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We did not go to through the toddler bed,
since we did not see any advantage size wise
being the same size as crib and
since we co-sleeping having crib next to the bed
with one side entirely removed.

my question is how long were you able to use crib
for your child before it became either unpractical or radiculous .

I guess the same question goes for toddler bed users
since it is the same size..

when did you give up the toddler bed and
what did you do next?

I have bit of dillemma here because we intend to cosleep
and bedroom is too small to accomodate anything wider
then a crib next to the bed...

any and all ideas highly appreciated
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My 2 1/2 yr old is still in a crib. She likes it and I have no problem with her still being in it. You might look into a roll-away bed like they have at hotels. We bought one 8 years ago at an estate sale and all of my kids slept in it before a twin. It is lower to the ground and narrower than a twin and for us it fit between the wall and our bed. We plan on using it as our 2 yr olds first "big" bed pretty soon.

I love my girlsMadaline(9), Mary-Grace(7), Georgia(3), & Evelyn(1)
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Our oldest slept on a crib-sized mattress until she was four. Even now, our girls are in beds from IKEA that are the same width as a crib mattress and only slightly longer. They're 4 and 5. I'd expect a side-carred crib to last you until age 3 or 4 no problem.

Julie - Mom to Elizabeth (Libby) age 6, Penelope (Penny) age 5, Elliott age 29 months, and Oscar who is 1 year old!
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My twins were 3 when we put them in toddler beds and are still in them, they are 3.5 now. We have twin beds that we really wanted to put them in but they share a room and it's to small to fit them. We are moving soon and hoping to have them in twin beds by xmas.

single mommy to identical twin girls (3/06) Non-traditional mama just : through life.
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DD, 26 months is still in her crib which is sidecarred to our bed. We don't have another bedroom for her and not sure if a twin bed will fit in our room. We don't do toddler beds so she will be in this position until we move and have an extra bedroom! So she will most likely be in the crib until after age 3.

Wife to DH(15 years)and Mama to: Jacob(5/02)kid.gifribbonpurple.gif, and Alina(7/07)energy.gifI luxlove.gifbellyhair.gif
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DS asked to leave his crib and sleep on a futon (it was in the same room as the crib) when he was about 18 months. We did the same thing with DD when it was her turn. Looking back, I wish we had just used the futon from the beginning, which was about 3 months. Until then we used a combination of cradle by the bed and co-sleeping.

I'm sure we could have used the crib for quite a bit longer - age 3 maybe - but I recall I was happy that I didn't have to lift them in and out anymore.
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Age 5-6. Ds slept in his crib until age 5 because he loved it. Dd co-slept full time until age 2, then moved to a toddler bed (she co-slept part time 2-4). At age 5, it's getting too small for her, but she could go another year if she had to. We just bought her a new bed (twin sized).

ETA: My kids are tall. Ds is in the 90-95th percentile for boys. So if my kids can do it until 5-6, I would expect most kids can.

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Depending on when I needed to move kids around to use the cribs etc....
My current 2 yr olds are still in cribs....The longest my kids have been in cribs was up til about age 3 1/2. My kids have gone from a crib to a toddler bed. The toddler bed lasts til about age 5 or so. However my soon to be 7 yr old can still 'get into' the toddler bed, she can be determined LOL.
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My 4 year old is still using the crib as a toddler bed (with the side off). I think she would fit in it for a couple more years, but we are going to have to move thigns around after the new baby comes in January. I say as long as the child is not too tall or heavy and likes sleeping there, no problem, unless you need to reshuffle as the family grows.

Jill stillheart.gif Chris (7/96), mommy to 3 sweet redheads: jumpers.gif Matthew autismribbon.gif (12/02), Michelle (8/05) and Marissa (1/10). Nursing since 2002.
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my 3.5 yo is very happily still in her crib.

Mom to Morgan 4-3-06 and announcing Baby Kelsey 4-11-10
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All of our kids transitioned from crib or cosleeping to a twin bed somewhere in their 2nd year.

