one week later. My mother and I didn't speak for nearly 4 years after that day.

I miss my little sister so much. She was so incredibly beautiful and had such a sweet spirit. Her little smile and her singing could light up a room. She used to give the sweetest little kisses and the best little hugs.

I miss you so much Abby Anne. I wish you were here to play with my children. You would be 8 years old now.

I gave Ella your name as her middle name in honor of you. I became a Pediatric RN because of you.

I think about you often. Sometimes that grief just comes flooding back and I can't help but cry about you all over again.

I love you baby sister.

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mighty-mama's Avatar mighty-mama 12:08 PM 08-14-2007
You've been in my thoughts and prayers..

I hope my sister is looking over her
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 01:44 PM 08-14-2007
She was so beautiful.
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EricaE's Avatar EricaE 03:24 AM 08-15-2007
What a sweet and beautiful little girl
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Anuska's Avatar Anuska 02:06 PM 08-15-2007
You lost your sister and your family. I'm so sorry)
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Abby Anne
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AntoninBeGonin's Avatar AntoninBeGonin 03:46 AM 08-21-2007
I'm so sorry! If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear any memories you have about her. I am truly sorry for the loss of your baby sister.

Abby Anne
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