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amcal's Avatar amcal 03:22 PM 04-06-2009
I made a word document with 15 blocks in it and in each block, I wrote a little note with a picture - for example, in one I put "I think you are Dyno-Mite!" with a picture of a dinosaur. I cut them out and put them in the kids lunches.

My problem is that those same 15 ones are getting old.

I'm wondering if anyone else does something like this and if you'd want to trade? I need some fresh notes

luv-my-boys's Avatar luv-my-boys 03:26 PM 04-06-2009
yes! I am a note person. I love leaving and putting little notes for my family everywhere. In fact last night I put a small post it note inside my DH's phone so when he goes to use it today there will be a post it inside with "I love you". When my DS was at school (he was too little to read) I would make up little notes using things like hearts and stars and would use photoshop to make little pictures or use pictures of our family and slip them into his lunch. Silly things like monsters and funny cartoons. Sometimes silly pictures like DH and I took pics of each other making funny faces, pretending to pic our noses all sorts of silly pics and use those for notes. DS loved them as they were *silly*
Bella's Mama's Avatar Bella's Mama 05:10 PM 04-06-2009
Try knock knock jokes, cartoons that you cut out from the newspaper, or trivia questions!
1xmom's Avatar 1xmom 12:34 PM 04-07-2009
I did trivia questions as my dd was getting older. When I couldn't think of anything, I would break out the "Brain Quest" decks that she has. She loved it, and her friends looked forward to it as well. I go to the dollar store and pick out colored napkins and sometimes when I was trying to stay awake to watch a movie or something, I would write a bunch and put them back in the pack, so when I was in a hurry (almost every morning), I could just grab one and go.
alexsam's Avatar alexsam 02:45 AM 04-08-2009
You guys are so cute . My mom used to draw us pictures on our brown bags- ballerinas, etc. and scratch notes on our napkins (mostly "I love you").

My son is too young to read, but on Fridays I tuck a honey stick in there for his lunch box at pre-school with a bit of masking tape and write on it something about being "sweet" ("to my sweet boy", "a sweet for my sweet", somthing silly like this). His teacher reads them to him...
kblackstone444's Avatar kblackstone444 09:55 AM 04-08-2009
I put love notes in my Hubby and both my children's lunches, daily. Usually some kind of "I love you" or "It's Friday!" or "Thank you for cleaning up your bedroom.", but I'm running out of ideas.
StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 03:48 PM 04-08-2009
I do, but not every day. Actually, it's pretty random about when I put notes in. If I know we're doing something exciting after school I'll usually put a note in his lunch reminding him that we're doing *X* after school. Sometimes I do the random "I love you" note.
meemee's Avatar meemee 04:49 PM 04-08-2009
how about some fortune cookies kinda ones? i know my dd loooooooves reading fortune cookies and sometimes if she likes both of then she wants both the messages to be hers. she does not eat the cookies : but she looooooves the messages.

my dd is 6 1/2 and she is tired of those i love you notes. she really enjoys something funny. i do it once in a while though.