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My son went from the crib to a twin sized bed at age 3. We never bothered with a toddler bed. We would have transitioned him earlier, but we were in the middle of a move and didn't want to overwhelm him.

A, jammin.gif mama to a boy (2005) and a girl (2009)
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I don't remember when we switched from the crib to the toddler bed. Maybe around 3? We got the toddler bed for free and I was happy to have DS able to get up and down by himself. There wasn't space in his room for anything bigger so a toddler bed was perfect for us. He changed to his new room with a twin bed at 4.5. He's a very big guy but he was only just starting to outgrow the toddler bed.
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2 years old
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Our DD was never really in a crib--she was in our bed with us. That being said, when we moved her at age 3.5, she went right to a big person bed; it was a mattress on the floor at the time, so she had no problem climbing in and out of bed. Honestly, I think the toddler bed phenomenum is a new one, and probably 10% practical and 90% to get parents to part with more money. (That being said, I have friends with a 2 and a 4 year old, each in their own room, and they keep a toddler bed next to their bed for middle-of-the-night visits, and it seems to work for them. So, I totally understand that they work for specific circumstances.)

Stacey teaching teens to read & write... Daddy plays ska, DD1 (7/05) loves trees & princesses, & DD2 (3/10) loves mommy-milk! Please get your kids tested for lead.
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Only two of mine ever slept in a crib-- my DDs. DD1 only stayed in it until she was 2, but that's because I needed it for the twins; she got a twin bed then. DD2 is 2 1/2 and tall, and is just now starting to look a little cramped in it. We're thinking she'll need more space by the time she's 3.

My kids are really tall, though. DD2 is 2 1/2 and in 4T clothes. So a more average-sized child would maybe be comfortable in a crib for longer than 3 years.

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Our crib has a removeable side that makes it into a toddler bed. The 6 y/o still slept in it until a couple weeks ago. It was the 2 y/o's bed and he would have been fine, but the kids like to sleep together and it just wasn't large enough for two kids. I would think that the weight limit on the bed and the child's height would be the limiting factors. I have to say that my 6 y/o loved the little bed, because he felt it was his size.
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My 4.5 year old is still in her crib and loves it.

My mother said that cribs used to be called "5-year beds", back in the day... (She's 75 now.)
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As long as the child still fits comfortably in the crib and is not climbing out or doing other dangerous things, I see no reason not to use the child as long as you both are happy with it. I think most children could comfortably fit in their crib until they are three or four.

K was a little older than 2 1/2 when we switched him from his crib to a twin size bed. I hadn't even really thought about switching him and had previously had no intention of doing it before he was three. But last year was our year of sleep hell, so one day I decided we might as well make the switch now. No one was sleeping through the night anyway. He handled the bed transition beautifully though.

Wife to J 9/00 Mama to K 12/05
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We kept DD in a crib till she asked for a bed, which IIRC was right around 3. I thought it should be child-led. We had no problems with the transition, unlike many of my friends who transitioned earlier because THEY wanted to. She was really excited about the bed and was happy to stay in it.

grateful mother to DD, 1/04, and DS, 2/08

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My younger son (6 years 3 months) still sleeps a Little Tikes race car toddler bed which uses his old crib mattress. I love, love, love that bed! The mattress is slightly countersunk which prevented him falling out of bed when he was younger. It is very durable (we bought it at a consignment shop about 4 years ago and it is still in very good condition) We've discussed getting him a twin size bed sometime in the next year or so but we aren't in any hurry.
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DS co-slept from day 1 until he was 2. At 2 he got a toddler bed and transitioned very nicely (still often ends up in our bed ). DD #1 also co-slept and got a toddler bed around the age of 2. DD#2 is a completely different story. Girl has always loved her space, much preferred her crib to co-sleeping. We took her crib down at 18 months though (she'll be 2 next month), as she was trying to climb out of it and we were worried about injury. She and DS share a room and they are both on twin beds now, but that is because we were gifted them. If not, they'd both been on crib mattresses in toddler beds or on the floor.

Proud mama to DD#1 (11) DS (4) and DD#2 ( 2 )
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